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Stretch Marks: Can anything help?

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Having stretch marks on my hips and butt (I so dislike them). I know or have read it is part of the whole pregnancy thing. But I was wondering if anything helps. Can't remember but I think I read on some site that nothing really helps but maybe cocoa butter cream can help alleviate them. Really can't remember exactly.

I was at the store yesterday and saw this cream for the butts and hips. I also saw another for the breast line. I was not sure whether it is for removal of stretch marks or for firming up or both. More importantly I do not know if they are safe in pregnancy. So I thought I should ask.

For experienced mamas, do the stretch marks leave after birth or they would stay forever except I use some cosmetic product to remove them later.

Any idea please?
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I used Korkum oil on my belly. I did not get any stretch marks but it may have happened that way without the oil. I had to buy it from and herb store.
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I have stretch marks on my hips that pre-date my pregnancy and they've never gone away. I never got any while pregnant but I've gained and lost weight a few times so my skin is likely stretchy. I put a homemade blend of oils to get the skin hydrated. I'm not sure there's much you can do.
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I have read that the number one indicator of stretch marks is genetics.  If your mom got them, you probably  will.  If she didn't, you probably won't.  There is one product that has been shown by research to make a difference.  It is called Trofolastin.  I got some on amazon just in case http://www.amazon.com/Trofolastin-Anti-stretch/dp/B003Q3FPR6.  It's a big tube, so will probably last me through more than one pregnancy, assuming it doesn't expire or something.  I have no stretch marks yet, but then, my mom never got any either- she did use a vitamin E cream though, which is one of the ingredients in Trofolastin.  So, it could be genetic luck of the draw in my case, but if you want something that has been proven to help, this is it.

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Thanks a lot. You have been most helpful.


My mum has stretch marks. And my sister does, though hers is due to fat not pregnancy. 

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