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Praying I will be able to stick around!

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I have a lengthy miscarriage history, having lost 8 to date.
We did adopt. Someone we knew, had gotten into an unwanted situation, and shocked the living daylights out of me, by asking if we would adopt their newborn. They brought her and all her stuff to our church when she was 3 weeks old, and said goodbye (it is an open adoption though :) ).
She is now just over 2.5!
I have through long research and hard work, self diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, gluten intolerance, leaky gut, and a mild thyroid issue.
Its taken years, but I hit the mark of almost better this spring, and have been making huge strides all summer long. The type of better, that I actually dream about and crave some sort of exercise! Which is what I was told would happen when enough healing happened.
A few weeks ago, I ended up finally giving into the fact that the only dairy I can handle is butter ( this includes the very best raw dairy). Its not too much of an issue, and one that I know I will heal, but I suspect giving it up, may be why I am hanging on to this pregnancy!

I have been loading on natural supplements for so long, pretty much following the preconception lists that are put out by those that follow a WAPF lifestyle. Thus, I have only hints of actual nausea. But never fear, I do have some strong aversions and cravings, lol!

And plenty of other signs that point to a possible keeper.

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I hope it all goes well for you. Life is tough, not many people know that but for you to sit here and have hope, that takes courage. Never give up on something you want, and continue to stay positive. Everyone has their share of ups and downs, just stay strong.
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My fingers are crossed that this will be your take-home baby!
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Praying this is your sticky bean and that your 2.5 year old will have a sibling soon!

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Praying this baby is a sticky one <3
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Hoping you are here for the long haul! I love your adoption story, btw. What an amazing blessing smile.gif
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