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Nesting madness!

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I always like hearing what other people are doing to prepare their homes, selves, and families for the new baby. Anyone want to share where their obsessive nesting energies are going? I am not doing freezer meals this time because my back won't let me be in front of the stove for that long, but I've stayed busy with projects that I can handle. For one thing, I've fixated a little on the experience my kids will have while I'm in the hospital. My DS (age 3.5) is still a real mama's boy, so I'm particularly interested in him staying happy and engaged during the transition time. I bought gift cards to Build-A-Bear for each of my kids and packed them in my hospital bag so that the new baby can give a gift to her older siblings when they come to meet her--and then my in-laws can whisk them off to spend a bunch of time pouring over bear-related crap instead of getting antsy around my hospital room. I put on their cards that they can go pick out "new born" bears and accessories to take care of while Mom takes care of the new baby. I did something similar for my DD when my DS was born, I just put a kit together of stuff she'd need to "baby" her favorite doll--a little bitty ring sling, some baby clothes, diapers, etc.

Ok, then I pre-packed bags for them to overnight at my in-laws with all their needs for a day, including brand-new pajamas (which honestly I'd already bought because they needed new fall pjs, but then I got the idea to makes them gifts) which I wrapped up and tucked "I love you cards" into, and sent on over to my in-laws' house so they are all ready. If I go into labor during the day I'm sure my kids will pack their own bags anyway, which is fine, but I'm glad to know they have a change of clothes and everything they need over there just in case it happens fast or at night.

Finally (and I just realized that all mine are big-kid-related), I packed a bag for the car of things for my older children to do in the car when we sit in parking lots to nurse. I don't mind nursing in public at all, but I remember with both kids that I often ended up nursing my car just for convenience, because it is comfortable in the car and the kids are all contained, and there is a nice place to sit down. I put little games and extra batteries and other time-passing supplies into a bag that will be used only for the times we spend in the car nursing. I did this for my DD as well and remember that it made her look forward to those times instead of pester me about when we were going to go.

Oh, and I made a computer file with all the addresses of people I want to send baby announcements to, so all I have to do is print off labels when they come in! I was surprised by how many people on my list had moved, so I needed to get new addresses for them, and I'm glad I did it now.

What are you all doing?

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I set up the changing area in the utility room, and have an area in the bedroom with all her clothes.  She won't get her own room for a year or two, I'm going to wait as long as possible before kicking my 8 year old out of his bedroom next to ours (we have two bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms downstairs) and into a downstairs bedroom, because he still has issues with being afraid of the dark and not wanting to be far away from me in the middle of the night if he wakes up, and he occasionally comes knocking for me in the nights, etc.....  so I think it will be more like when this baby is a couple of years old and actually starts having any use for her own room, when I transition my younger son downstairs to a bedroom next to his brother's bedroom, when he's over his nighttime darkness jitters.  My ten year old also sometimes wakes at night but these last months almost never.... but cutely two weeks ago came knocking politely at 3am asking for me to come snuggle him, explaining that he tried to get himself back to sleep but just couldn't.  I curled up with him in his single bed (hard to do at my size) and he fell right asleep, it was cute.  I know these moments with a ten year old child are fleeting so I treasure them while I can.


Man I rambled off the topic!


I have fed the freezer to death with sauces that can be thawed the night before and thrown into the slow cooker in the morning with some poultry to make up a huge quantity of dinner that night for all of us (+ leftovers for days) with minimal effort on my part.


What else?  Not much.  The car is packed with hospital gear for me, baby, DF....  

In week 41 here so literally just waiting for the water to break!

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I have tried to kick it into gear the past week. I cleaned all the diapers and set up a changing area downstairs and a clothes shelf area in the bedroom. This kiddo will also be in our room along with DS. until we managed to finish our house we kind of have no choice but to all be in one room. Hopefully by the time this baby is 2 we'll have two finished bedrooms and the kids will share a room. Anyway...
Happileigh, I've been trying to figure out special gifts for my 3.5 year old Mama's boy too. I'm still working on it
I've packed our freezer with meals for when my mom leaves. While she's here she'll cook once the baby comes.
DH's version of nesting included completely tearing out the walls in our office yesterday and ordering the wood to board them up over the weekend. It's overwhelming but so needed to happen and will be such a relief once it's done.
I still have a few things I need to get but Im not to worried
Until I get the crib together, the baby will sleep with me and DH will sleep with our son so that's fine.
I found my diaper pail liners but I need to find my diaper pail...
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I got everything but am saving doing much nesting until Tuesday. Cleaners are coming. Dad is working late then has boys weekend - paintball, nflgame...getting it in while he can lol!
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I made the mistake of doing all of my nesting months ago when we moved into our new place, so now I'm just BORED and when the crazy urge hits I find myself doing absolutely idiotic things like wiping smudges off basement windows (which will never be seen by anyone, ever!).  I know I'm going t slap myself for saying this, but waiting for a baby can be extremely boring!  It's been 8 years since I've actually felt this strange forgotten feeling and now I'm realizing....well, how BORING it is to feel bored.  My 8 year old is in school, I haven't been working for months now due to premature labor and my house is (dare I say) actually in order.  Also, I keep getting these RANDOM bouts of energy that I don't know what to do with.  Actually today, I got so energetic (might have had something to do with the King Size Kit Kat I had just eaten) that I decided to try and dance the baby out.  For 45 minutes I danced to some Outkast and then threw up.  Hahaha.  Serves me right, I guess.

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I've been so nesty all month. At least half of the furniture in the whole house has been rearranged & it feels great. I spent a lot of time obsessing over birth supplies since we were totally unprepared for DD. I stripped all our prefolds and have the changing table all stocked with diapers, covers, creams, snappis, etc. Tomorrow I'll be setting up all the baby gear we received from a friend - bassinet, swing, bouncy seat; probably also stocking the freezer with easy, husband-friendly meals. smile.gif

For DD's "gift from the baby" I only have a M&D bead kit (she's been obsessed with my birth beads) and a new outfit. I might add Mega Blocks just because I was planning to buy them anyway. I love the idea of things she can use to care for a doll. Maybe I'll have time to sew up some diapers and wipes to make a little diaper bag for her....
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I've mostly been cleaning/organizing things. It feels never ending, but I think I'm almost there. I've still got to gather birth supplies and finish packing a bag in case I have to transfer to the hospital (it's mostly packed) and organize my closet of a laundry room. It's driving me crazy! I'd like to get my oldest son's Hallowe'en costume made. The younger two can wear old costumes, but my oldest doesn't fit into any of them. I'd also like to make some mama cloth and finish the cross stitch I'm making for the baby. We got my sons a couple of puzzles from the baby since they all seem to be into puzzles lately. Our freezer's getting pretty full, but I'd like to freeze a few more meals. I feel like I'm probably forgetting to do a million things, but the diapers and clothes are washed, we cosleep and I have breasts, so I guess we have everything we absolutely need.
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Nesting? Ha ha ha ha ha ha. The closest I have gotten to nesting lately is tidying up for my home visit from my midwives' assistant today. I just have no energy! With my other two, nesting really only came very early in labor for a few hours. I feel jealous of people who feel nesty for months ahead of time.

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I read an article that said nesting is 30-36 weeks. I'm exhausted. Haven't washed baby stuff yet. Will tonight.
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30-36 weeks and then what? Your brain checks out? Because I think thats true for me. I am 36 weeks now and I'm over being excited about doing anything. I washed up the clothes over the weekend and it was all I could do to stuff them into the drawer. I had my freezer meals all planned out to make and now I really don't care anymore and probably won't make them.

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I am so there with you.

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For me, I had to take it easy at 30 weeks, because I was still playing the 'keep this baby in to full term!' game with the medication and orders to put my feet up as much as I can.  The, I got really full of energy at 36 weeks when  I found out I was 2cm dilated and was told to do whatever I wanted, and  I felt like the end was near.   That morale boost just lifted me up so high and I was go go go for several weeks.  Now, five weeks later, I am a bitter ball of desperation.


I'm at the 7 day countdown to ....something. shrug.gif Let's see.  I want pitocin as much as I want an ice pick in my eye.

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2cm dilated for 5 weeks
I'm only 1cm...better than zero but
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