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last night I dreamed I went to dh's work and he morphed into another person and I didn't even say anything about it.. I also used the restroom there and there was a man with a bunch of kids in the ladies, and drains outside the stalls that people were using like japanese toilets. also, james bond was there and their receptionist had a gun, although unloaded, as a precautionary measure. a friend urged me to stop using drugs before bed.... i guess that is how it sounds to someone who hasn't experienced pregnancy dreams.

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I dreamed of seals that became intelligent, started using tools, and came to kill people. Thankfully, we just had to clear the coastlines.
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I dreamed that my 8-year-old and I were going to something downtown in the town where I grew up, only he wasn't coming with me but skulking around the landscaping looking for a place to smoke weed.  Finally he gave up and was going to smoke in the car.  But then he was opening all the doors so the smoke smell wouldn't linger in the car.  I was like, "Dude!  That's not discreet at ALL!" and that's why I confiscated his stash and pipe--the idea that my 8-year-old is not allowed to use marijuana was not on my mind whatsoever.  I put the stuff in the inside pocket of my coat.  So then he was sulking, and I decided we wouldn't be able to go to the thing after all, so I got back into the car and was driving down a main street when a pack of ambulances came racing up behind me.  Of course I was going to slow down and move to the right while they went by, but I found that in my parents' car that I was driving, the pedal I thought was the brake was actually the "go backwards" pedal.  Now we were zooming backward toward the ambulances (it's a long, straight street, allowing plenty of time for horrified anticipation) and I was trying to decide whether to try the parking brake while thinking, "Oh, man, I'm going to crash my parents' car and be found unconscious with a pot pipe in my pocket--they'll be so mad!!"

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I've been having frequent dreams about bad guys trying to kill me. I think perhaps I need to avoid the horror genre for a while.

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OMG. Best pregnancy dream ever.

I went to a hospital to have the baby. For some reason the maintenance guys from work were there, and thought they had to fill the tub with concrete. I'm all, "WTF? Don't you guys do this all the time? The birth tub is kind of a big draw for the hospital."

Anyways, they got the concrete cleaned out, and the birth ended up being absolutely perfect. In the dream, I watched it afterwards as a birth video. It was beautiful, set to Oh Holy Night, and everyone was sobbing because it was so beautiful and moving.

Then we found out the name of the baby.

Moe Joe.

I woke myself up laughing and snorting like mad because I have a cold. DH thought something was horribly wrong.
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Last night I dreamed that I gave birth to the baby and he already had all his teeth!  Not baby teeth either, like crazy snaggly teeth!

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I dreamed that I was messing around with a guy who turned out to have two penises, right next to each other. His matter-of-fact explanation was that he grew up in a house alongside a four-lane highway. headscratch.gif
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I've only started dreaming about the baby this week.  A few days ago, I dreamed I gave birth to it, and it was very small--the size it would be if I had it now at 23wks, but it didn't look premature, just like a mini normal infant.  The midwife swaddled it up in a cloth diaper and took it away.  I asked her about it later and she said she misplaced it--she said she always seems to do that with the really little ones.  I went walking all around the hospital and found it on top of a pile of laundry, still wrapped in the cloth diaper.  I was relieved it wasn't "too" cold.  LOL


Then last night I dreamed I had a very chubby and heavy baby boy.  All of the names we like did not suit him at all.  Barnabas was the only name that suited him, and I didn't like that name at all!  But every time I looked at him, I couldn't think of any name but Barnabas!  I was in a tizzy trying to think of another name, and I knew I had to have the name chosen before my milk came in.  LOL. :)

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I had a terrible birth dream last night. I remember being in early labor... but then next thing I knew I was waking up and couldn't remember the last 6 hours of my labor or the birth...I was in such a zone that I like blacked out. I realized no one had called the birth photographer so I had no pictures and I was crushed... and then I saw a piece of paper documenting the birth and it had things checked off like "vacuum" "forceps" and "episiotomy" and I was so upset... and then I realized I didn't even know if the baby was a boy or a girl so I asked my husband and he said it was a girl and I thought oh well at least that's nice, we have two boys.  Then the photographer showed up and I was freaking out and upset and didn't want her taking pictures because she missed everything and I was such a mess.


No more birth videos before bed for me!!

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I had an awful nightmare recently. I dreamed that I gave birth to my baby and she was horribly deformed and she had 3 heads and 5 arms or something like that and she died shortly after being born. I woke up and couldn't stop crying, I was rattled for the entire day after that dream. Thank god we had an ultrasound last month that showed us our little girl is perfectly normal in every way, I had to keep reminding myself of that ultrasound to convince myself the dream couldn't come true!
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You poor thing! Hope your feeling better. XOX 

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I dreamed that my friend's daughter was younger than she is (she's 3 now, and potty trained) and dancing very cutely wearing a short dress and pocket diaper.  It was a small party, and everyone was watching her.  She picked up a dollar bill and was dancing suggestively with it; we all thought that was funny.  Then she put it into the back of her diaper and pulled it out with globs of poop along one whole edge and began whipping it through the air.  Suddenly everyone was freaking out and running in all directions.  My friend grabbed her kid and the dollar and plunged them into the fish tank for cleaning.  The fish huddled in horror at the far ends of the tank.  Two of the cats jumped up by the two ends of the tank taking an interest in the fish, and people were trying to pull them down.  Total chaos!

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