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Post Partum prep

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Oct had this thread-seems like a good idea, even though we talk about everything on our reg chat anyhow.  But at least this would be separate.


 I've nothing yet.  I want to order luna pads delux kit and pp kit or overnight kit but w/ pp liners and also 2 pair lana care wool pads.

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DH is in grad school and can't take much time off of work, plus we live in a small town and it's not easy to run out and grab stuff we forgot, so I've been trying to stock up on anything I might need. New mama bottom spray, tucks pads, nursing pads, nipple balm, tea and capsules for breastfeeding, glad rags and some natural disposables, pantry and frozen items that are easy to prepare. I also made a list of things to do and remember if I feel like ppd is coming on, as depression runs in the family and I know I'm extra sensitive to fluctuating hormones. Once depression strikes I never even think of all those things that actually do help me. 

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Herbs to make herbal sitz bath/peri wash bottle blend, pp cloth pads,  witch hazel to make my own tuck's pads, making herbal teas and nipple cream, also making baby's herbal massage oil.

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I have whatever is leftover from my other home births. Need to check my list and get stocked up this next month. I do have a couple postpartum pads frozen with sitz herbs on them.
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  Sunkist-where did you find the spray?  I've only seen mamma cream, and I'd rather a spray or make my own spritz.  I did only look at Good Earth Mamma or something though, not a general seach.

  That's a great idea about the pp info.  Did you have any problems after ds?  I'm going to have to put a post it somewhere as a reminder to call a friend if I'm feeling blue and not think about it 10 times then not do it.  I was okay after the others, but you never know.


Meks-Did not even think to make my own "tucks" pads-going to makes some :)  Do you add herbs, or just witch hazel?


  I did start stocking the pantry.  No meals yet, but basic stuff on sale like gf breads, meat/poultry to freeze.  Will have to start making meals to freeze.

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Hippy I just bought some Earth Mama Angel Baby brand mama bottom spray. I love their products. I bought mine locally but saw them on Amazon too. They have a bottom cream as well but thought I'd prefer a spray myself. I have nipple cream but need pp pads and some sort of tucks-like pads. I am wondering if I could make my own with the bottom spray and organic cotton rounds? How do you do your pads, Meks? Also need to stock up on some teas.

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I am just using witch hazel for the "tucks" pads with rounds of flannel or bamboo velour just surging edges so they don't fray. 


My herbal peri wash/sitz bath blend I make is Uva Ursi, Shephards purse, comfrey root, and witch hazel bark made into strong tea. (which I use in the periwash bottle instead of using water. 

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Will have to make or look for a spray. That combo sounds great Meks.

I have extra flannel smile.gif

I have pregnancy tea, sort of thought about making nursing tea. I will stock up on cold teas, I'm running out of the kids.
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Hippymum--I got it on Amazon as there wasn't any place local that sells it. As for ppd, I was depressed after ds was born, but I think it had a lot to do with what was going on at the time in my relationship with his father (who I am happily no longer with), So...it is hard to say how things would have been had that not been a factor. Didn't affect my affection for and ability to bond with ds, but I sort of forgot about eating much for a while, which definitely affected my ability to produce enough breast milk :/ I just wasn't even really thinking about it, which shows the place I was in. Dh and I are pretty blissfully happy together, so I don't anticipate that being a factor. But just in case, I am putting some herbs for mood in my post-baby herbal tea blend, and I bought some SAM-E because that has worked wonders for me in the past. 

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