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Planning UB - many contractions at 31 weeks

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I am pregnant with my 6th child and planning our 2nd UC.  The past few days I have been having A LOT of contractions.  I am about 31 weeks.  To the point, that it is making me nervous.  I have had many pregnancies and felt braxton hicks many times and this is not BH.  This is real, painful contractions.  Yesterday, I had them for 3 hours straight and they went from about 12 minutes apart all the way down to 7 minutes apart, but then thankfully stopped.  I was really expecting my water to break at any moment.  I have not had any pink discharge which is good b/c that is a sure sign of labor for me.  Today I haven't really felt any, but am very crampy and feeling more pressure than I remember feeling at this point of pregnancy with my others.  I don't know, it may just be b/c I have 5 children and one of them is 14 months and I rarely have a moment to relax.  I'm also still nursing my 14 month old of course, and my 4 yo nurses occasionally.   But I really don't feel this could be triggering contractions, as I've nursed through all of my pregnancies.  So my question - if my water would break or I would really feel like it's time - how early in the pregnancy is too early to stay home?  If it is before 35 weeks would you head to the hospital?  Any natural tips for getting rid of these contractions?

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Having had a 31 weeker myself and going through all of the trials and scares of 7 weeks in the NICU, I would encourage you to seek out care if these contractions ever come back.  


I wouldn't feel comfortable with birthing any preemie at home.  37 weeks would be the bare minimum age I'd consider, assuming my dates were excellent.  I am not a UC mama, but I did plan an HBAC with a fantastic hands-off CPM.  I'm also an L&D nurse, which is why I knew I wanted to birth at home assuming I stayed low-risk!  Some late pre-term babies come out as ready to take on the world as a full-term baby.  Others need significant care.  

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I agree, 37 weeks for me too...maybe 36. Also, I'm all for nursing during pregnancies as I have done the same, but I do believe that they do trigger contractions. In fact, with my last pregnancy I was nursing my 18 month old. When my water broke I went all day with contractions on and off and when I finally nursed my daughter, that's when my labor really kicked in. As hard as it may be, it may be best to stop the nursing if it happens again, for your baby's sake. You can always start up again when baby is born or during labor to move things along. Just a suggestion! I think that taking a nice, warm bath should help to slow down the contractions. If not, I would most likely go in if it turned into labor. I'm afraid the baby's lungs wouldn't be developed enough, full term is 40 weeks. How sure are you on your EDD?
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I am sure of my due date.  I never got a period between having my last daughter and getting pregnant, so I consulted with a midwife and had a 1st trimester ultrasound in order to date the pregnancy.  I really didn't want to have any ultrasounds but since I didn't have a cycle at all, I had no dates to go off of and wanted to have at least a general idea of when I'm due.

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That's good that you know. 😊
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I'm 32weeks with baby #3 and I had the same experience right at 30 weeks.  I let it go for most of the day, resting and drinking plenty of fluids, but it didn't stop.  I didn't time them, but they got very painful and I  had lots of pressure in my cervix.  Finally I had a couple of glasses of wine and they subsided.  There were some less intense and shorter episodes in the days that followed and then nothing.  I've read that mineral deficiencies and dehydration can cause early labor so I've added a prenatal and am watching my fluids.  As far as I can tell, all the contractions caused him to drop 2 cm of fundal height.  I can't be as active now, without having pelvic discomfort...so there's that.  Mostly I'm fine tho.  Just my experience, but do take it easy if you can.

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