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Bead exchange sign up thread!

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Ok, so now that we've established that there's some interest in doing a bead swap for birth necklaces, I suppose we should make a sign up thread. I will volunteer to host, so everyone who participates will buy beads, send them to me with a self addressed stamped envelope, and then I will separate them out and send them back! Then, you all can make birth necklaces/anklets/bracelets from the beads. Sound good?


So, I guess I'll make the "sign up deadline" January 1st? That way we have plenty of time to send and send back the beads. There will probably be a "must be mailed by" date. 


Who's interested?

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Oh yay!! smile.gif I am!
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So fun! I'm interested!
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I'm in smile.gif
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Me! So I just buy a number of cool looking beads & send & what we get back is one from everybody? Cool
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Yep! You pick a set of the same beads, send them to me, and I'll sort them and send them back.

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Ok, I'm in!

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Count me in!  This is a great idea, so glad we're doing it.  Thanks for coordinating, ShyingViolet!

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I would love to be part of this!

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Love it! Im in :)

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I'd really like to be a part of this, too!
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I really, really, really like this idea! Count me in! 

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love this! im in

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Signing up

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I´m in! xx

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I'm in :)

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Yay! :joy I'm so excited. If anyone has any ideas about how to add a blessing, that would be fun, too! If I have enough energy, I might do personalized embroideries (our family does squares for baby quilts for each baby born...I've gotten a little carried away-new hobby!) or some sort of little affirmation for ladies to look at during labor.  


This DDC has been such a blessing to me. I didn't join one with my first, and I didn't have FB with my second. We have such a community, and I'm so thankful for each and every one of you. Now I'm crying. Sheesh! :happyt

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I'd love to be included!

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