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Hi Mommas!
Emily has started teething.....YIKES! Lots of drool, viciously chewing on her fists (and everything else). Sleeping patterns are off and she's not been too interested in food over the past couple of days. This morning, she has a low grade fever and is really fussy.

DH has been freezing her paci then dipping it in ice water and giving it to her before she'll take her bottle. When I nurse her, she pulls off frequently and is generally disinterested/distracted so it's taking forever to feed and then I still have to hand express afterwards because she's not emptying my breasts.

Any suggestions/tips? With her being so young (16weeks), I'm not sure what remedies I can use.....was thinking about an amber teething necklace but I think she's too young.
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Unfortunately I don't think that there is too much we can do to help tbem out greensad.gif aubrey, also 16 weeks is showing teething signs too. She likes a cold wash cloth to chew on. And she also doesn't eat well when in pain. Her teeth seem to be shifting around, so she has some periods where she seems to be in a lot of pain, and then it passes. Hopefully Emily will get some relief too!
I have also been looking into the amber teething necklaces, or just necklaces that she can chomp on.
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I give her gum massages, lots of toys to chew on (we love Sophie the Giraffe), burp rags to chew on. Trying cold washcloths tonight. I'm not convinced the Hyland's teething tablets do a damn thing beyond the initial distraction, so I'm not using them anymore.

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There's been a lot if talk about this in the milestones chat but I thought I'd bring it back here...
We also use an amber teething necklace. I've not used it before with the other kids so am interested to see how it goes. Here's a pic of B wearing his

I will try and get a better picture when he wakes up
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Camden wears his around his wrist because I wasn't comfortable with it around his neck right now. Lilah has had hers on since she was 10 months old

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Ok here's a better pic
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Oh my, he is PRECIOUS!!!
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Originally Posted by Tenk View Post

Oh my, he is PRECIOUS!!!

Aw thanks. To me he just looks drooly and fat :-)
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teething here as well. We have the amber necklace, and use homeopathics. Lark likes to chew on stuff, but will get angry about it after a while. When he gets really mad, i find swaddling him and music helps calm him down and eventually fall asleep. His favorite is the pink panther theme song (old cartoon) we listen to it on repeat :)

Today he won't nurse on the right side unless deeply asleep and I can see the bottom front right tooth coming in, so I'm guessing that side just hurts. My ND did say that they can get ear infections when they are teething though, so I'm gonna make sure thats not why he doesn't want to be on that side......

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Aubrey bit me!!!! Yep she's starting to teethe. I want to get an amber necklace too. Gotta get on that I guess!
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ok the teething just reached a whole new level of misery! Lark is so mad and up till now he has been a pretty chill and happy person.

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Holy teething!!

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Originally Posted by shanna-cat View Post

Aw thanks. To me he just looks drooly and fat :-)



Totally hear you here Shanna. I posted  in the baby pics a picture of my drooly fat little one chomping down on her hair piece flower.   She wants her teething biscuits all the time. They are made by Healthy Times and she loves them. I can freeze them too. They really seem to help her.


Love the thumb pics  too! He looks like he's really chowing down!

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LOL this made me laugh!! She's ready to eat any nose that gets in her way smile.gif Camden might be teething too?! He's drooling constantly and spit bubbles come out all the time and everything goes into his mouth, even his toes.

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Hahahaha! When I nurse DD and DS together, Aubrey will pop right off the breast and lean over to nosh on Nick's face.  It's flipping hysterical.  I can no longer nurse them both to sleep though - they have too much fun! What a personality Trilly has! Camden is so cute too - I love the way they grab onto their feet :)

Aubrey's gums are starting to bleed, and I can feel her tooth starting to pop through.  It makes me sad that she's growing up!!

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Oh yes, teething here too! For a while now. I want to get an amber necklace for her. I don't really understand how homeopathics work or what they are. Can someone explain?
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Larks first tooth came in yesterday! He is so happy!

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