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Menopause/peri-menopause and menarche relation.

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... if you know your family’s history...


i am trying to see if there is a link between menarche and menopause - or rather do women have a certain no. Of child birthing years.


For instance both my mom and i started menarche at new 11 and finished by 47/48. Went into peri-menopause by 43. 


our family is VERY fertile during perimenopause and many kids were born as surprises with huge age difference between siblings from same parents.


My maternal gma, mom and me had probably 35 years of child birthing years.


i have rarely come across someone who started late and had an early menopause (apart from medical reasons), and same the other way too.


Many are very shocked that I finished menopause before i hit 50. Hey i am not complaining.


How is it with your family - if you know. Or even thoughts on this welcome.

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I started at 9, and finished at 50. Well, I don't know if I can say "finished" because I still get wicked FIREdevil.gif hot af.gifflashes  :irked six years later.


Women in my family seem to be fertile until 40 - I had my last at 40, my mom was 40 when my younger brother was born, and her mom was 40 when she was born (the youngest of 13).

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mamarhu on my dad’s side of the family the women had their last baby around 43 -45. very unusual for those times. From what i remember my aunt telling me - its not so much about being very fertile but not really understanding menopause. Once in peri-m the OB told her not to worry about contraceptives. Yeah right. My gma and 2 of my aunts had their last babies in their mid 40’s. A huge embarrassment in a very conservative culture.

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Interesting topic..

My mom had onset of menarche at 9, and started menopause at 52. I think her peri-menopause started around 47. I had onset of menarche at 11, and am nowhere near peri-menopause at 39. I've also had very few cycles in the past 14 years due to pregnancy and breast feeding - maybe 20 total? I hope to follow my mom's pattern and have a later onset of menopause. It would be kinda nice to welcome another child or two into our family before I can no longer conceive.
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I started at 13 and have just started getting hot flashes at 46.  I had a hysterectomy almost 2 years ago but kept my ovaries.

I don't know when my mom started but I think she went into menopause at 50.  No idea about my grandma.  Think I'll chat with my mom about this tomorrow.  Good topic!

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My mom started her period at 13 and had her last period at 50.  I got my period right around the time I turned 13 and I'm 51 now and clearly approaching menopause but not there yet.  I had my kids at 40 and 43.

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Mom got hers at 14 and stopped at 57.  I'm not sure about grandmas.   I started at 14 as well and will probably follow similar pattern.  I'm 41 now and my cycles are as regular as clock, and I know I'm ovulating every month.  Asians usually get their menopause a bit later than other races so 56 or 57 is not unusual.  SIL's mother stopped at 57 as well.

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Started at 15 here. I dont know about my mother, because she had a hysterectomy :-(

Im 46, and still havent got my pp period, with my dd almost 20mths. She admittedly  still nurses alot and at night. So weird waiting for my period to return, wondering if indeed i will ever have one again.  I probably will.  Breastfeeding is actually a temporary state of menopause.

 My pp period returned at aboout 13/15mths with my first two, but they were not night nursers.


 It would be good to know more about the correlation of the onset of menarch and menopause

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No personal experience yet, however I did ask my doctor this very question a couple months ago. As I was worried that since I started at 10.5 that I would end earlier. 

She said that it was most often the opposite. That those who started earlier, ended later.

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Originally Posted by delightedbutterfly View Post

She said that it was most often the opposite. That those who started earlier, ended later.

well i certainly am glad that is not the case with dd and me. Just like my mom all 3 of us suffer from horrible horrible cramps. Dd just started and poor baby severe pain and nausea. And coincidentally for both my mom and me our cramps were completely gone after our first child. It was so painful i missed school and so has dd. then later my mom had fibroids, i have fibroids - so our cycles got longer and very heavy. So in our case an early end was a blessing. 


contactmaya - i started my periods 8 weeks after i had dd at 37. I always wondered if that was my body telling me have the next baby soon. I wanted to but alas a failing marriage took care of that.

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I think my mom said that she started her period around 13 and started perimenapause around 48.  I'm not sure what happened with my grandmother, but I know my greatgrandmother started around 11 and didn't start perimenapause until she was 50.  Very late.  Both my mom and greatgrandmother had a very easy transition into menapause and through it.  I'm hoping I'll be the same.

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I started at 12 and am no where near peri-menopause at 45. My mother started at 13, but her doctor had her on HRT from 40-50, so she has no idea when her menopause occurred. Just that when she went off HRT at 50, her periods never came back.
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There are no women in my family that haven't had uterine surgery or HRT, both of which can alter the normal course. IDK what I can expect.
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Originally Posted by dinahx View Post

There are no women in my family that haven't had uterine surgery or HRT, both of which can alter the normal course. IDK what I can expect.

Its sad really. It  was the expected thing to do  until recently....sad we cant ask our own mothers about their natural state  of fertilty....

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