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Maternity clothes!

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Since I really can't bear all the food-related threads....


I'm wearing maternity pants today. Maybe. I think perhaps I'll change, because these, while not too small, keep sliding down my butt, and I don't really feel like spending all day hiking them up. The second pair I got is way cuter than I'd realized in the store, but definitely too loose still.


Ok, I changed. My normal pants are a touch tight, but I think I'll be able to live with it more than the sliding down. I'm definitely in the in-between stage.


I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow and really not sure what pants to bring along.


I bought two pairs of maternity pants at the thrift store in the past few weeks. I have one or two pairs kept around from previous pregnancies, but my favorite pair from last time is a pair of capris (October baby), so unlikely to be particularly useful seeing as it's already getting past that weather around here. DH also got me a pair of overalls because he's convinced overalls are the best thing for pregnant women to wear, even though I don't particularly love them, and they're way too much of a pain to get up and down given how often pregnant women tend to pee. Especially in the winter when you're wearing stuff over the top of them. I've never been really pregnant in winter before, so he may just not be thinking of that part.


I'm not sure what to do about tops. I have one or two official maternity tops. Realistically, I'm long-torsoed, and will probably just do a lot of men's shirts like I've done in the past, since even maternity shirts tend to be too short for me towards the end.


This time I have to look at maternity scrubs, and those seem to be stupid expensive and relatively hard to find secondhand. It's a debate whether I even want to try that or just go with larger sizes and look dumpy.


Anyone else looking at maternity clothes already?


(I'm 8 weeks with #4, it's not THAT early. Right?)

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I'm not sure what I'm going to do for maternity clothes this time around.  I found some maternity shorts and tanks in my stash, which aren't going to be helpful at all.  My last one was an end of July baby.  For now, I actually had to dig up a smaller sized pair of jeans because my regular ones were getting too baggy.  I'm not even remotely showing yet, which surprised me a little. 


I have the same problem with shirts being too short, so I was actually thinking about making some shirts.  I have some patterns that would work for maternity and I'm watching the sales at Joanne fabrics to catch the maternity patterns on sale.  I might also make some basic black stretch top pants for going out and then just buy one or two pairs of jeans.

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I swear the day I find out I'm pg, all the internal organs shift and I'm certain everyone can tell I'm pg from my poofy belly. need clothes, too!!
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Definitely bringing maternity pants on the trip. We took a shorter trip today, and have to leave the to button open. Not doing a 9 hour car ride this way!
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I love my one favorite pair of maternity jeans.  I unwillingly surrendered them three months ago when DH hinted that I "do have nice jeans right", but I am grabbing them again as soon as I can.  I hate the rest of maternity pants.  They fall down and don't work and fold over and are too flabby and too tight all at once.  But this one magical pair in early pregnancy and one other magical pair in late pregnancy are perfect.  I have others that really don't fit well but I have kept "in case" I grow into them.  If they don't work again pretty soon I will get rid of them.  I want another of those "perfect fit" jeans.  :)  And I am blessed to live in the world's most thrift store filled city ever so finding them on the cheap should not be a big issue.  Worst case I will get by with lots of laundry (which is what I did last time anyway).

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Being just 7 weeks with baby #1, all of my clothes still fit normally.  I have picked up a few pairs of maternity pants at the thrift store.  I'm planning to buy all solid color clothing so it is really easy to mix & match and look like a different outfit.  I will be buying mostly tank top and short-sleeved shirts and wearing them with the cardigan sweaters I already have when the weather gets cold.

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I am 6 weeks with #4 (but this is my 6th  pregnancy) and I have been in maternity pants for a week.  The bloat got super bad last week.  I went from wearing my normal pants to maternity pants in 2 days.

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Granola...yes.yes. And more yes.
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I am in a really different place than with my first pregnancy!  For that we TTC'd for almost 2 years, during which I purposely gained 10 pounds (had been very thin) to try to improve my hormones, so rather than buying jeans in my new size I bought cheap stretchy and low-waisted pants.  I wore those pants comfortably until the 5th month!  This time, I have jeans that normally are not super-tight but fit me, and being a 40-year-old fogey I like jeans that come up to my waist.  At this point 2 of my 5 pairs are unbearable, and in the others I am sometimes having to leave the top button undone.


I still have some of my maternity clothes, but I loaned them to several friends and didn't get everything back....  Someday soon I'll inventory what I have, but my best recollection is that I still have the maternity cargo pants that were super-comfy in months 5-8, the wonderful purple outfit with pants that fit starting in the 7th month, and a few odds and ends.  I felt pretty neutral about my maternity pants other than the cargos and purple, so if I've lost them, no big deal.


I'm considering getting one of those stretchy bands that holds up your unzipped jeans and looks like a long undershirt.  I never tried those before.  That way I could keep wearing my jeans until I'm ready for big maternity pants, instead of buying a semi-pregnant size and a really-pregnant size like I did before.


Last time I got some of the smock-type maternity tops but also bought some thrift-store sweaters in larger sizes.  Afterward I gave the big sweaters to my buxom plus-size friend, but I still have at least a few maternity tops.


There's a children's clothing consignment store near my house that also has a few maternity and adult clothes.  I think I'll browse there this week for comfy pants.  I might possibly also buy the very cutest of tiny baby outfits.

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Originally Posted by EnviroBecca View Post
  I might possibly also buy the very cutest of tiny baby outfits.


hehehe  I've been doing that too, although it is a bit frustrating not being able to go with gender specific outfits.  Our garage sale season up north here is ending very soon, and I've been buying a lot of yellow and other neutral items.   

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I love the stretchy bands!  they saved my regular jeans!  


And when we get to 20 weeks and find out the gender, I am buying the absolute cutest of tiny baby outfits , just one, gender specific :)

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I haven't bought any yet. I weighed more with my first two pregnancies so I think I will have to buy a smaller size for the beginning. I am excited to check out the thrift shop for maternity clothes because I just rediscovered my love of thrift stores! We have these facebook mom to mom sites in Michigan where members post their maternity or baby stuff and than you can either meet them somewhere to purchase it or pick it up at their house. It is awesome but very addicting smile.gif
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I'm going to get those stretchy bands. I have been using the rubber band trick but it's annoying bc I have to redo it every time I use the restroom--which is like every 20-30 minutes! Today I just walked around the house with my pants unzipped bc I was too lazy to find a rubber band. Amazingly, my kids didn't seem to notice.
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I had to stop wearing my pants at around 6 weeks. No go with the zipper. I have a belly band from my last pregnancy, but honestly I just live in Yoga pants from now on. Best thing ever thoughout the whole pregnancy and can be dressed up with a cute tops.

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Yep - I need to find some maternity pants...I am 9 weeks with baby #3.  Thankfully, I wear scrubs when I work and sweats when I am home.  :)

I gave all of my maternity clothes to my sister (who is due Nov.1 with her first) and we haven't told anyone about this pregnancy yet.  I didn't want it to seem like i was stealing her thunder, so I really want to try to keep it a secret until after her baby is born.  I can't wait to ask for my old stuff back.  

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With DD I never once wore maternity pants. I have yoga pants that fit right through, and skirts made of stretchy material. I wore maternity tank tops with regular cardigans over. I only got to 27 weeks, so I'm sure it would be different (hopefully WILL be different) in months 8-9-10. There's a lot of nice maternity clothes out there, which I would love to take advantage of! Only about 7 weeks now, I don't look any different yet.
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I gave away ALL of my maternity clothes, because we were done having babies :-\ guess I get to go shopping now
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wore maternity pants today.  so. comfy.  very glad my sis gave me some :)

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Well, I finally broke down and bought some maternity pants the other day.  My other jeans had gotten really baggy in the legs from the weight loss, but when I sat down the waist band would press on my stomach and I couldn't stand it!!  So I looked at Kohls and all they had were these ones with the stretchy top that goes all the way around.  I didn't think I'd like them at all, but tried them on.  I think I said "wow" out loud in the dressing room, because they were so comfortable!! lol  I don't have much of a belly yet, so sometimes I have to pull them up a bit, but I'm loving the preggo jeans now.


Anyone shopped for clothes at Target lately?  I used to buy clothes there a lot, but I looked there after Kohls and I thought everything they had was ugly or out of season, even in the regular section. There was one maternity t-shirt I liked, but it is now WINTER here and you could see through the material it was so thin.   And I found some maternity clothes that were soooo small, they would fit my 11 year old son.   Even my kids were wondering how you'd get a pregnant belly in those.

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I bought some plain long sleeve maternity shirts at Target w/o trying them. Just got them in mediums figuring they would last a couple months. HA! I am !! weeks and have not gained any weight and they are like skin tight belly baring shirts!! I was pretty disapointed. I was pleasently surprised at their maternity jeans fitting me well and being long enough though.
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