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Anyone using Enki?

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I am h.s. for the first time this year and have Enki 1st grade curriculum. I am feeling pretty overwhelmed. Also I have four year old twins and Enki suggests doing different stories for the younger kids so I am considering buying a separate story curriculum.
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OP, I don't have any experience with this curriculum, but want to send a hug your way. :Hug It looks like your post might have been missed, so I wanted to bump it up for attention. :bump: Anyone have experience with this curriculum and advice to share?

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Using curriculum can be overwhelming and when beginning to home school, it can actually be down right counter productive for some people because it ends up defining the parameters in which home schooling takes place thereby preventing the experimentation that leads to those families finding the best homeschooling style for them.  If you have a curriculum, you may feel like you have to follow it and if following it is difficult for you and your particular child/ren, then you may end up feeling like you are failing because you couldn't keep up.  And trying to keep up makes you feel overwhelmed.  And so it goes.  It can really become a trap ...  I know a lot of families successfully use curriculum but it is not for everyone.  Is it for you?

As for your 4 year olds, do you read to them at bed time?  Do you have books they can explore one their own or with you? Do you have basic paper and crayon for scribbling/drawing in an accessible place?  Do you have child scissors, glue and scrap paper?  Do they play outside?  Do you go to parks, playgrounds, and library when possible?  Then you are good to go.  They don't really need anything more than this.  Play, eat, explore, live.  

For your 1st grader, in addition to doing all of the above and basically just living life along side you, what basic academic skills do you think she needs to master by the end of 1st grade?  Why?  Does she really NEED these skills? 

This is what Enki says on their website: Our Classroom & Homeschool curriculum weave together many diverse elements in order to support our fundamental premise: the central task of education, whether in the classroom or homeschool, is the integration of body, heart, and mind within each child. The result is the cultivation of educational excellence, confidence & competence.

I can't imagine a better way to accomplish this than stripping "education" down to the the basics and then going out and living life in ways that reflect your values smile.gif  Loosen the curriculum's grip on your homeschooling journey.  Allow enough room for your homeschooling chips to fall into place naturally.  

I am coming from a very much unschooling inspired perspective.  So, I have a clear bias I should acknowledge here.  I hope your first year homeschooling journey is full of discovery smile.gif 

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