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5 years since last time breastfeeding

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I was just wondering if anyone else had a big difference in between children and how breastfeeding went with the next child. I exclusively bf my daughter, and she was weaned at about 1 1/2.  However, my nurse keeps advising that I should take breastfeeding classes since I haven't breastfed in like four years. I personally think it's probably like riding a bike and I won't forget how to do it. :)  Just wondering if anyone had trouble, or if it is in fact like riding a bike. Thanks :)

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I didn't have a break from breastfeeding between kids, so I didn't have the forgetting aspect (I don't think that will be the case for you but it would be good to have a support network just in case). However the breastfeeding personalities between my two kids were incredible. DD wanted milk 24 hours a day and it would fix any trouble. DS would have just enough then pop off and want nothing to do with the breast. And BM was not a fix for everything like my daughter. It's fun seeing the differences between them. 


Good luck!

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Read kellymom.com again for a refresher, otherwise you should be fine. Mine were easier with each one.

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I had about 4 yrs between mine and no trouble at all. The second time around was so much easier just because I knew I had done it like a pro before, so the doubts I had as a first-timer (will I make enough? What to do when they get teeth? Is her latch ok?) weren't even on my radar.
Maybe re-read some stuff if you want, but I don't see any point in taking a class.
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I had 12 years between my two nurslings and the second time (my 3rd child)  went very well.  Also - since i had problems with my first - i had a plan of action just in case things went south this time.  Milk was slow to come in - he showed signs of dehydration - i knew what to do and who to call - and resolved the issue and went on to EBF until we started food around 7 months - i still nurse to sleep - he just turned 3.  

I absolutely dont think you need a refresher class - but gathering names and phone numbers for a 'just in case' moment cant hurt.

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I feel like breastfeeding can vary so much from child to child anyway that it would be hard to pinpoint whether it was a large gap between breastfeeding experiences or not.

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Don't go to a class unless you want to, I'd just read some threads here, or reread a book/kellymom and you should be fine. Oh yes, and make sure you do have some support lined up ahead of time you can fall back on if you need it.

And I agree that each BFing relationship is different. DD1 loved BFing, would probably have done it nearly 24 hours a day and it was usually the only thing that helped her fussiness when she was a baby. DD2 wants to eat when hungry only, rarely comfort sucks, DS1 is sort of in between but more like DD2 than DD1. So yeah, just be prepared for it to be different.
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Thanks everyone! I think I just need a little confidence and I'll be okay. I had latch problems, mastitis and all kinds of issues with my daughter. If I made it through the first months with her, I surely will be able to do it again :)

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When I had my first the midwife said... OKAY feed her now. I was wet from the tub, and in total overwhelm about how to get this little mouth on my nipple. With the second I didn't even think about it.


I will never forget how unknown it was the very first time. I don't think you would ever have that again no matter how many years it had bee. Glad you are feeling better about it!

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