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Need practical joke tricks for upcoming cabin vacation

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Thought you all can help me. We are looking forward to 4 nights at a cabin, and youngest dd and I are plotting against older dd and dh. Hee hee! We are looking for ideas of jokes that are not too over the top or create too big of a mess, but will serve to make some good memories.


I already have ordered some plastic bugs, and an Annoy-a-tron. My oldest is 12 and still kinda scared of the dark so I don't want to be mean. Just little annoying things. 

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One year for April Fool's I wrapped everything DH uses in the morning in plastic wrap, individually. His shampoo, razor, deodorant, toothbrush, wallet, keys, phone, coffee cup ... everything. It was pretty funny watching him have to undo everything before he could use it.

For the kids, I made what looked like grilled cheese sandwiches and juice, but was really toasted poundcake with orange-tinted frosting, served with jello in juice glasses (so when they tried to drink it, it wouldn't pour).

My kids got a huge kick out the the trick where you have someone trace around a quarter with a pencil, then bet them they can't roll the quarter down their nose and have it land in the same spot (they end up with a black pencil line down their face).
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Wow, Limabean! You are serious about April fools!! Awesome.

Once I told my dad there was a man dressed as a clown standing in our yard (it was late at night). I guess that would not be a good joke for a kid whose afraid of the dark!!

You could make up an animal that you are trying to get a photo of, such as the elusive "Tree Penguin" or something like that LOL.

Sorry, I don't have very good ideas!!!
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On a school camp once we sewed up the sleeves and pant legs of a teachers pyjammas. If you do the seam an inch or so back from the cuff it's not very visible... Until they try to put their arm/leg through.

Also cornflakes(or some other crunchy cereal) inside their pillow case. And short sheet the bed.
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hee hee! I can't wait to try some of these out. I think I will also have a variation of something I did for dh for April Fool's Day. On that day I kept randomly moving things after he set them down. He thought he was going crazy. Maybe I will make him think he forgot to pack his toothbrush or underwear. Of course after he looks all over for it in his bag and can't find it, he will find it there later.

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I have installed the annoy-a-tron in our bedroom/office and so far dh has not mentioned it. I have heard it beep several times. Not sure if he's tuning it out, assuming it's from a watch in someone's drawer, or has a hearing problem . . . 

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And short sheet the bed.

:yeah  This thread reminds me of the guy I had a crush on in high school & his mom was my dad's gf so she'd let me in the house to play jokes on him.  I short sheeted his bed & I think it was almost as fun doing it as it was knowing I'd pulled a joke on him!


I don't have any additional ideas; the above was the only one that came to mind.  I'll keep thinking though.  I've subbed because this thread made me :D!



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