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Screaming babies

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So Simón is generally a pretty chill baby but has had a few screaming fits that I don't know what to make of. He gets unconsolable, seems hungry smacking lips and trying to suck on his hands or anything. But when I try too feed him he won't latch well because of his screaming, bounces his face away from my nipple. So I try other stuff, bouncing him, walking him around, new positions, more or less blankets, swaddling, diaper change, etc. if it does console him it's very short-lived and he usually just keeps screaming, getting himself all red and bothered. Don't know what to do...not sure if it's normal or what. Makes me feel like a failure for not knowing what's wrong or being able to help. Any advice appreciated.

Eta: i'm still only making colostrum and sometimes wonder if he's just hungry for the real milk already.
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First off, you are not a failure! When babies get worked up like that it's almost impossible to get them to latch well and stay latched. He's probably hungry and/or over stimulated. Violet has lots of these screaming fits daily, but she's colicky so I normally know the reason behind the screaming. Doesn't make to any easier though. Have you tried white noise? Sometimes if I can tell that Vi is over stimulated the white noise calms her right down. With dd1 she would bounce her face off my boob when she was hungry and screaming and it was so frustrating. I would sit there near tears not knowing what to do while I waited for my milk to let down. Once my milk let down she would eat. Babies can be a bit impatient wink1.gif but, since you don't have milk yet that doesn't help. Sorry this is so rambly. Hang in there! You are doing awesome. Don't be afraid to hand Simón off for a few minutes to catch your breath.
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Sounds like he's just hungry to me...these first few days can be tough that way. Maybe try getting skin to skin with him to help calm before latching? Try offering the breast when he's still a little sleepy, too. Sometimes that works well. Good luck and keep hanging in there. It's gets a lot easier after the 3 rd or 4th day. smile.gif
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Seconding the rec for white noise. Rhys needs it to calm down more often than not. That app is the best $2 I've ever spent on the iPhone.
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Thanks for the recs and for making me feel better. We are listening to white noise right now. I think my milk is starting to come in. Simón just nursed and for the first time seemed satisfied after about 20 mins and conked out afterwRds instead of going and going for 2 hours, crying intermittently and then needing to suck on my fingers afterwards still.
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Talked to MW and she agreed that it just sounds like a hungry baby and the extended nursing sessions are just him tryinng to get my milk to come in. She suggested pumping between feedings to try to get my milk in sooner and going outside or taking a bath with him when he's having a screaming fit.
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Check out "Happiest Baby on the Block" videos on Youtube.  Simple things you can do to trigger the "calming reflex" in a newborn.  Worked miracles when I worked with newborns who struggled with breastfeeding, it was enough to calm them down in order to reattempt to latch.  Firm believer of these methods.  Good luck to you.

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This fussy period is totally normal before milk comes in. Glad to hear it sounds like it's almost over for you. I agree that taking my son outside sometimes seemed to calm him. I guess just a change of scenery.
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