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Weight Watchers and Milk supply

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I am nursing (my son is 10 weeks old) I have just started weight watchers. Im wondering if anyone has done it while nursing and if so, has it affected your milk supply? My doctor and midwife both say that it shouldn't but Im curious to hear if anyone else has had any issues.

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My friend had her baby in April of 2012, and she began Weight Watchers this past summer (so her baby was just over a year at that point).  Her supply hasn't diminished, and she has lost some weight, so she's been happy with it.  I think she waited to start the program simply because she didn't feel like doing it, not because of fears about supply, but then again, I don't think it was ever an issue.  Hope this third-hand advice helps!

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I had issues with supply and my milk nearly dried up, not on weight watchers but still with a calorie restricted diet. If I were you I would wait until baby starts solids.
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WW adds a bunch of points for bf moms and you aren't supposed to go under that level.
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ok, thanks! those are both good things to have on my mind. I haven't noticed it going down at all but I started it 2 weeks ago because lots of stuff I read said to wait until 8-12 weeks to make sure milk is established. I have a delicate supply as it is and am on domperidone but Ive noticed since iVe been on WW, I actually eat more. I think its because Im just coming out of new mom birth fog and can multitask better for good meals instead of shoving anything in my face. I try to make sure I get lots of protein and im not super rigid. If im starving, I just eat.  I lost 40 lbs on WW right before I got pregnant (so I could get pregnant) and now on it you get extra points for nursing and its quite a bit more. Talldarkeyes, just curious if you dont mind me asking, how many calories were you going on when that happened? 

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I was going to say as long as they have extra calories for nursing moms, it might actually help your supply because you'll be paying more attention to what you eat and will eat more. 

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Totally, there is quite a few more. And the way weight watchers works is by points, not calories, and veggies and fruits are free. Points is way easier to count then calories, I find. The unlimited fruits and veggies is great because that is one thing I was having a hard time getting in there and now I just eat veggies and fruits as much as I want. 

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I was about 1800-2000 calories/day.
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I like the weight watchers program! I think it's your best option while nursing and agree with rainbow nurse that it may actually help. I started tracking Valerie's and realizing I was eating under 1200 a day! No wonder I was miserable! By tracking, I'm making sure I'm eating enough and feeling much better!
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since we're tracking Valeries

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Kudos, all who are succeeding at keeping track of stuff. I tried going back to tracking food on MyFitnessPal, but I just don't have the mental bandwidth. I lasted like two days and then I freaked out thet couldn't find the calories of a particular dish, and I just gave up. I used to have time to do things like input a recipe on the calorie calculator to get the results per serving, but these days I just can't imagine. It's bugging me, because I always use that as a way to make sure I was getting a good balance of nutrients, and I'm pretty sure I'm doing a lot worse without it.

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I really find the points in WW waaaayyyy easier to count than calories, seriously. For example, I have 26 plus 14 (nursing points) a day. And I don't have to count calories of fruits and veggies which makes it way easier. If I had to count calories, it would be too much.
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Hmm...may have to look this up again. Are folks going to meetings or doing online. Last time I did meetings, the leaders were either middle-aged women or gay guys with questionable eating habits and a touch of OCD. I def need to loose both the last 10 baby pounds And the 15 lbs I put on just before getting pregnant, but I need some healthy influences! Plus, I'm pretty sure the baby reacts to artificial sugars. Oops.
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Hahaha! My leader is definetly slightly crazy, middle aged, OCD. For sure. Super cheesy. Kinda cultish. But I know it works because I lost 40lbs on it before.i just ignore the cheesy crap and do the program. I go to meetings because its really supportive because I live in in a small island of 3000 people and I was in it with the same people before I got pregnant I'm sure in a city it's different if you don't know anyone. I guess doing it online depends on if you can stay focused alone. I can't and find other people that feel the same way as I do, very helpful.
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Has anyone done the online ww? I like the concept and would prefer it to counting calories.
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Well, I went to my family doctor and she was adamant that I shouldn't be on weight watchers until Griffin starts on solids. SHe said it was too much to demand my body to lose weight and make milk at the same time, especially because I have to supplement because I dont make enough milk to start with. She said it was fine if I happened to lose weight during the time but that doing it on purpose was too much. Also, (I used to run a lot and was about 138lbs when I got pregnant and am now 185 again) she was adamant that I shouldn't be running or exercising a lot, to get over my c-section I guess. Walking, yoga and swimming was all she said was good. I understand what she is saying and actually agree with her. I find it interesting that my midwife and another doctor said it was fine, even though they are the ones that dealt with me at the beginning. When I first got pregnant, my family doctor wanted me to only gain a maximum of 25lbs, which I thought was crazy. LIke, how the heck was I supposed to try not to gain more than 25lbs PREGNANT when Id been overweight my whole life except for 6 or so months before Griffin was conceived?! Which of course didn't happen and I gained 60lbs....Anyways. It seems more valid almost coming from her, the reservations on weight loss BECAUSE she was so against weight gain before. 


Anyways. I know I have to be patient and kind to myself but its really hard when I was in good shape for once in my life and after a traumatic birth and infected c-section, to look at my body and be happy with it, because it feels like a battle. Its hard to find yourself again when being a new mom. ugh. 


Ive decided I'll stay on WW because its actually helping me eat better and be accountable, which i need because I have major overeating issues but Im not being STRICT about staying to my points. If Im hungry, I eat something. Healthy. 


(Just being really honest about it in case any of you are feeling the same way. :) )

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Can you ask about max points for maintaining abd then do the weight loss thing when he's in on solids? Both hubby abd I are struggling with our weight right now and our solutions are causing some strain.
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Ruheling, The max points for maintaing depends on your weight right now ( I don't know if I understand your question properly...) personally, I think I will eat the amount of points I've been given, since I seem to be eating more and better with them but not be hard on myself if I need more and then focus in weight loss when he starts solids. Sorry, I think I'm misunderstanding your question....
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Maybe, but you answered my question. smile.gif
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