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Can we talk a little about healthy eating and weight gain?

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I am 17wks, and in that 17wks, have gone from 117lbs to 134lbs..... and.... um, it makes me a little nervous:/ I certainly am not one to shy away from gaining weight whilst preggers, but..... I"m not even halfway through and I'm up almost 20lbs. I certainly don't want to gain TOO much. I'm usually a really healthy eater, and am having a hard time this pregnancy keeping that up. I don't feel very well, have 3 kids I'm catering to, and work full time.... so my cooking time and time for fixing healthy snacks is at a minimum, AND when I do have time I'm tired and don't wanna! lol. Can anyone share their healthy recipes with me? (any... breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, etc.) Thanks :-)

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My easiest breakfast this day is plain yogurt (we use Nancy's whole milk honey yogurt), a whole banana sliced up and some granola. My two year old loves it, too, and it fills me up nicely. 

There are tons of sites out there for healthy crock pot cooking, that could be really helpful! Chili is pretty easy, fast and healthy. Canned beans save a lot of time and have a lot of easy ways to make them. Beans are my favorite thing these days. 


I guess none of those things are recipes, though. 

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Also, by numbers that does sound like a lot, but not in your picture. you look really good and healthy. 

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Beckily - aw, thanks :-)  I'm not so much nervous about it NOW i guess.... as I am nervous that if I keep up gaining weight at that pace it would end up in me/baby being a little unhealthy to gain too much so fast. Anyway, I do like all those ideas!!! Thanks!!!

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My biggest go-to recipes are taco-beans, bean burritos and chili. I add a can of refried beans to a pound of ground beef with taco seasoning and it's just fabulous. Same meat and add four cans of chlii beans and about half that amount of tomato sauce and you have chili that most kids will like.

Protein snacks are the best for lasting so cheese, nuts, nut butters. A bunch of boiled eggs are great to keep on hand. I like a bag of dark chocolate chips in the freezer for easy snacking - just a small amount is enough. 


I'm hungry. ;)


And it's reasonable to be paying attention, especially with your injury. And feeding children. They do like to eat! 

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I'm 16 weeks and have gone from 124-140. I'm 5'10 so 124 is usually pretty thin. I'm attributing the extra weight to that... but I'm a bit worried too. I usually gain too much. 

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My last pregnancy I gained 60 pounds- no joke the pictures are wild. I was young and I didn't even have too try to lose it. Now my starting weight is 30 lbs more than it was for the last pregnancy and I'm not as worried about the number as how I will feel after. After 3 summer months of feeling miserable and not doing the usual exercise and yard work I do every summer my body is getting soft, and not in a sexy way! smile.gif
I find that eating protein every couple hours really helps me not eat too much. When I'm at work I eat yogurt and cheese sticks. When I have bread I try to have cream cheese or peanut butter on top. Unfortunately I am loving all bread right now. I try to bring a smoothie that's made from soy or almond milk. Soy milk, 1 banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves = a chai smoothie w/ no caffeine and a bit less sugar jolt first thing in the morning than a smoothie that's just fruit and juice. I still can't get into vege shakes. I have had juicing phases but haven't wanted any at all lately.
I try to bake some chicken even when we're not having it for dinner to have with salad or make us sandwiches. always easier to pack my son and I the same lunch. Quiche is not so hard to make and if you're making one make two and freeze one, since it has eggs and veges it's good for everyone. I second the tacos, and make a little extra meat for taco salad lunch the next day. Vege soups with beans are good too, and soups are filling. I make a big pot of vege broth and then freeze it in yogurt containers for making soup.
If you're having a hard time eating greens make kale chips, you can google how, you're kids can make them, they satisfy the need to be snacky.
I also eat milk and granola or oatmeal with chocolate chips for dessert since what I really want is a mountain of ice cream!
Oh my goodness I am so hungry now!!
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I have three children, we homeschool and life is just busy. I only cook dinner if it's in the crock pot because come dinner time, I'm too tired to cook. I start it after breakfast when my energy is still high. Best meal of my week was chicken tacos in the crockpot. Chicken breasts, taco seasoning (I make my own) and a jar of salsa (I make my own). Put in crock pot, that's it. Serve with tortillas or over brown rice with all the taco fixings. So good and so easy!
Also, smoothies. It's my afternoon snack now and so filling. :)

I'm actually down around 10 pounds which is'great as ideally I'd not gain a pound or even lose throughout. It was easy in the beginning as I was so sick but Im so hungry all the time now. I actually experienced hanger for the first time today. It was not pretty. I'm stressed about the hunger  but also trying to listen to my body and fill it with goodness instead of bad food.

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I'm 16 weeks and only up 7 lbs, but 5 of those lbs were in the last month. Whoah. My problem is twofold. first my asthma has gotten wicked bad since I got pregnant so I am not being able to excercise at all, at all, at all. Most days getting up off the couch gives me an asthma attack. it's totally horrible.


secondly, in the past i stayed sick while I was pregnant, this time not at all...and i swear it's like I have a tapeworm. I am always hungry...and I find when I try to keep it to low fat and low sugar I get really really really sick and weak. It's super frustrating.


I also am only crockpot cooking. Ha! i have been putting off making chicken tacos for days because of the cooking, i am sooo gonna throw it all in the crockpot now! lol


I have a recipe for black bean chilli over sweet potatos that is great for you, veggie and filling.


one snack thing that is pretty filling is greek yogurt with a dollop of honey, creamy peanut butter and a dash of cinnamon or pie seasoning...and chia seeds if you have them.  it is pretty nummy, fills the sweet need and is filling enough to call off the Cthulubaby's demands for sustenance for a moment or two.

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Thanks all!!! I am definitely going to have to start crock pot cooking! Taco beans and the black bean chili over sweet potatoes sounds AMAZING!!! I think that is what I need to do.... b/c that is where I'm really failing - come dinner time we've ordered pizza more times than I'd like to admit bc I'm just so worn out:/ Selissa--- good luck with your asthma--- gosh girl!!!! That sounds hard. 

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We ordered pizza so much in the first trimester that I've had to switch pizza places - I'm sick to death of our standby! ;)

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Just wanted to quickly share my first pregnancy weight gain experience. I gained 33 of the 43 overall lbs by about 6.5 mos. By the books I kind of did things in reverse because I didn't gain too much the last handful of months. I stressed like crazy bc I didn't know what to expect. After I birthed my girl, it was discovered that my body made a double placenta (think a double bag of groceries;) which could explain the expeditious weight gain in the beginning ( that amazing placenta was huge and weighed in pretty heavy! I just finished my placenta pills two years after my kid was born:) It's easy to get worried about things, but it sounds like you're healthy so try not to stress. Stressing about weight gain and what you're eating is probably the worst thing we can do to ourselves, IMO. Just continue eating the greens, beans, legumes and healthy proteins and you should be solid...yer body knows what to do:)
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P.s. Make it Fast, Cook it Slow is our families gem. Best slow cooker cookbook I've found! A lot of gluten free awesomeness.
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Well, I'm still eating a ton and gaining to boot, but I'm exercising 6 days per week usually and I've upped my greens.  We fill out a questionaire for the midwives and she inquired (sweetly) about greens.  We laughed about it (intentions vs. reality), but I've been trying.  I made a yummy spinach and ham quiche for dinner last week, filled with protein and spinach, then hoarded the leftovers for my lunches.  I've been using the rest of that spinach in smoothies.  And I'm trying to eat a side salad every lunch...  We'll see how long I can keep this up :)  I started this pregnancy thinner than prior ones, and I'm starting to think my body will just take me to that "number" no matter where I start. 

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Selissa, your asthma sounds like it's really awful--I'm really sorry you're going through that!

I'm trying to up my iron intake/absorption, so I've been making a smoothie almost every day, either kale with fruit and coconut oil or a gingerbread one I found online with blackstrap molasses--very yummy. My kids love both of them as well, so they're a great way for them to have a "treat."

I haven't really been tracking my weight gain, but am clearly, very clearly, showing at 15 weeks. And I feel a little heavy, but not in an extreme way. I've been more active--getting in a couple easy runs and some yoga each week, which is more regular exercise than I did in my other pregnancies. That activity makes me more hungry, I think.

The healthy food prep hasn't been extremely easy, but I'm trying. We still get our weekly farm share with tons of greens and root veggies now. The problem is if I don't do much cleaning and prep when they come in, my laziness/exhaustion takes over and I just don't want to cook anything come dinner time. Crock pot cooking is a life saver though. And since autumn hit, I love doing pot roast or vegetarian chili or anything I can in there. I've been meaning to try chicken tacos and mamakims' method sounds super--this might be our week.

I also snack on nuts between meals. Sometimes popcorn. I try to keep cheese, hummus and pita, and tons of fruit on hand as well.

When I'm craving ice cream or dessert at night, and have the willpower to choose something else, I try to go for either a nut butter on bread or yogurt with granola (and sometimes dark chocolate chips tossed in, bc I'm not completely cruel to my sweet-needing self). I do find if I make a smart choice like that, I don't wake up starving in the morning!
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Woah... I just got on the scale at the gym and I'm 145! I'm getting nervous. I'm gaining so fast again. DH said it's likely because I don't run much (I used to run 50 miles a week), but I just don't have the energy. I hate to act wacky about it. I want to stay healthy, but I also don't want to gain a ton. 

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I totally hear you. I gained 60 lbs the first time and close to 70 the second- and I thought I was eating healthier. This time I am determined to really watch what I eat. I have healthier eating habits than ever and I've still gained 15 lbs already at 16 weeks. Sigh. Last week I really looked at my overall menu and decided to focus on more vegetarian dishes. This is requiring me to cook more, something I'm not great at but I'm trying to get better.

I'm fairly active in that I'm on my feet a lot at work, I work in the yard, etc, and I'm not sure why I've gained so much unless this is what my body does? I'll have a smoothie for breakfast, an avocado, a salad, and some fruit for lunch, and a vegetarian stir fry for dinner and yet here I still am. I don't eat much in the way of sweets or even carbs most days because I'm gluten free. Shrug. I do think I sought out carbs/small snacks more the first tri while trying to curb nausea, but then again I was so sick to my stomach I could never eat much...
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Thanks for the replies ladies! Yeah... I don't mean to sound wacky either... I'm certainly not thin obsessed... I just want to be healthy. I think the heart of my concern is (and this sounds like a few of you had the same sort of thing happen!) I gained a TON of weight in my first pregnancy, and ended up with high blood pressure and on bed rest. I really don't want that to happen again! This pregnancy is reminding me of my first in the weight gain, and I really don't want to end up with high blood pressure and on bed rest:/ Saturday was BAD.... I made all five kids cinnamon buns for breakfast and had like 3 myself. lol And tons and tons of bad food at the boyfriend's parents cookout. But today I did great, and made the recommended black bean chili over sweet potatoes! I agree with poster above (sorry... I forget who) about starting to focus on vegetarian meals. I think that will be key for me. And trying to use the crock pot. And doing some pre planning. And, and, and,.... lol

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Oh! And btw... the chili over sweet potatoes was amazing. I used black beans, butternut squash, and quinoa as a base. Delish!

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I love chili and eat tons of sweet potatoes too! My favorite combo...


Now if I could just stay away from the crackers! ;)

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