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Non Invasive Testing (Verifi/Harmony/MaterniT21)

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Has anyone has experience with these very new non-invasive blood tests for testing Trisomies 21, 18 and 13?


I believe some of the commercial names they go by include:


- Verifi

- Harmony

- MaterniT21


I'm a 40 y/o Mama, pregnant with my second child.  I didn't have an amnio or CVS when pregnant with my first child 3 years ago and wondering about these new tests.

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Hi Redmom!! I am 37 (and anxious) and decided to go ahead and have the Harmony prenatal for my own peace of mind. I knew I wouldn't be comfortable with CVS or Amnio (too invasive, too many risks) but wanted more information. My research suggested all the newer non-invasive testing is far more accurate than the routine MSAFP, which is the routine test drawn ~16-18 weeks. I had the Harmony Test drawn when I was ~12 weeks pregnant. My MW had never ordered it before, which created a bit of a fiasco, but once that was solved it was, as described, a simple blood draw. It was also covered in full by my insurance. My big complaint is the turn around time. It took over 3 weeks to get results, which seemed like a lengthy wait. Also, the customer service for the Harmony test, both from my patient end as well as for my MW, stunk. Overall, I'd do it again. Hope that helps!! Good luck, mama :)

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