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Lost my mucous plug for real last night when I got up to go to the bathroom at one point. Huge globby thing it was. Had periodic strong contractions in the night that intensified to around every 7-8 minutes for over an hour and felt fairly strong/intense this morning. I finally got up to shower and eat breakfast and they've slowed down again. I took the day off work because they were so strong. I might do some telework later if things fizzle again. Sigh.

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i've been too depressed to post....

the dad & i have been not exactly cozy & i find it hard to imagine that loving supportive partnering that i see in pictures of other couples giving birth.  he actually told my midwife he was too busy to rub my feet to help me with my wicked restless leg syndrome.  he's not too busy...he just doesn't do what he doesn't want to do. 

so i'm depressed.

plus i'm 41 weeks this week & i've reached the point in the pregnancy (i always do) where i'm convinced the baby is never coming out.

my midwife on wednesday said it would be this week, but i think i'm going to disappoint her.  i'm only having super mild cramping.  i do think she's shifted to the left--she was on the right, but i started carrying my 2 year old on my right hip instead of my left & now she seems to have switched to the left side. 

plus i have a funny smell....like almost a period smell.  fun stuff.

i'm supposed to do something nice for myself every day i go past 40 weeks.  i stocked up at the local bakery yesterday :)

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Slammerkin, I hope things regulate for you soon!


Cute pictures, Danielle and Ciga!  Such beautiful babies!


Maine Mama, I really like both of those names, though I have to say, I'm partial to Desmond.  That's my youngest's name!  We get a lot of compliments on it!  I know what you mean about how difficult it is, though!  If this baby comes out a boy instead of the girl we've been told it is, we're pretty much screwed.  We kind of came up with a boy's name before we found out the gender, but it never totally felt right and we haven't thought about it since finding out it's a girl.  After three boys, I've kind of run out of boy names!


Not much going on here today.  Woke up having to pee last night, which I'm lucky is a rare occurrence for me.  I couldn't get back to sleep for an hour or so afterwards, so that was fun!  I realise that many of you deal with this often, so I guess I should feel lucky that this is my first experience with it.  I have a prenatal appointment this afternoon, and right after, DH has to go get the staples taken out of his head (he bashed his head off some equipment at work and I had to talk him into going to get it looked at), so it'll be a busy afternoon.

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Em, I'm sorry to hear things are rough for you right now.  I really hope the father is there for you when the time comes (or preferably before).hug2.gif
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I love Desmond!
Desmond Jasper would be nice!

I'm in useless contraction land.
Dad wants me holding off until Friday
Induction day!
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Aw em, so sorry. I hope you can reach out to other support? Girlfriends, family, community? I wonder what he is so overwhelmed about.


Slammerkin it sure *sounds* like things are moving along even if not all at once...We are waiting with you!


Speaking of names, I'm completely set with a girl's name but both DH and I have been floundering with boys'. And now that baby has dropped so much everyone else thinks I'm carrying a boy! We shall see, but it's so interesting to have one clear name and no others.

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good luck, Shiloh.

em, I'm also really sorry.  I know what its like to birth a man's babies when he isn't at all loving or supportive and my heart goes out to you.  You do deserve better.  I hope things improve asap!


slammerkin, you are close!  :)  hope it happens very soon!

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Me too. My last son was born while we were separated (we now divorced). He was a great birth coach but not my "partner"
It sucked. I was so detached I worried I'd have the inclination or support to breastfeed. Lol my son filled the void my exh created, he was perfect, exh not so much wink1.gif
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thank you for the support!  it means a lot to me.  there is so much to worry about right now--at least my midwife is super supportive & ready to step in with extra support if he isn't able/willing to.

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Em, so sorry to hear what you are going through. My ex was there but not supportive. He was so worried about himself, well that is why we divorced. My ex was more worried about his next deer hunt or poker game to give a darn what I was going through. I suppose I stuck around longer than I should have due to his mom being my support on account of her son being absent.

Afm, I'm scared and bummed. Yet thankful, my branch at work thinks i'm glowing?!? Explain that to me. Oh, my DH and I were recalled last night so I popped my head into work for a few hrs today. I'm scared to have another c-section. Was really hoping to have a vbac. I'm not one to be scared but I'm not looking forward to being cut open again. McKayla is carrying so low that I feel like I should be in labor. This feeling started this am. Woke up in serious pain around 4am. I'm wondering if that was her engaging. Duno! My head tells me that all will be fine but my body feels like I should wait for baby to let me know when it's time. Grrr...so frustrating. #2 was a week early, I never would have expected that #3 would go a full 40 wks. I'll be 40 full weeks tomorrow. C-section is scheduled for 11am. Which is 15 hours from now. Ick, it should not be this coordinated. Sigh...I'm done venting.
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Ciga and Danielle, cute pics!


Em, so sorry to hear of problems with the dad right here at the end. Hope you get the support you deserve when birth day comes.


Slammerkin, sounds like your time is coming!


Rainy, how's it going? You still here?


Mainemama, I like both names but am going to be different and prefer Jasper. :)


Things are going fine here. Got lots of supportive family nearby and my mom cleaned my house, my cousin brought dinner, and I'm sitting here on the sofa like a princess just feeling happy and snuggling my new kid. :) Have I mentioned before how much I love being not pregnant? LOL. Danielle, I'm where you were last week with the nursing--poor Daphne just about chokes and my boobs look like porn star boobs, but I've been there before and know it will regulate in a few days. My older kids are doing great with the transition but my dog is driving me a little crazy--I had no idea how hard she'd take it! She's finally stopped whining in my face constantly but is being a nuisance when visitors come and chewed one of the kids' toys on purpose the other day although she's not done that since she was a small puppy. Oy! Parenting... ;)


Here's a picture of me and Daphne that the hospital photographer took. 

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Happi - aw, how nice of you to ask about me!  :)  That baby of yours is GORGEOUS. 


Just got back from an appointment (SO MANY FREAKING APPOINTMENTS I'M GOING BATTY) and I'm still at 1cm and 50%, but my cervix has apparently gone from super far back and difficult to reach to right up front and anterior.  And that's just from Thursday.  So yay, I guess?  They stretched me out a bit again, and now when I have my random cramping, it's way more intense.  Man, I hope it means something's working.  I know I'm only 39+2, but like I mentioned before, my clock is up at 41 weeks, so I'll feel way better if I hit 40 with some real progress.


For the first time, I had my NST and I was having an irritable uterus all oooover the place - some contractions too, painful ones.  I think today I'm going to go shopping with the husband as long as I can stand walking around, and then sex, and then I'm upping the evening primrose oil to 3 caplets a day.  Going into labor before I hit 41 is my only chance of having the unmedicated natural birth that I so much want, and my midwives are helping me as much as they can to have that, which is great.  As soon as I'm 2cm, I can have a membrane sweep, which I hope helps too.  And I did definitely lose at least part of my mucus plug. 


I feel guilty trying to do these things to get stuff started - I would much rather just let everything happen naturally, since I'm having an easy pregnancy.  But it's a question of avoiding medical induction, y'know?  And I don't think I'm doing anything too drastic.


Finished my birth plan last night!  At least there's that. 

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You aren't doing anything drastic, no way! Fingers crossed that you get a natural birth!!
Happileigh, gorgeous baby indeed-and mama!
We are doing some newborn & family pics this weekend. I can't wait!
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cindy-lu  i will be thinking of you.  i was a mess when i had to get a second c-section.  i kept pushing it back until they told me i was running out of uterine water :(  it's so hard to know what is best.  i hope you find some peace.


so many cute babies!  i keep hoping that if i stare at all the pictures of babies long enough my body will respond & push mine out.  it is so hard to be patient.

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New thread is up http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1391123/weekly-chat-october-8th-to-october-14th-our-due-month-is-in-full-swing


Thank you for your thoughts on our name conundrum. I'm sure we will land on one eventually. Maybe after he's born. Hopefully :)


Thinking of you today cindy-lu. I hope your c-section goes smoothly!

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