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I am also plateauing at 3 weeks postpartum and 10lbs away from my pre-preg weight. But even though it means not fitting back into some clothes again, I am not in a hurry to lose it.. Still recovering from the birth so that is way more important.

That is so true!  I had a bunch of houseguests over the weekend, overdid it, and felt aching in my pelvic floor and experienced renewed heavy bleeding--   spent a couple days off my feet and now it feels fine again.  But yeah, letting my body heal is way way more important than weight loss during these weeks, so true.

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Down to 166! 16 lbs to go.

And my jeans went all the way up today! They just wouldn't button, haha.
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Haha I'm in the same boat CDsMom. My jeans go up, but do not button. Some will button but the amount of muffin top it creates is ridiculous. I think I'm still 10 pounds from pre pregnant and 20 from pre ttc weight gain
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I am nearly 6 weeks pp, so I will now begin paying attention to my weight, etc. I decided I couldn't be bothered prior to this. Once I see doc (next Monday) I will work out in earnest.
DH and I are planning to try HIIT (high intensity interval training).
We could both stand to shed a few pounds, but we both HATE exercising, so it sounds perfect for us. Anyone else doing/done it?
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I'll be four weeks pp on Sunday, and am finally feeling a bit more normal.. Is anyone doing bellybinding? I could not be bothered with any of that stuff but since I am feeling a bit better now I would like to start paying attention to my appearance a bit more again :P (have spent the last four weeks in pajama and yoga pants so that still won't mean much)
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I haven't weighed myself recently as my partner chucked out the scales. But I checked the gap between my abdominal muscles and there's only a one finger gap! It took me years to get to that point with my daughter, and only 5 weeks this time around. This makes me very happy.

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Man, I lost 20 of the 57 piunds I gained very quickly and with no effort and then the weight loss just stopped. I wonder how much my low supply (and thus less nursing) has to do with that. Also the dreadful pumping schedule means I barely leave the house and am extremely sedentary. I'm more focusef on resolving the low supply issue than losing weight right now, though.
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aaa ill be 5wk pp wed and ive lost 18 of the 25lb ive gained now i just need to put everything back where it was lol

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So you ladies wearing a squeem....  does the rubbery smell wear off?  Do you sleep in it?  What is the idea with belly binding, to wear it as much as possible or just when you're getting nicely dressed and going somewhere and want your clothes to fit better?  Do you also lounge around the house in it?


I wore mine, which came in the mail today, for a couple of hours.  Then I took it off and took a bath and didn't feel like putting it back on under my sweat pants and nursing cami and hoodie.  But it did make a dramatic difference!  I felt so Downton Abbey to be wearing a girdle.  :rotflmao

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Serafina, yes, the smell wears off. No, I don't sleep in it. I wear mine for a few hours everyday, sometimes all day. It has made a huge difference, IMO. I'm not as slim yet, but the amount of belly pooch I've got is less than it was before I got pregnant. I'd had a little belly left over from DS1, and it was enough to really bother me. I do wear the squeem when I'm lounging around, yeah. I started out with a large and I need to go to a smaller size now but it's not in the budget just yet...
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Thanks for the input, Jennyanydots!  :thumb

I'd send you my medium when I'm ready to graduate to a small, I just don't know when that will be!  2 weeks, 2 months...  shrug.gif 

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Thanks, Serafina smile.gif
I'm probably going to buy a small- the large has gotten big enough on me that some of the hooks slip open. I think I should have gotten the med to begin with, but their sizing said when in doubt go with the larger size. It has still helped, for sure-and I think it would've been hard to get into the medium right away!
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Hmm I might go ahead and order one of those squeems too.. Any particular brand you guys would recommend? What does it DO exactly, I can't imagine it having a long term effect? Don't you have you start exercising (sit ups?) to get back to a firmer stomach? also, can you start using it anytime or would you need your doc's clearance?
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Squeem is a brand of postpartum girdle. Belly bandit is another.
I guess it's supposed to help smoosh your inners back to their original designated places a bit faster than they would on their own I don't really know,. I think you're supposed to wear it every day for 4-8 weeks to get the effect. And of course ab exercises are the best for strengthening your muscles, starting small & gentle and working your way up to more strenuous crunches after you get your Dr.'s ok.
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well ladies im 6wk pp and im at 134 :) lost 2lbs in 3wk. witch is perfect because im BF dont wanna lose it to fast. pre-pregnancy i was 125 so 9 more lbs to go :) and going to start working out now. my body doesnt hurt when i clean the house so i think i can start small now.

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I'm down to 164! 14lbs to go!
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Got my squeem in the mail today, ready to give this a try!

Still at 130 (pre preg weight was 118, and I'm down from 156), but I am just fitting into my pre preg pants again.
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Since I'm not EBF anymore I've put some weight back on, so I'm going to join weight watchers this week. It's time to do something before it gets out of hand.
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I would love to focus on eating right but with two babies it's not happening. I don't get to even eat dinner usually and am really active right now-- I pretty much run around till my body is sore every night. Lillian has fussy time till 3am now and I'm pacing the apartment that whole time practically! I've got to shed some of this weight already doing that you'd think...

Last time I started weight watchers at 2mo and gained weight! So I'm going to stay away from that kind of thing right now. Good luck to you Serena!
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Tilly; I know how you feel. I really want to start eating well but I just don't have time right now.


Annoyingly I still can't get into my normal jeans; I hope my hips shrink back down because I just bought three pairs of new trousers in my usual size, and I can't button them up. It looks like maternity trousers for the foreseeable future!

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