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Team Green Foiled!

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We had our anatomy scan today at a college where they train sonography students. The instructor came in to review each shot the student took and show us as well, she would say...here is the spine, placenta, etc. When she got to the legs and the potty shot she just quickly moved on without saying anything.

I saw 2 pretty clear shots of a girl. Didn't see the 3 lines, but definitely nothing sticking out. This will be girl #3 for us.

Trying to wrap my head around being an all girl family vs. continuing to keep my mind open to the off chance that I didn't see what I think I did.

Any advice?
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Just curious -- were you trying to be surprised? Is that why she didn't try to confirm it for you?
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Right. She knew we didn't want to know. Haven't known for our others.
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Aw, phooey. You'd think she would have told you to look away. 

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that stinks to accidentally find out.


We are also having our 3rd girl. For us, we see this as a convenience rather than a downer that we're an all girl family. Were already in the world of princesses, fairy's, dolls, we've potty trained girls, etc. etc. etc. - basically we know the ropes. I say try to focus on positives like that if you can find any.

You can still stay team green by not letting friends/family know. At least they can participate in the excitement that way.

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