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Can someone explain cell salts to me?

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Hi all. My daughter has a number of big issues with her teeth. We use raw milk, fclo/hvbo, bone broths, organ meats, silica and etc. However, I believe she isn't getting enough minerals or maybe she isn't doing a good job absorbing them, I don't know. Anyways, I have seen talk of cell salts. What exactly are they? It is something she eats or just swishes in her mouth? She has a lot of decay, is there one your recommend? Can somone give me a link where to order? Thanks so much for the help!
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Hi! I haven't heard of this, but I have heard of oil pulling, that sounds like the same idea - swishing stuff in the mouth. But I'm going to bump this and hopefully someone will know. I'd like to hear about it too!
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Cell salts are cold with homeopathy but don't follow the like with like principals. They contain all the trace minerals known to life or something like that. Google has a lot of good links on this.


I tried the bioplasma (all of the salts) but personally didn't have much luck - nothing worse but nothing better.

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Is she eating any grains? I had to cut it all out for my DD, even pseudograins like buckwheat and quinnoa, to halter her severe ecc. Especially corn seems to mess things up alot. 

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Years ago there was an excellent thread about cell salts here on mothering.  I have been using them since that thread and have found them very helpful. If I get a sore throat and I start on calc sulph it will take it away.  Headache or fever- ferrum Phos, Kali mur for mucous and cough, Calc fluor for teeth issues.  One other for teeth but forgot the name.  I'll try to find the thread.  It will help answer questions.

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