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Putting more focus on the community!

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Mothering has been the home for natural family living for almost 40 years. Boasting a community of highly engaged, passionate and caring mothers from all around the world, Mothering would not be what it is today without its members. The community is the beating heart of this website. The changes we are announcing today are meant to put more focus on the community, and are a result of feedback you’ve given us over the course of the last year.


We are making community forums easier to access from the main site navigation (the new “Forums” tab). If you’re a frequent member of a certain forum, you can now drill down directly to it from the forum dropdown menu. If you’re a new user to our site, we’ve made it clearer how to get to the sub-forums you’re looking for. If you have a child already, we’ve structured the forums by age of your child. If you’re pregnant, you can also easily join or access your Due Date Club directly from the main navigation. If you just want to chat with other moms about your parenting styles, particular parenting situations or other personal issues, we’ve got that covered as well! Simply go to the Mom forum and you’ll find a lot of great forums nested there.


We’ve done a bit of reorganization of our forums to make things easier to find.  We won’t be deleting anything, so no worries there. But we’ve placed new top level category forums and moved subforums around a bit. This should make forums more focused and help everyone find the places they want to post in, especially for age stages of parenting.


We’ve also made Reviews more accessible, to surface all your great reviews and all the new products that have been added lately. It is important for us to provide trustworthy opinions and helpful recommendations to other like-minded mamas, and we’re happy to see this area of our site grow.


We hope you find the changes to be beneficial and that you enjoy the new look and organization that they bring!


All the best,

The Mothering Team

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Thank you Cynthia, but I don't see a way to get to Groups easily from the top of the page like I could before.

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You can find it in two places. Here in the Forums tab in the navbar:




And here on the forumjump menu:




Hope that helps. :)

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