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Griffin meets the world

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Baby Griffin was born 9/18 at a healthy 10lb 2oz and 22.5 inches long:)


he is totally amazing and i'm in awe over him over day and sooo grateful that he is strong and healthy.


while the birth process was far from my plan and even farther from my ideal, i'm learning to accept the journey and be open to the learning there - and if nothing else, continue to get the deep reflections about control that parenting is already bringing to me.

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Yay! Welcome Griffin and congrats Jess. I'm sorry you had such a frustrating birth experience. Sending you strength to heal from that whole experience and really glad to hear things are going well now.
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First of all congrats and welcome to Griffin!!


Second, I'm sorry things were so altered from how you hoped and planned to birth. I hope over the next few months you'll be able to process it all while you enjoy your sweet son.  Type up your story sometime, if only for your own emotional benefit and processing, when you're ready.  I'm sorry you weren't treated with the respect you deserved.


This sounds icky, but I was reading in a few places about helping to colonize a cs baby with mom's good bacteria by applying a sample of vaginal secretions on the skin or in the mouth, that were missed with no vaginal birth. There was a NY times article about it earlier this year, a lengthy one, about the microbes in our body and where they come from. Take it for what it's worth. bag.gif

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Sorry the birth didn't go the way u wanted, but u got your baby safe and healthy. And a great name! Congratulations x
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Welcome Griffin! 


*hugs* I'm sorry things didn't go as planned and I hope you can work through everything. I'm glad you have a good support team around you!

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Congratulations! What a big guy! I love his name smile.gif
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Sorry you didn't have the birth you wanted but glad you are all doing well. Congrats.
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Awww. Sorry the experience was less than ideal. His name is AWESOME! Congratulations!

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