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Planned or surprise?

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Okay, so I know many people here may have been planning this, and others have not so what's your story?

I've been trying for almost a year now after coming off of implanon last November. For the past few month dh has been making jokes about being pregnant and,this month is the month but every time af shows up a day early. This month he made a joke as usual and I dismissed it because I was starting to cramp and a few days later af was due to show her ugly face.... And nothing so I tested the next day and got a faint positive. I was so excited that finally all the hard work and tracking paid off.
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Completely a surprise! DH had even gotten a vasectomy referral from his doctor that month.


I had had a really weird cycle, and I was convinced my period was coming any second - severe bloating, cramping, the whole shebang. I had had symptoms of O a few weeks prior to this, but don't temp or use OPKs and I guess that was just my body gearing up to O and failed. We weren't as careful as we should have been, I ended up O'ing when I thought my period was "due" and that's all it took.


I took a test about 12 days post-O because coffee was suddenly repulsive to me (when normally it's the best thing EVER) and yep, positive.

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Total surprise here!  We did not have plans to have any more children, guess that's what we get for making plans, lol!

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A little bit of both here. There was an oops a few days before O. Then we were trying a few days later. I guess the oops made it seem appealing to both of us. I've had baby fever well over a year so I'm happy. smile.gif
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It's a total surprise to be here.  I did lots of research on our birth control method and read it was 96% effective if used correctly.  So someone has to be in the other 4%, right?  I'm thrilled though. 

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Totally suprised and totally in the plan.  The plan was to let G_d decide the plan, so this is definately in His plan.  But very happily surprised!  I just had it in my head we would get pregnant after DD2 had her first birth day... which is still a month away.  

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Well I've been TTC for 3 years so I'd probably have to go with planned... on the other hand, if things had ACTUALLY gone according to my plans, I would have been having a May 2011 baby, not a May 2014 baby! Infertility taught me that you can't really plan anything in life, you just have to take what comes and go with the flow!


After 3 years of BFN's though, when I finally got that first ever BFP, I was probably the most suprised person ever! I had started to believe that 2 lines on a stick was a myth! Then I had a miscarriage... and our very next fertility cycle, I got pregnant again, which was even more surprising. I never would have though that I'd get pregnant twice in a row, after 30 failures in a row! But I guess my doctors finally found the magic recipe for me, because it worked both times we tried it.

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It was a planned surprise! Lol!
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Planned...but surprised it actually happened the first month!!!

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Planned to have baby #3 several years ago, but after a m/c it didn't work out. Then dh & I have been separated for most of the year and just reconciled last month only to find ourselves with... a very big surprise! Yikes! My children will be 12 and 6 next year, so this all feels a little crazy.

I'm working myself from shocked into grateful after the bfp a few days ago. I know I will land on fully grateful very soon!
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Surprise!  We were using Fertility Awareness Method to avoid pregnancy.  I had never ovulated before Day 17.  My partner was away for 10 days starting at the beginning of my cycle.  The day before he came home, I had the nipple tingling that typically comes 7-10 days before ovulation, and I thought, "Oh, it's a little early this time.  We'll start being careful next Friday."  He was home on Saturday, we were happy to see each other every day for a week, and then we started being careful...and then I wasn't seeing any ovulation signs, was wondering if I'd missed them or was still waiting, and then my breasts started hurting so I figured I was premenstrual, until that had been going on for 2 full weeks....


I just had ultrasound--there's a HEARTBEAT!!! :love--and it dates the pregnancy as having been conceived on 8/8, the day before I thought we had to start being careful.


Oh well.  I did kind of want another baby anyway.  Now that it's on the way, I am really happy about it.

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It was sort of both for us, too. We've been trying since March, but I really didn't feel hopeful this month at all. I had all my usual PMS symptoms and felt like my period would start *any second*. I had a doctor appointment on 9/20, and knew we would be doing X-rays. My period was one day late, so I decided to do a test before leaving just in case, and was completely shocked when I got two dark lines! So obviously we couldn't do the X-rays, but she confirmed my pregnancy with a blood test : )

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Very planned. We had been trying for a year. After a few months of trying, I started tracking and realized my cycles were pretty messed up, so once we reached the one-year point we decided to seek the help of a reproductive endocrinologist. I got pregnant after my first cycle of Clomid. It still seems almost too good to be true, after all those months of disappointment.

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#1 was not trying, not avoiding, but I was a little surprised it happened because I thought I probably had PCOS. Turns out I just have a hairy-chinned very fertile family.


#2 was planned. 


#3 was a big traumatic surprise (though she is, of course, a treasure now!)


#4 was planned, but it took much longer than I'd anticipated, so still a bit of a surprise!

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Major surprise for us. Dh was researching drs for a vasectomy! I even gave away all my maternity/baby things! And we recently moved cross country, away from our dear midwife. I know it will all work out. Just overwhelmed!
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A surprise for us!  We have talked about having a baby together since we got married in 2008 but it hasn't really ever been the 'right time' for us.  I guess the powers that be had other plans after 7 years!  

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I had my implanon removed in June (3 year expiry) and my husband and I had spoken about maybe trying for a baby.
We thought we would wait until October/November time to conceive but this happened in August!
Very surprised it happened so quickly for us (literally the first time we didn't use an alternative contraception- sorry tmi)
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My first pregnancy was a surprise, but when we lost that one, we realized how much we wanted a baby!  So we tried for a few months and got pregnant again! Now just praying this one sticks.

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We don't prevent pregnancy or attempt to get pregnant so I can't say this was a shock. We went thru infertility stuff for 2 yrs before conceiving our first so I guess I'm always a little surprised orngbiggrin.gif
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We wanted to get pregnant but I hadn't had a period for over 3 years (since before the birth of my son).  So I got pregnant before my first postpartum period and was surprised when I tested positive (I was only testing to make sure because I was going  to start taking some herbs to get my cycle back so we could TTC).

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