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Thanks Dahlia. I appreciate the hugs!


What makes you think your girl is posterior? I'm not an expert but I'm always obsessing about my baby's position, so I've looked up some info on it before. Where do you feel movement and kicks? I found the Belly Mapping page on Spinning Babies to be pretty useful http://spinningbabies.com/baby-positions/belly-mapping. Also, this page had some helpful info http://wellroundedmama.blogspot.com/2009/04/belly-shape-and-fetal-position.html.

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I always see/feel movement in the front of my belly, usually on the left side. So my thought is that she's facing my left hip? I can feel little knees/feet in my ribs, and my OB verified that she's been head down for awhile now. I think I'm just obsessing (hopefully worrying over nothing!) about her not rotating, and it making labor more difficult, or making my pregnancy longer, or any of the other possible complications of a posterior baby. I actually did the belly mapping a few weeks ago, and I think she was in about the same position then as well... Here's a picture of my belly laying down. It looks more like the posterior picture on the well-rounded mama site to me. I just hope I'm worrying about nothing haha!


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Yeah, it's when I feel movement in the front that I start to get worried about her position, but I don't think I'm always interpreting it correctly. But usually I get a hump that I think is her butt sticking out on the front/front-left, above my belly button, and then feet off on the upper-right. So she's been facing toward my right hip for a long time, but I still think she sways a bit back and forth from LOT-LOA-LOP. I only rarely feel anything that might be limbs below my belly button, which I think I would feel more often if she was persistently posterior because her hands would be there. Sometimes if I do feel movement low down in front, I think it might just be her head and shoulders rotating around a bit. It's so hard to not know exactly what's happening. I was so worried she was going to be posterior at my appt last night, but they said she wasn't, so....I dunno!


Oh, and my belly doesn't stay perfectly rounded when I lay on my back either. Maybe that's her booty sticking up near the top? Mine was doing that while the midwives checked my belly last night.

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Hugs from me too, slammerkin.  I'm so sorry you and your partner are not on speaking terms, I hope he makes it right with you asap.

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That definitely could be her little butt sticking out up top :) It's so hard to decipher what is going on in there! I'm just going to do simple things to encourage her to be anterior, cause there's no harm in being safe. Plus, it's super easy stuff like sitting on a birth ball and doing some pelvic exercises on it. And it's way comfier for my back than it is to sit propped up on a million pillows on the couch! 

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Remember I said I got my sons' diaper stash from my ex?

Well I just piled everything on top of what I already had collected for baby girl, and now I have a mountain!  Here's our changing area again now, in cloth diaper excessiveness, plus a little girl getting changed on the pad.

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Thanks Serafina.


Impressive stash!

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Dahlia: Both my previous babies were posterior far into my pregnancy but turned during labor. Up to a third of babies hang out posterior until the onset of labor, but the majority of these babies will still turn during labor. I've heard pretty mixed things about exercises to get the baby to change position before labor: it seems to have a relatively low success rate. I've still tried pelvic tilts and crawling, too, but I've also made peace that like my other babies, this baby might stay posterior and that might very well be the optimal position for this baby. What I expect from my previous experience with posterior babies: I will go past my due date; I will have irregular pressure waves even in active labor, especially with a pattern of a more intense wave followed by a less intense one. I will have back labor: in the past, hip squeezes and counter pressure really helped with this, but with my partner's broken arm, I don't know if that will be possible for us. Both of my births have been relatively short, especially my first child, but a lot of mothers find that posterior babies often take longer, and it seems like a lot of the complications of posterior babies come from impatience. I know for sure that I will decline artificial rupture of my water (so the baby has lots of room to move), decline vaginal exams (unless a compelling reason like they think the cord is presenting first or something), and definitely won't transfer for pain relief (since epidurals don't work as effectively for posterior babies anyway). Check out this beautiful birth video with a baby born posterior:



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After yesterday I keep checking in today to see which babies are born! I guess we might not have 3 babies EVERY day....

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http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1390964/belle-has-arrived-fashionably-late   I finally wrote down my birth story!

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Thanks, Revolting, that's really great to know! 

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Originally Posted by superbeans View Post

After yesterday I keep checking in today to see which babies are born! I guess we might not have 3 babies EVERY day....


We don't have babies in our DDC every day, but when we do, we go in groups :)

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Pretty sure I'm leaking...going in for NST and confirmation at 8pm!  Wish me luck.  :thumb

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Good luck Soliel! So exciting!
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Good luck soleilmama!

I think I might be shedding a bit of mucous plug?? I've had a small amount of brown discharge today. It doesn't seem like a big deal so I haven't called the midwives. Hmm.
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Sounds like show!!!
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Lost my mucus plug this morning...could be anytime now(hopefully)! Things are definitely feeling different but Im not getting too excited yet. Sounds like some other Mamas are so close too!!!

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Thankfully we installed the car seat today and I'm getting my bag of stuff together. Hit the grocery store to buy snacks and stuff to take to the birth center, and I'm doing some laundry. No idea when this show is gonna get started for real, but at least we're pretty much ready. Hopefully we can still do our maternity photo shoot tomorrow (rescheduled from today). DH and I are on speaking terms again at least. 


Good luck Irielyn, in case things happen soon for you!

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Wow, this stuff does seem to happen in groups.  I just got back and tested positive for amniotic fluid...now it's the just the waiting game.  Going to try and get some sleep before the big show starts.  Good luck to all of you other mamas who are possibly entering labor land!!!!

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Yay! Good luck Soleil! Thinking of you!


Slammerkin, I'm glad to hear things are getting better with your husband! I'm sure your photos will be beautiful!

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