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Need advice! Mystery bumps!

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Hey ladies,
For anyone that remembers my previous posts, you'll know I've had a very long battle breastfeeding a NICU graduate after the hospital started supplementation. We just this week finally have been able to spend whole days without those last two ounces of formula and it's been 5 months!

I was just starting to get excited when I noticed a very strange thing. There is a bump taking up residence on my breast. Ive been googling for hours and it looks nothing like anything I've found looks like it. Not a galactocele, not a blocked duct, not a particularly odd Montgomery gland. None of the photos match.

Tmi time! So it's one the right side of my right breast about midway between nipple and underarm. At night we feed side lying with him using my arm as a pillow, and if we were in that position this bump would probably be at baby's eye level. I initially thought it was a pimple, but on closer examination it only looks like a pimple. I never break out, and have literally never once had a pimple on my chest or breasts. It feels very similar to a tiny cyst I have on my arm, but a little softer. I can sort of roll whatever it is under the skin, but it's painful to do so. It's only a few millimeters across, again it looks like an average/slightly large pimple in passing.

I really need to figure out what this is. We JUST cut supplementation this week! I've worked way too hard to end up letting something like a blocked duct go untreated and screw up everything. I just have no idea what this could be.

What do you guys think? Ever had this happen? Think this is GP, Ped, LC phone call worthy?
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Bump? No pun intended. Bumps for bumps!
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If it's unusual for you, then it needs to be looked at.  October is a great month to find free or low cost options, if that's a concern for you.  Best wishes!

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I would see a doctor ASAP.

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