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MamaAna; I love Game Of Thrones, and my partner mentioned the Robin connection from it the other day. The original name idea was a Celtic God, but we decided he just didn't suit it. Also Robin works well with our daughter's name, which is Hazel. And there was the fact that Hazel and Bran sounds like a breakfast cereal, so that could'v been a bit weird!


I'm actually feeling really good physically! I recovered really quickly despite losing a litre and a half of blood, even the midwives were surprised by how fast I recovered. I'm still a bit ad about being unable to breastfeed, but dreading your baby waking up and crying every night is not healthy, so I thought it best to give up. On the positive side he did get a week of breastmilk which is better than nothing. Now he's on the most natural formula we could get, goats milk formula from New Zealand which our daughter also had. I am struggling a bit with having two kids and am dreading my partner going back to work next week. I'm worried about coping on my own and am finding it all a bit overwhelming. But I'm sure that feeling will pass in time.

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Congrats. He's so cute. That birth sounds intense. Glad you are both doing so well.
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What an intense birth! I can just picture you on that gurney headed to the labor suite. I'd be shouting at people telling me not to push, too!


I'm sorry you've had a rough start. I'm hoping things are going smoothly for you with your partner back at work. (I'm scared to be on my own, too. Thankfully, I have two more weeks with my mom here, though my husband goes back to work next week.)



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Thank you! It's still pretty hard, but should hopefully get easier soon. That's great that you've got your mum for two weeks, it'll make all the difference.

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Congrats again, nettlesoup! And I love your comment about Hazel and Bran sounding like cereal, LOL!

I hope you continue to recover well and are having a wonderful time getting to know your new son!

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