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Toddler Repeating Words

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Hi, my DS is almost 2.5 years old and started talking a few months ago.  He likes to repeat a lot of his small sentences and words and we've consulted with a speech pathologist and child development specialist about it.  The speech pathologist said he was a bit delayed in his speech but didn't think it was echolalia since their was meaning behind what he was repeating.  If he's playing with a toy bus, he'll repeat bus X amount of times etc...  Or talk about his favorite food and ask for it ten times before I give it to him. The child development specialist thought it was 'atypical' (along with a few other things that aren't of concern to us) and would like to have him further evaluated.  We are going to have his hearing tested,  but I'm just puzzled to know if this is 'atypical' or what???

We have found that he's interested in playing with other kids, holds his gaze, has reached his other milestones and is fine with his gross/motor skills.  The wait here in Canada is long to see a specialist, so we have another month before talking to the specialist again.

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I always thought that echolalia was something more like

Mom: "do you want a cookie?"
Kid: "you want a cookie"

The kid doesn't really understand what it means, but is just repeating what the mother said. I could be wrong here though. I do know that toddlers like to repeat and copy things, so who knows really lol
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If repetition is a problem then I've got the queen of them ;)   DD was on the opposite end and a very early talker, and at 23mos has an incredibly extensive vocabulary and understanding of language (sometimes I wish it was less!) but she repeats thing all the time.  She will sing the same verse to a song, no less than 50x in a row.  She will ask me for grapes (or crackers, or hummus, or any food) 20x, getting louder and slower with each repetition as though I'm deaf and need her to talk slow to understand it.  It's all normal.  If it's a question I try to immediately acknowledge her with something like "yes, K, you want grapes, mommy will get you grapes in just a minute".  I repeat what she asked for so she knows I heard her and understood her request.  If she asks again, I'll just say "yes baby, I know you want grapes. Please go sit in your chair and I'll bring them over".  As for other things, repetition is how they test language and it's key to permanent memory - if you don't use it you lose it.  So they will repeat new things a lot in order to remember them :-)


As for repeating bus while playing, DD does that with toys too.  She will say "goofy" or "mickey" a gazillion times while playing with them.  Sometimes she will ask me something and repeat the question several times before she spits it all out at once, kind of like her brain knows what she wants to say but she can't quite slow it down to organize her thoughts, so when I see that happening I'll get down to her level, and tell her to slow down and ask once - she will ten gather her thoughts and it comes out jut fine.  Your LO sounds fine, he was on the later end of the speech spectrum (certainly more typical for boys), nothing wrong with that at all, and most likely just went through a language explosion and is now trying to figure out just how to use all this new found language!

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