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Are you gaining or losing weight?

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Is anyone gaining yet?  I'm getting really frustrated that I keep losing weight.  I try and try to force myself to eat, but just can't get enough down.  I know I have wiggle room for weight loss, but don't really want to keep going there.  I thought I had re-gained 2 pounds yesterday, but it must have been some water weight or something, because now I'm back down.  greensad.gif

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I've apparently lost two pounds. I thought I'd have gained with all the junk I eat to try to keep the nausea under control. I lost 10 or 15lbs last time, and the baby was fine, but hopefully not as much this time.

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I'm underweight to start out with. The first 2 week I gained about 2 lbs, but once the food aversions started I lost 4 lbs in 1 week. I'm really trying to force myself to eat more now, but it's not easy.
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I've remaining pretty steady, haven't lost/haven't gained... surprisingly because I haven't been able to keep anything down!

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I am afraid to look.


But I definiately am not losing weight.  All I can eat is starches combined with fats.  And I am sick unless I'm chewing I swear, lol, so definiately going to guess gaining.  I'm a normal weight so either way is probably just fine.  


Fun fact: my gramma was warned not to gain more than 7-12 pounds in pregnancy because "pregnant women only think they are hungrier".  :)  Because this is all in my head... 

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I feel sick all the time unless I am eating a little something. I had an appt today and I've gained 2-3lbs at 8w4d. Before pregnancy, I was a big dieter... while trying to get pregnant I realized I needed to up my calories. Now that I am pregnant, I am enjoying food a lot more within reason. Luckly, I haven't had any vomiting. I've had disordered eating in the past, so I'm trying to stay positive and listen to my body.

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I have no idea.  Last I checked I had gained 5 lbs.  I know that is all poo and water.  But I hate that I am gaining so much so soon.  But I have to eat and I am too nauseous to work out.

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I haven't gained anything, actually think I lost two pounds. I am still BFing my two year old and I am borderline underweight so I am a little concerned. I am not nauseous I just have zero appetite :/
He weird thing is I normally gain weight SUPER fast when pregnant. Crazy how things can be so different.
I wouldn't worry much about weight best advice I heard was don't concentrate on the weight concentrate what you are putting in the body to feed your LO
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Haven't checked in a few days.  I lost 4lbs in week 5 due to food aversions, but gained 2 back by the end of the 6th week. 

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I am 5 weeks today and weighed myself, I have gained 1lb in the past week. This is okay with me because I have been very hungry indeed and trying to eat when I want to instead of worrying about gaining weight. I started this pregnancy overweight though, so I don't actually think I need to gain any weight, as I should lose the 'fatty' weight and it be replaced by 'baby' weight. That's my main reason for hoping I don't gain much during this pregnancy. I'm trying to eat healthier foods when I'm hungry, more protein instead of usual heavy carbs. We'll see what happens during this next week, hoping to not gain at all this week, or if I am still very hungry maybe 1lb again... no morning sickness here but it's early days.

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So far I'm still within the range I was before getting pregnant (it's a three-pound spread). I'm more consistently on the higher end of it, though. I'm eight weeks, and starting from my "ideal" weight, so I'm fine with that. I'm hoping to keep my gain moderate, because getting back down to my ideal was a bit of work. smile.gif
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I've gained about 6 lbs. I'm a little underweight so the 6 lbs puts me at the weight I should be.
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I'm down 7 pounds now, and feeling really weak.  But it doesn't help that I have a bad cold/cough along with the nausea/headache/dizziness.  Oh what fun!!

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I'm almost 7 weeks and I gained a few pounds already, which is frustrating because I've been eating healthy and working out 45 minutes a day.  I guess as long as I'm being healthy, it doesn't matter.

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Ten weeks, I've lost 2 pounds. This for me is wonderful. I lost an average of 20 pounds with each of my other two pregnancies (wound up in the hospital the second time) but this time around, other than a rough few days here and there, my nausea has leveled out to a bearable level. I'm still disgusted by most foods and smells so I hate eating, but that's a different animal than puking all the time, all day long.

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I just weighed myself today.  Same wieght I was the morning before I gave birth to my first baby, same weight that I started the last pregnancy with.  Planning to try and eat health and exercise more so that I gain less.  Trying to remember that my goal is to be healthy for baby :)  We'll see how it goes for next week, I'm just currently happy to have lost the weight from baby #2 so I'm not actually in the obese category this time :) yay!

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This is my second pregnancy. With my son, I started gaining weight right away. I was a lot more nauseous actually...which makes it kind of odd. But oh well. It was an overall healthy weight gain os 40lbs. 


This time I actually lost 5 lbs and couldn't figure out why...finally had the idea that I might be pregnant. So I tested and sure enough! I'm about 7 weeks now. 


So. For me, already i've noticed that chasing around a two year old is going to hinder my weight gain. AND I'm still nursing him so that's probably not helping in the weight gain dept. either. I'm not concerned though. I'm a healthy weight so unless I keep losing OR haven't started gaining in the next couple months, I'll just keep on keepin' on :)

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I have gained. I am the least sick I've ever been while pregnant but I have been eating carbs like crazy and it hasn't been good for my waistline! 

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I'm definitely still gaining!  Instead of making my usual green juice for a snack, I reach for carbs carbs and more carbs!  Oh, and cheese.  I don't have an appetite for the things I used to like salads and fresh fruit.  Hopefully my healthy appetite comes back soon because I keep feeling guilty about the things I'm eating.

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I am done with guilty.  That was last time.  This time I am trying to just mentally move into the space that I need what I need but I should try and make sugar something I need less of.  And less white carbs.  Anything else is game, even starches that are white but at least whole foods, like potatoes or corn.  I feel like I'm dying if I don't get enough carbs this time.

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