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I just ate a (microwaved--gaaahhh!) sweet potato heavily accented with coconut oil. I must say, it really hit the spot. Thank you, Envirobecca, for the suggestion! That will be my favorite until it's not anymore, haha.

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Originally Posted by octanebeetle4 View Post
That will be my favorite until it's not anymore, haha.

This is my life right now.  Its all what I am loving right now or not.  I had the most awesome healthy burrito and I nearly gagged on the veggies inside.  The veggies, my favorite part!  I just wanted to dig out the white rice (rice? seriously?) and gobble it down.  

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Fayebond, if I hadn't experienced the crazy food aversions myself, I would never have believed them possible. I will think of nothing but sweet potatoes for the next day or two and then wake up one morning and the very thought will make me gag.

Dang. White rice kind of sounds good right now.
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Yeah I don't think I've ever had any pregnancy cravings, but aversions yes. Oh my, by the truckload. I can't eat anything.

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The sweet  potatoes are actually sounding good, but the one on my counter is sprouting.  Waaaahh!  


I decided to try making some turkey broth yesterday, but without all the extra onions, garlic, herbs, and veggies.  It is just turkey backs and necks in water.  Oh. My. Gosh.  I think it is the first thing in a couple weeks that has actually smelled mouth watering.  I've been smelling it all night and couldn't wait to have some this morning.  Now I'm just waiting for some of it to cool in the fridge so I can skim off the fat.  I want some now!!


Now I just need to get motivated to clean up the huge pile of potatoes on the counter.  My boys "surprised" me with a mountain of unwashed potatoes on my counter the other day, and I haven't mustered the energy to scrub them yet.  

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Hmmm, a sweet potato doesn't sound too bad. Thanks for the suggestion, EnviroBecca. I am also finding vegetable soup to be pretty manageable. My husband made a potato and leek soup with carrots that went down OK.


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I scrambled eggs yesterday with a little sea salt, cheese and milk, it was delicious!


I have realized I need to eat more veggies. I'm getting more fruit in than usual (which wasn't much or any at all some weeks before), by  drinking fresh fruit smoothies daily. So now I need to work on veggies more in lunch and dinner meals or as snacks possibly? hmm

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I found this website when I was looking for statistics about miscarriage after hearing/seeing the baby's heartbeat. It has some very good info and apparently eggs help reduce miscarriage rates up to 30%. I also read last night that folate consumption (Cantaloupe, grapes, OJ, strawberries, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, beans, eggs, peanut butter) in the first 8 weeks can help prevent autism - as well as the other birth defects we already knew about. Fruit appeals to me right now, being nauseous.

I was upset to find out last night that a medication I take lowers the ability to absorb folate. People taking this med who are trying to get pregnant are supposed to take mega doses of folic acid. I was taking 400 mg folic acid and eating more fruits and vegetables than I normally do. I hope that was enough greensad.gif I may decide to do more of the bloodwork for DownSyndrome and spinal defects now. I just wish I would have known.
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I could eat an entire boat of fruit right now.  Just sayin'.

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I'm either nauseous or starving. No in between and when I'm starving, I'm starving. It actually hurts. Oh, and I'm thirsty all the time. Right now I am eating chips and salsa because that appeals to me. It's very frustrating.


My midwives says eggs are so good during the first trimester because they have choline which is good for brain development.

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I want steak and pancakes. Together. Might make pancakes tonight for dinner.
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Ooh, baked sweet potato sounds nice. . or even just a regular baked potato. I LOVED baked potatoes when I was pregnant with DS.


And steak is always appealing. Chicken is extra gross at the moment to me.

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