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Ok ladies, you're going to hate me. I'm not sure if I should be worried or happy but I weighed myself at my appt earlier today and I'm 2lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight at 2 weeks pp. My appetite is normal, I'm not starving myself, I'm making a concerted effort to get enough protein in my diet. My midwife didn't ask for my weight at the appt, she just asked if I'm feeling alright and I am.

I'm with jenny and lilmamita: the bellybinder feels great, it holds everything in, instead of feeling like it's all a blob. I don't wear it religiously, just off and on. I got mine on Amazon for $12 and it's the best money I've spent!



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That's great, dakipode! What binder did you buy? I need a smaller one and I hesitate to buy another $50 squeem. Eesh.

I weighed before going into the hospital, and as of then I have 12lbs to go to get back to my pre preg. 22lbs or so to get to pre DS1.
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I'm down 20lbs. 21 to go!
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Any advice on the sizing for the squeem? Does it run small or large? i'm tired of buying things online in the wrong size!
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I envy you ladies who are losing, congrats! I just don't get my body sometimes. How could all this nursing, walking, rocking etc. not equal weight loss? I guess I'll blame my thyroid.

Serena-- WOW 120lbs is amazing good for you! I lost 75 with weight watchers and while I love the plan I think it caused some food issues for me so I'm trying to steer clear of counting points or calories. Especially while nursing. But it was the only thing that really worked for me until after I had DD1-- it didn't work and I was starving myself and not losing any weight. Again, I'm thinking hypothyroid was to blame for that.

Here's what kellymom says about dieting:

You can start at 2 months postpartum. All doing right now is postpartum diastisis recti exercises when I can. I look so pregnant still and if we had the money I'd be more inclined to shop for better postpartum wear. I'm in all my maternity clothes still! But I'm only one month postpartum so it's ok IMHO though I'd rather wear normal clothes. They just aren't comfy yet.
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I got a belly binder, but I'm too fat for it greensad.gif they don't have any bigger ones on eBay.
I'm 210lbs now, down about 25lb from end of pregnancy, but still another 14-21lbs to go (don't know exact weight before pregnancy) then I got some extra weight to lose that had sneaked on while trying to get pregnant.
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This is the belly binder I got for under $30. It's great. It breathes, doesn't bunch, and stays in place. I've been wearing it 24/7 since 1 day post partum and I barely have a belly now. http://m.target.com/p/gabrialla-breathable-elastic-abdominal-binder-white-9-wide/-/A-10956344
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jenny, this is the one I got:


It doesn't come with any instructions, just a little tag in Chinese (or Mandarin, whatever, I don't know)! It is SMALL! You really have to pull everything tight. But for $12.99 I think it's an awesome deal!

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I just got back from my 6 week postpartum appt. I'm 10 pounds from pre pregnancy weight. I was expecting more like 15 so that was a pleasant surprise. But I wanted to lose 10 before I got pregnant so I still have 20 to be where I want to be. I'm not going to stress too much about that right now though. I have a baby to nurse and a toddler to chase after. Plus we are moving! So I have lots if packing to do.
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Was down to 188 lbs today at 2 weeks 1 day post-partum. That's 22 pounds lost, 35 to go. Something tells me I'm gonna shed them quickly down to about 175 or 170 and then get stuck and have to put some effort into losing the rest.
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I'm stuck at 173. I've been here for five days.
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What are you guys wearing???  help.gif

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I'm still wearing mostly maternity clothes, but that's only because I'm lazy and they are really comfortable.

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I'm wearing my normal clothes, but the fatter end of my wardrobe 😝 hopefully I'll get down to the smaller sizes eventually lol all my maternity clothes are too loose, I end up hitching them up when I'm walking.
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I have no intention of attempting regular pants until I'm forced to. wink1.gif

I have really cute jeans with the high stretchy waist that I feel acts kind of like a belly band so I'm going with it. I love my maternity yoga pants although honestly I don't see how regular ones would differ, so they're staying for a while too. When I weighed myself at like 4 days out from Sylvias birth I had lost 6 lbs. she was 7#7, so I say eff the scale for a while.
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I bought a couple pairs of capri pants with elastic band waists - one pair is kinda sporty looking and the other are a little nicer looking. I mostly where those with nursing tank tops. When I'm just hanging out at home, I'm wearing pijama pants or just a robe.
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I can fit in my pre-pregnancy wardrobe (I'm only 5 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight) but none of my pre-pregnancy clothes are very good for nursing! So I have been wearing(when i leave the house) mostly leggings and shirts that are easy to nurse in, or maternity wrap dresses that are easy to nurse in. I seriously need to work on my nursing wardrobe in a very serious way. Around the house i just wear nursing bras, a robe, sometimes pajama pants. It's high fashion. I don't own any jeans, but if I did, they would probably fit in an unflattering way. Even though my weight loss has been good, my body is differently shaped now. More... custardy. 

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I'm glad I'm not the only one sitting round the house in a robe😝
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I don't even bother with a robe. Much of the time I'm in only a bra and underwear...
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I'm only a week pp and haven't weighed myself yet. I meant to at my parent's house yesterday but then forgot.  We don't have a scale at our house which is probably a good thing.  I had bought a pair of yoga pants and cropped sweats with elastic waists in a size larger than my normal size to wear pp.  I am wearing those around the house and I haven't really been out much so haven't had to worry about what to wear when going out.  I have no idea what I will wear.  I know that I am far from any of my jeans fitting (even the bigger ones) and like mrs&mrs said- My body is so different after baby even once the weight gets close to where I was pre-baby.  I remember this from last time, once down to pre-preg weight I still looked completely different.  Smooshier all over.   I plan to go back to the gym around 3 mos. pp in Dec once Oliver can go into the childcare there.  I was going 2-3x/week and hope to be able to get back into the routine.  I also go back to work at the end of November so I will be easy on myself to ease into the new routines. 

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