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Affordable alternatives to chiropractic for back pain?

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Unfortunately, husband doesn't want to pay for me to go to a chiropractor - which is my first choice - because he thinks it's a waste of money. The right side of my lower back has been hurting for a few days, and when I tried to do sit-ups just now (I was doing at least 100 a day) doing even one hurt so I stopped. I'm not sure if I'm pregnant and probably won't take a home pregnancy test for a few more days, when my period is due to start. So the two remedies I'm thinking about are walking, which is just around the house in this rainy weather, and finding the thingie I bought over a year ago that I can stick in the microwave for a few seconds and apply to my back. Those two and drinking lots of water are all I know to do. If you have any ideas (short of a miracle - convincing my husband to let me go to a chiropractor) please fill me in! I would love to bend over, squat, and kneel again with less or no pain.

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All of us have our views and your husband seems to have his regarding chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic has proven to be a good option for treating back pain. He just needs to believe that it's going to help you. Well, convincing your husband is something you are going to have to do, isn't it? Maybe show him some articles and data on how it helps people, especially in neck and back pain. Don't do any sit-ups till the back pain's gone completely. You might damage it further. Maybe someone who has already been benefited from chiropractic, can talk to your husband. Ask him to let you go for one sitting, tell him if it doesn't show any positive signs you wont insist. Take care of yourself. God bless.

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I've found warm/hot baths with epsom salt helpful (sometimes I add peppermint essential oil - helps numb a bit of the pain).  I'll usually try some gentle stretches afterward since my muscles are warmed up (yoga - cat/cow, downward dog, child's pose, and some side twists).  


Make yourself a new rice/grain bag with an old sock (just tie or rubber band it after filling with uncooked rice/uncooked popcorn).


Either tiger balm (hot & soothing) or biofreeze (menthol & numbing) can be helpful for the pain and getting whatever is strained stretched out a bit.


And dh should be offering lots of massage.  :wink  

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Why not see your health care provider and get a ref for physical therapy?


I, too, do not believe in chiropractic care.

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My husband has rubbed it a few times. I will ask him for more when he has a chance in a couple of days.


Thank you for the suggestion, grahamsmom98. A friend suggested a pressure point specialist, and for both that and physical therapy it looks like I would need a referral from my doctor. I tried to make an appointment since my children need check-ups anyway and was put on hold for a long time, and will try again on Monday.

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Update: I made an appointment with our family doctor and will see him or someone he works with next Tuesday before two of my children have check-ups.


When I sit down, my lower back hurts (and sometimes my upper legs); do you know of any gentle exercises or positions I can practice for relief until Tuesday? I've been on my feet almost all day and sometimes my legs get tired or my feet hurt.

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http://www.katysays.com/ - I've been poking around here and it looks like she has some good stuff. I think her whole dvd set would be about the cost of a chiropractic visit.


Physical therapy - yes, if you doctor will refer you, it worked wonders for me. My pain was all in my shoulder and back though, not sure about the leg pain. Tell hubby to give you a massage. : )

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