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Help Understanding Gestational Diabetes and metabolizing sugar quickly!!!!!!

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Hello! I am 29w5d pregnant and was looking for some advice on GD testing. This is my 4th child...first 2 pregnancies everything was fine but with my last(3yrs ago) I was diagnosed with GD. Since then I have completely revamped my eating habits, lost weight and exercise regularly. Even though I am older now I must say how much of a difference this all makes with this pregnancy! Everything is so much easier! Anyway, my doctor/ midwife's office is pressuring me to take the 1 hr glucola test and I am having a hard time refusing them now.My reasoning for not wanting to take it is because I don't want them to give me another reason or negative mark towards having a vbac. They have made it awful to even have a vbac at a hospitals birthing center already (had to change ob's etc). I have been monitoring my blood sugar at least 6x a day (fasting,after b-fast,before and after lunch,and before and after dinner) and my blood sugar is always in the normal range but closer to the upper limits. I have been doing some experiments with how my blood sugar reacts to sugary food/carbs the last few days and my best guess is I will fail it :( Its really not a surprise though, which is why I have been following the GD diet since the beginning. Anyway, I feel like even if I get the test and fail it, nothing is going to change. I am already eating healthy, exercising and monitoring my sugar...the only spikes I see are when something unhealthy is introduced (and the only reason I did that was to see how I would potentially react to the glucola). Does anyone have any advice on how to pass this test (I've heard of protein,water,walking while I wait)? I don't truly want to cheat the "system" I just don't want them to have any other reason not to allow me to have a vbac!!! Any advice would hellp!!!!!

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I don't have any advice in how to pass the test. I failed the 1 hour in my first pregnancy and like you changed how I ate, exercised, and an now at a normal BMI and much healthier. I also checked my sugars and had similar results to you. I ended up passing the 3 hour, but the whole thing was very stressful and I was very concerned about potentially having my care transferred if I failed it. I am refusing the test this time. I feel that if you are eating well, exercising, and have sugars in control there's not much else needed and I just don't want the stress of testing and potentially many extra consults with specialists about an issue that is under control.
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The one hour test is a screening tool not a diagnostic. If you're wanting to avoid multiple tests then I would suggest that you decline the one hour and just do the three hour (or two hour, whichever they use).

If you are looking to avoid a diagnosis of GDM that is more difficult. Do you intend to continue monitoring your BSLs four times a day? What happens if you meet the criteria for insulin at some point? Are you prepared to use insulin? If not then you could decline the three hour test as well. If you would be prepared to use it as needed then id suggest you do the three hour test. Or ask your HCP if they will prescribe insulin based on your BSLs without a GTT.

ETA - have they told you they don't want you to VBAC if you have GDM? I had it with my second babe and was planning a VBAC. I had no problems with any HCPs and me repeat c/s was for foetal distress following a placental abruption not because of any pressure not to VBAC.
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