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For full-time co-sleepers, how do you find time to (for example) post here?

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This is a serious question!

I am wowed by those parents who both nap with their children and stay with them all night long. We do partial night co-sleeping and no co-napping. I could get very little done if I were a full timer.

How do you do it? Are young babies worn while you are on the computer, as well as when you do chores? What about older babies and toddlers? Do they just play while you type? I could do a little of this with my one year old, but she would quickly want to see what I was doing, bang on the keyboard, etc.

Or are families who do all night/all naps more rare than I am thinking (at least, on this site)?

If it isn't obvious, I'm new here.
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Well, I'm not as hardcore a co-sleeper as some on this site, but I feel like I have an easier time finding time to goof around on the internet than to get useful stuff done around the house.  That was especially true when DD was a little baby.  She did always nap on me, at least until 8 months or so, but for the first 4 months of that I could easily use the computer while she slept on my lap.  I watched the entire series of Veronica Mars :)  For myself, though, I see "co-sleep all night" as putting baby down to sleep in a shared sleeping space, then going back in at your own reasonable bed time (or going to bed together and getting up before baby).  So from 6 months or so on I generally had at least some sort of an evening which was when most of my internetting occurred. 

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I just lay down with my kids to get them to sleep then I get up and go get stuff done, leaving them in the bed. If they take too long to fall asleep I tend to fall asleep too, especially being pregnant and tired! But usually they are out in 15-20 minutes and then I go spend time with DH, do laundry, etc. Occasionally the baby will wake up and I will have to go lay back down with him, but usually by that time its pretty late and I need to go to bed anyway!


When they are really little I nurse them down on the bed and then pop them off and place my pillow and DH's pillow on each side to prevent them from rolling off and then leave the nursery monitor near their foot. It makes a lot of noise when they start to stir and I can go check and either help them sleep a little longer or make sure they aren't starting to roll off the bed. We place our king mattress on the floor for safety as well. 

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I just lay down with mine until she is asleep then I get back up...has always worked for us...

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for naps my 7 month old nurses to sleep in my arms on the boppy while i sit in bed and work on the computer or read. sometimes she naps in the carrier while i'm cleaning or cooking, etc. 

when she goes to bed for the night though, i do too. she will not sleep without me still. but i treasure these times since they won't last long. my little cuddlebug.

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Sometimes i nap at the same time as  my 20mth old,  but get up before her and get thigns done then. As for night time, we all go to bed together. I get  up a little earlier than anyone else,  and get things done then...sometimes. But dd often wakes up at the same time :-( 

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My son is three but due for a birthday soon, we cosleep at night and naps. It is definitely the most peaceful for all of us, including my husband. At nap time I either nap too or get away after he finishes nursing and unlatches while asleep, then I do quiet activities, or stay and sleep. Mornings are also a time for me if I feel like waking an hour before he does. Apart from a few challenging phases throughout the years, co sleeping been a really wonderful experience.
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Most adults do not need 15 hours of sleep, so it is unlikely they will sleep along with their kids the whole time.


I assume most co-sleeping moms lie down with their kids as they go to sleep, then get up and do stuff until they are ready to go to bed. I certainly do, unless my son falls asleep at midnight or something. 

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With my first I was a hard core co sleeper. She would only nap in my arms and at night I would go to bed when she did until morning. Yeah I thought I was going to go nuts! Luckily I had a smart phone right from the start... So I at least I could email and surf the web. Then I got a kindle!!! That really saved me I could read, play games, watch tv!!! So at night I would lay down to nurse in bed and have the kindle in a position I could see it but not be distracting for the baby. Luckily she was an only child so I could do that. Things did go un done for a long time! My husband picked up a lot of the slack when I would go to bed with the baby.
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