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Has anyone been told they have a low lying placenta?

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I'm 13 weeks and was told by my doctor that I have a low lying placenta that is completely covering the cervix.  He said I would most likely need a c-section, which was something I was completely unprepared for.  Just wondering if anyone else is going through this?

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With one pregnancy, I was told around twenty weeks that the placenta was close to the cervix and would need to be rechecked later, but it moved by the third trimester. But I don't know, maybe completely covering is different. Hope someone else has more info for you....
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I am not an expert, but I think they will probably monitor with ultrasound to see if it stretches up and away as your uterus grows.  If it doesn't move you would need a c/s, but I would have hope since you have quite some time left.

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This early is pregnancy it is highly likely that it will move away from your cervix as your uterus continues to stretch and grow. Spend time in meditation, connecting with your body, your baby and your placenta. Visualize it gently moving up and away from your cervix as your womb continues to grow. There's no guarantee it will move, so it will definitely need to be rechecked, but there is a very good chance that it will move out of the way before labor. If not, unfortunately it is one of those circumstances where a c-section is truly warranted and life saving for both you and baby.

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Thanks I'm trying to keep positive, just been tough to deal with doctor's negativity.  Thinking about doing some acupuncture, even if it only helps deal with the stress.  Will work on the meditation as well.  

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I had a low lying placenta with my first pregnancy.  They found it at my 20 week ultrasound, but my the end (like 36 weeks) it had moved plenty.  So try not to worry about it right now!

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It is very common for it to grow "up and away" as your uterus stretches. Saying you probably need a C/S was a rather gruff response at this early stage. I love snugglebug14's advice. I found out (during an urgent u/s, pain turned out to be kidney stones and not baby thank goodness) that I also have placenta previa, so I will have to get another u/s down the road to check.
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I have a friend 3 months ahead of me with this. She is really freaked out and went to a few doctors for different view points. In Norway they really don't stress about it. They figure it has a good chance of moving, but if you see blood, to go in right away. That's what she was consistently told.
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At my ultrasound last week - 19 weeks - they said it looked like my placenta might be totally covering my cervix.  They also said it could be an optical illusion.  I'm supposed to have a follow up u/s in two weeks to see the baby's heart and if the placenta still looks the same I might need a transvaginal u/s to confirm.  They told me the same thing, there's time for it to move, c-section if it doesn't, nothing in the vagina, and if I see blood, head straight to the hospital.  But they also said that this early on there usually aren't any issues, it's only when the baby gets bigger and heavier.


I'm trying not to worry about it too much since it's not confirmed yet.   I feel ok with the c-section if that is what is necessary.  My younger daughter died of birth injuries so I'm all for anything that might make the whole process a little safer and more controlled.  I worry a little about the late 3rd trimester complications, like what if I start dilating early.  But there's not much to do about it now except be aware.


How's everyone else doing?

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Sorry to hear about your younger daughter.  I just had the anatomy scan last week and was told it is out of the way.  When the dr. originally told me at 13 weeks, he made it seem that it would not move.  I was getting worried a few weeks ago, when I was spotting, but now am so relieved that it is clear of the cervix.  I've been going to acupuncture once a week, where he burns moxibustion on my belly, so not sure if that helped but it did help calm me.  Good luck to you!

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That's good new, andani!  They seemed pretty unconcerned at my appt.  I finally made my follow up u/s appt, it's on the 2nd, and that's when I'll find out what is what.  

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So glad it moved. I also had an u/s tech get fussy about low lying placenta in my last pregnancy. It moved as baby got bigger and everything was completely normal. smile.gif
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I have a low lying placenta! They found it at 19 weeks. But, I am not too worried. They will do another scan at 28 weeks to check. 

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