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Hi! New member! :)

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I'm a married (for... almost eight years - holy cow) mom of two in New England. My son is two, and my daughter is eight. We homeschool, breastfeed (or basically practice BLW), no vaccinations... the list is long, and I'm hoping to fit in well here. :)

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Welcome and it sounds like you will fit right in here! Have you explored the site? The toddler forum is fun and has lots of advice and lots of advice needed. How about vaccinations Debate? You seem very knowledgeable!!
Welcome again!!!
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:wIt sounds like you would have a lot of experience to offer in our breastfeeding forum and might really enjoy our homeschooling forum, but as you said there is so much here that meets your interests, that I'm guessing every forum will have something of interest for you! :o

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