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If "very overdue" ... Would you get checked??

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I am "due" tomorrow 9/24 (based on our known date of conception)
I have gone over for all my other births.... so, eh....
First UC, 2nd HB. I haven't had any care from around 30 weeks(?) but I am starting to wonder if I end up really over my EDD if I should get checked out for some reason.
It seems totally unnecessary to go in and counter intuitive to any reason I want to UC though. 
I'm just wondering if any of you would go see someone if labor wasn't starting by a certain point/date. If so, how long would you go?  
I think I'm just over-thinking and running every scenario here to make myself crazy on purpose.... since I have no OB or midwife to do it for me!  ;)

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Hmm...I don't think I would personally go in unless I felt there was something wrong. Like, if I didn't feel anymore movement or hear the heartbeat. I think your instincts will let you know. Do you have a way to check the heart at all? Whatever you decide to do will be best for you and baby. Hopefully you won't have to worry about anything. Good luck!
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Very overdue, such as 42w, 43, 44? I'd be stripping my own membranes and using every herbal and other gentle induction method I could by then, and listening to baby, and waiting for my instincts to say when enough was enough. But then, going so long would be really rare, which is why it was concerning.

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The longest I've ever gone was 17 days past due. That was a planned UC, and it turned out to be a very difficult birth, but I don't feel that going so far past had any detrimental effects. She was on the small side, not dried out, the placenta was fine. I think she was born right on time for her - just backwards, the brat. :-P (Footling breech, after turning from head down immediately before labor.)

"Late" is normal for me. My other daughter was born at exactly 42 weeks, and my boys were all over 41 weeks. So I would not be worried unless there was something more to worry about than simply being late. This time around I'm using a doctor, and I am probably driving him crazy because I keep asking if he's sure he's ok with me going to 42 weeks, even if it means I give birth on Christmas.
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If I started going over 42 wks I think I'd probably start doing different things to encourage labor, but I wouldn't get checked unless I felt something was wrong...
Try not to drive yourself bonkers with these things. It helps no one!

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Today is 41w. 
So.... I really love the part of UC that no attendant bugs me with their opinions medical or otherwise... but I also feel like when I have had a midwife or doctor in the past, I was forced to be overly confident kind of as a show for them that, "I know I can do this even if you don't and I'm gonna prove it to you." and that sort of attitude helped ME to actually be confident since I was repeating this mantra all the time and standing up for myself. But with UC it is more real and just me and my thoughts and honestly, the fear can kind of creep in like it never has in any of my other births. In the end, I *DO* know I can do this. I've been having Prodromal Labor for weeks now and at this point I'm 4cm / 80% ... so I AM doing this.... it's just taking a while!  ;) Baby is posterior so I know that's why and I know things happen when they happen for a reason! I'm a doula so I've been working my tricks to get baby to rotate and we're working on it together. It'll happen one way or another. Still arrrgh... you know? :) Very much trying to not psych myself out! 
Thanks so much for all your comments. I really appreciate having people out there that don't judge if I did want to go in to be checked... or try other methods... or anything in between.   

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Waiting is the hardest part! My last two were both posterior, no fun. Hoping things pick up for you so you can hold your little one soon!
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Pretty sure baby has move to LOA! :bgbounce DH checks me, I can't reach and he feels very unsure of what he feels since he is still learning (he checked me w/ midwife's guidance at our last HB but only for dilation). A few days ago I felt the baby moved due to his kicks not being so hard on my stomach. DH felt the soft spot today and the sutures and we mapped it out that the baby is likely LOA! My contractions have moved from my back (and high up) to belly contractions. These feel very different and more "productive" ... at least more like what I am used to my contractions feeling like. Been having them all night and day.... BUT I'm still 4cm/100% but can't tell station because DH is just not sure. Baaaaaahhhhh!!! Today I'm 41w6d. I need to stop counting!  ;)

As far as getting checked out in a more clinical environment, I actually called L&D near me over the weekend and asked about coming in and the nurse basically had a little fit on the phone and said that the OB wouldn't even be able to talk to me on the phone because I "wasn't a patient" uh.... except that I had OB care from a doctor at that hospital up to 30 weeks... and I didn't ask to talk to someone on the phone I asked about coming in for an NST. She reminded me again that I wasn't a patient and did I "even have any prenatal records??"... I told her I could give them any info they needed off the top of my head and she was again totally flustered that someone could actually KNOW their own medical history, so then I just laughed and told her nevermind. So glad I called and got the "vibe" over the phone instead of wasting my time going in though! Totally reassured me that those people are not who I want in my birth bubble even before labor. I'm even considering a different hospital (the two are equally close) if we did need to transfer.

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Sounds like things are moving along, though slowly. I agree, stop counting, LOL! Baby will come eventually, and as long as everything looks good, you will probably be ok. smile.gif
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How exciting! Glad things are moving along. Prob won't be long now! Keep us updated! Eager to hear!
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Going overdue, and what to do about it, if anything, is a personal thing. This post is about how I came to my own decisions ONLY.
Please, take what is useful, leave the rest.

*Personally*, I would no longer go much over 40W, and never over 41. I *did* go to almost 42W as a FTM, but would not now. Also know that, unlike some UCers, I am all for the ~careful and judicious~ use of modern medicine. I do think it can have benefits when used sparingly and wisely.

If I got to 40W, and felt good, I would get a NST/BPP 2x a week, to ensure there is enough fluid, that heartbeat is good, check the cord, and see if the placenta is still functioning, etc. I did this with DS1 4x, it was relaxing and no big deal at all, not invasive or anything. (I attempted a UC with him, but transferred after 2 days labor/4hrs pushing, and got a CS for a super stuck baby.)

I wouldn't feel good skipping the extra NST/BPPs now, as I had failed both badly with my DD2, and would not want to UC with a baby as compromised as she was. I am so glad I found out she was struggling when I did. What bothered me most was I thought everything was just fine! I felt great, and thought all was well, when it was anything but. My motto now is trust, but verify- so UC can be safe and wonderful.

Anyway, I think being fully informed is critical, no matter what you do in the end.
Heres what I would consider for postdates:
- The risk of stillbirth- jumps after 41 and goes even higher after 42. YES, The odds are low, but it does happen, and after it happens to a friend/LO, you can't help think about it.
- An induction at 41w actually lowers the odds of a CS, vs waiting for a spontaneous VB (strange, I know, but true).
- I have accepted neither of my kids "know when to be born". Now, best I can do now is go by stats and intuition. This tells ME if baby isn't budging by 41W, time to evict :-)
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