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Advice on teeth regime for my 14 month old

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Hi there,

I am looking for advice on a daily teeth regime for my 14 month old son. His
teeth are sort of discolored in that there are spots that are slightly more/less
white than the rest (not pearly white like what you would expect). They came in
this way (early at 3 months, he now has 8 teeth with another 8 coming through
now). He bumped his mouth a few weeks ago and chipped his front tooth, just the
corner. I don't see any "real" signs of decay just yet, but his enamel just
looks weak (sort of hard to describe). He hasn't been to the dentist just yet,
but it is on my "to do" list. In the meantime, I am looking to implement a daily
regime to improve his enamel and prevent decay. After searching the web, boards,
etc. I bought the following things, but am not entirely sure where to start.,
dosage, etc.

Pascalite clay:
- Thinking of dipping his tooth brush in it and brushing once a day?

Squigle tooth builder (non fluoride)
- Thinking brushing his teeth with this once a day?
- Any other favorite toothpastes?

MI paste
- Should I even use this at this point?
- If so, I was thinking of smearing a little on his teeth before bed
- Is it safe for toddlers since they end up swallowing it?

Sea salts: #1 Calcarea Flourica, #2 Calcarea Phos, #12 Sillcea, Bioplasma
- Not sure on dosage...advice?
- Is this something you give them every day?
- Do you take weeks off/a break?

Green Pastures fermented cod oil/butter blend
- Is 1/4 tsp once a day the correct amount?

Garden of Life Primal Defense Probiotic
- Plan on giving him this every day

Carlson Vitamin D drops
- We have already been giving him this every day (although I was not the best at
remembering do to this, but now that I have learned it is important for his
teeth I really try not to forget)

- Spiffies wipes - going to use these after snacks

Not sure if the above is over board or not enough. Any advice would be much

From what I have read many families have changed their diet. I'm not sure that
he has any sort of gluten intolerance (good appetite, eats a variety of food, no
juice/junk, healthy weight, overall very happy/content baby, sleeps well, still
nurses 4x per day).

Sorry for the long post, but hoping to gain some knowledge from other mamas who
have "been there, done that" :-)

Thanks so much!!!


P.S. On a separate note, while doing my research I came across Orawellness for
myself. I have been using it for just two days, but so far love it!

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That seems like quite a lot to do when you haven't yet found out if there is a problem with his teeth. I would check him with a pediatric dentist and get this assessed.


I had babies with tooth decay, and it is a real thing. The chipped tooth does create a slightly higher risk. YOu might just try taking a moist gauze pad and running it over his teeth after each time he nurses, just to get the milk sugar off. And then consult the dentist to see if there are any real problems.

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Has he had fluoride drops or was he consuming water as a young infant?
Excessive fluoride can cause white spots. CDC has info on it:

Keep the chipped tooth very clean. My son chipped two teeth at 11 months, three years later all is well, and he does still nurse through the night. I have read that breast milk will remineralized dentin due to high mineral content. It could be true as his teeth look great, and any discoloration caught by the remaining grooves in the dentin seems to rub right off.

Lastly if he was born premature or was low birth weight, he is at greater risk of tooth decay due to likelihood of enamel defects.
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