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I cut my babys nails...&her poor little finger

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This is the first time I used clippers. I did all 9 , she was so content &curious, then i turned her around facing out &the angle.was changed, i felt hesitation but wanted to do it while everything felt so smooth . Theres a little slit right.in the sensitive spot.She shrieked many times, its sad. My inner voice was telling me slow down & now its telling me to forgive myself. I miss coming on here, I feel so busy, like its hard to get every little thing done when everything need so much attention. Well, will.she be ok? I only see blood if i pull at the skin, its so close to the nail. Tell me you've done this before too?? I had a plan to only file but then i didnt do any nail care for a long time.i guess its the first of many more hurts to come.
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I have a much worse story... I cut someone ELSE'S babies skin! I used to nanny, and was trimming nails one day and cut a HUGE chunk out of the little guy's thumb. It bled BUCKETS, and he cried so much. I cried right along with him, and haven't clipped nails on a baby since. Had no problem doing it on our two foster kids, 2 and 4, but have yet to clip my own son's nails... my husband feels the same way, so the only time DS gets his nails clipped is when we remember to take the clippers to my SIL's house. Yes... I trust someone else to do it. Just not myself. 

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aw, that's hard!  both my friend and I have done it with our little guys.  but they're resilient; I bet your little babe doesn't even remember it now. 

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I totally cut my son the other day with nail clippers and felt horrible and was all worried.. Luckily his dad was there to point out he didnt even cry and didn't seem bothered it..haha! Still though, it sucks. Its true though, sigh..the beginning of many hurts. 

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Welcome to motherhood. You have arriven.
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I've done that to three of my four children. Ruby is safe... So far. They're all fine and their fingers are completely normal! It's all good, mama!
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No more scratchy little claws smile.gif. Now what about earwax, anyone? Hi everyone, I'll be back soon, if i ever find more than 10 minutes to myself again. I have so much I want to share, about crying, as this experience has taught me .
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I just wipe ear wax out with a cloth. I dot use qtups because its super easy to go too far in with those tiny ears!
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Kalista, you must know so much smile.gif, do you feel like you do? I dont mean to put you on the spot. I'm just thinking HOW can anyone have more than one baby, but its just me reflecting how consuming it is. Now i feel like i dont have time to learn, except by doing....i really need to get back on here sometime,soon.

Ok, so how about little buggers in their nose, they are sticky if i try pulling out. Is there a better way, or what if baby gets a cold??Worry is creeping up on me. I have only left the house 4x b/c everything takes me too long to figure out.
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If I see dried up boogers in there honestly I use tweezers and pull them out, easiest way

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I honestly don't feel that way! All my babies have been so different...I learn new things everyday! smile.gif

I just used the nose frida this morning. I swore I'd never do it because its so gross but I did. I have to admit that it works ridiculously well. But I gagged the whole time!
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So yeah, I just majorly drew blood trying to clip Noor's nails. That job is now relegated to her daddy. It was pretty awful greensad.gif
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