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yeast infection in belly button

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Ds went for his 6 m/o well baby visit today and I asked the Dr about his belly button, which I was thinking was maybe still a little bit of unhealed cord left. (his belly button is like a swirl, you can't see the inside of it.) But its been occasionally having a discharge, usually white, but super super stinky, and recently it has yellow or brown crust.... He's my 4th, and I have never encountered anything like this. So the Dr said its like a yeast infection and to put athletes foot cream in there. He said yeast likes dark moist hiding spots like that. But idk how I feel about athletes foot cream... What's a more natural solution? I know TTO is good for getting rid of yeast, but is it to strong for a baby? I'm just not sure what to do. Suggestions?
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idk about tea tree oil for a baby, but I would think you should not apply that undiluted either way. Coconut oil (great for babies) has anti-fungal properties, so that alone might be a good thing to try. Perhaps mix a bit of tea tree oil in the coconut oil, if you find out that is safe.


I'd be hesitant to use athletes foot cream too...ick

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How's it going? 
Tea Tree is fine as long as it's diluted a bit and w/coconut oil is a great suggestion. Lavender oil would be great too. 

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Well I'm a bit ashamed of myself. I've been using external monistat on a q tip, and it looks cleared up.
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lol well you'll be prepared w/natural alternatives should you be faced w/it again in the future :thumb

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Don't feel bad! There's no shame in using medicines. In excess or paranoia, perhaps, but not for an acute issue. I mean, that's why we invented it!
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