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What do you do........

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When people say nasty things about you having a c-section? I've a family member on my side say things and a few family members on my husbands side say things about my c-section. I've been told I pretty much needed to suck it up and stop being a baby about it by the one on my side, and that I should just be thankful my child is alive. Okay that is awesome that she made it yes,but I am not okay with my c-section and how it is healing.Than on my husband's side people have been saying I am lying about how hard my birth really was. When first off I wasn't even the one talking about or describing my birth! I only talked to one person about how my birth went, anyone else heard the story from my husband. Why is that,because I don't remember a thing from it hardly thanks to the lovely drugs they put me on. It is just so frustrating trying to push all their comments aside and recover from this emotionally and physically. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? And how did you deal with it? Because with all the stress my husband and I are under this is just making things worse on me, and I am really ready to flip my lid on people.

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It is a rough realization that others are not really interested in understanding the difficulty of the situation.  *Of course* we are happy baby is alive, but that doesn't mean that we don't need to talk about things.  Grrrrrr.......


I mean (and this is hugely sarcastic) you wouldn't tell a soldier coming back from patrols in Afghanistan, someone who saw action and lived through some harrowing times "oh, you made it back alive and that's what counts."  I think the reason is that people really don't want the details of it.  They think you are complaining, or whatever.


I have had this come from otherwise very nice people.  It is a hard conversation that they don't want to hear.  It is a sign that these are not the people to talk to about this.  Breathe deeply.  It is incredibly annoying, but you have to just let it go and breathe.


Interestingfrustrating the accusations of lying..... my labor was 44hours before c-section--it can be some unbelievable stuff.  People have no idea.

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My less than graceful response is to STFU.  But, in reality, you just have to choose carefully who you talk to. Your feelings are valid whatever they are.  You do not have to just shut up and be grateful.  {hugs}

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