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i guess i've only used spinning babies for the exercise suggestions.  i can never figure out where my baby is or if it is indeed a baby in there--sometimes it feels like something with 3 heads & tentacles!  i haven't had any ultrasounds so.....   but i do do the sitting forward, laying on my side, pelvic tilts, etc.  luckily i have 3 crazy kids & a lazy dad to pick up after which keeps me on my hands & knees & squatting all day to pick up after them. 

the midwife will ask me where i am getting kicks & i'm answering, "everywhere??"  i think she is still flip flopping.  i'm 40 weeks, but my uterus is nice & stretchy due to 3 previous 42 week pregnancies.  i've been told it's pretty roomy in there & apparently so hospitable that no one wants to leave.  which is weird because i'm really not that good of a hostess??


i have a quiet uterus today.  baby mags is taking it easy & i have had no notable cramping since saturday.  tomorrow is october...so i did pick the right birth group!  (i'm trying to be optimistic :thumb...)

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I feel kind of stressed out. My urine strip tested at +2 for urine. My blood pressure was fine. It was a home visit, and I don't have a scale, and I have no other symptoms of pre-e. I hope it's just dehydration, but I worry. Anyone else have elevated protein in their urine? Any advice?

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No advice, just wishing you well!


My ten year old has athlete's foot so we are all wearing shower shoes in our house at all times.  Sigh.  


Plus side:  My ex husband handed me two pieces of luggage filled with stuff of mine that has been in his storage since I fled the marriage with only what I could carry, and the bulk of the loot was..... my sons' cloth diapering stash from 2003-2008!  I was quite the addict and there was thousands (maybe 3-4 thousand) of dollars worth of hard-to-get-at-the-time hyena goodies (if you don't get the reference, don't ask....or check out hyenacart.com and get the reference if you really care enough to check!) there.  Most of the elastic on the AIOs was shot,but 6 really beautiful hand dyed and appliqued fitteds still had excellent elastic.  Mostly though, it was wool.  Wool sweater/longies/hat sets that were hand knit from hand dyed yarn and hand appliqued with amazing wearable art fantasticness.  Wool knitted rompers and soakers and longies in all kinds of amazing, soft-as-cotton wool yarn that I spent years trying different types to get my absolute favorite.  Original maria made kiwi pie wool diaper covers with custom appliqued beautiful designs on them that I dreamed up myself.  All of it was custom work that I dreamed up myself and had the WAHM create for me from the finest materials.  SIgh.  I never thought I'd see this stuff again.  But now it's all here, all this heirloom goodness.  Oh, speaking of heirloom, a ton of hat/bootie sets that my mom had crocheted for my sons were in there too.  


It was like Christmas morning opening up this suitcase full of fluff!!!!!

I wonder if my ex's girlfriend has used the stuff for her daughter (who is now 3) in these years past or if they have literally just been sitting in that suitcase for five years.  Oh well, the wool is all fine.  Too bad the AIOs are pretty useless from an elastic point of view but I can use them when I'm not worried about a sloppy poo falling out the legs (i.e. when baby is older and has solid poops and predictable pooping times and I can be confident that a mushy poo is not going to happen).  Assuming the PUL is still waterproof which I think should be fine.


I visited a far more natural-birth friendly hospital which is twice the distance away from us than the standard hospital we were planning to go to.  Now, the standard hospital is fine too, in terms of having a high likelihood of having a very natural birth experience, even a tub to labor in, but that one takes a dozen women per day on average.  This even-more-natural-birth-oriented place gets on average one person a day, so far more peaceful and getting all the attention from the staff and having no issues 'waiting in line' to get into the birth tub.  And the tub was amazing!  The birthing stool, the delivery room, everything was really nice.  They let dads room in with mom and babe unless they happen to have such an unusually high number of mothers there that day that there isn't enough space to give private rooms.  Usually, though, at their rate of delivering mamas, there are lots of empty rooms at any one time.


I think I'll go there unless when I go into labor I really don't think I have 35 minutes to spare to get there (the standard hospital is 15-20 minutes away, so if minutes really count, which if it's like my first birth they will, then we have no choice).  I'm going to have a dr's appointment there on Wednesday, which is my original due date, to discuss how to proceed, since I'll be 9 days overdue according to the adjusted EDD at that point, and 14 is the limit before they start reviewing induction options.  I will try to convince him to disregard the adjusted EDD and go by the original LMP due date when considering my time limit to let labor happen spontaneously.  But of course that depends on how much fluid is there, and his general assesment of how baby seems to be doing in there.  So far everything seems very ideal for her and there's no reason not to wait so I'm hopeful.

Thanks for listening! :)  I'm verbose today....

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I don't have any back labor advice either. We didn't know about counter pressure last time so I just suffered through 20 hours of back labor with only the tub to help me. This time, if it happens again, I at least feel ahead of things because now it's something we're preparing for. Last time I was just totally caught off guard.
DH and I had an awesome date last night. Beautiful sunset overlooking the bay and then a lovely dinner out complete with Shirley temples for me. The drinks made me feel like a little kid and it was awesome. Then there was the drive home... I was having pretty decent contractions all through dinner and getting into the bumpy car for a windy 40 minute drive home was intense. My contractions were coming so frequently and so strong that I couldn't talk to DH and wasn't sure we'd actually make it home. I exploded out of the car in our driveway and my body calmed down so it wasn't the real deal but damn it felt like it
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Yay!!! I knew there would be more new babys when I got back. Congratulations!!!



Originally Posted by Serafina33 View Post
 My ten year old has athlete's foot so we are all wearing shower shoes in our house at all times.  Sigh. 

Wash with head & shoulders...kills all sorts of fungus. High school wrestlers use it to prevent getting ring worm and the like.

That's wonderful about your ex giving you your things back.


Does anyone else get hotter at night? I don't know what the deal is, but even tho the temps have been mild I start shedding clothes at night and have to turn the a/c on before I go to bed. DH is wrapped in blankets and I'm sweating.

Had wonderful appointment today. Looks like she is going to be at or under 6lbs. She hangs out head down, facing my back or side. But if feels like she has arms and legs like an octopus! I think she even moves in her sleep. I was asked at my app if I wanted to be induce next week, I said no thanks. My due date is Oct 13th and that's close enough for me! I'm savoring what I can about each day. They are going to check next week to see if I've dilated any more, I did not feel like being poked at today. DH had some mixed feelings today. He is so excited to hold our little girl, but he feels the need to "have everything ready"...in my thinking there will be things to clean, move, put away after she gets here no matter what, so it's no biggy. Lol. One of my best friends is staying at my house for a few days while she is between jobs and she power cleaned our kitchen last night. So awesome! It made my hubbys day.

We have a family get together this Saturday, I hope I don't go into labor on the way there. She can come before then, or that night, but I'm really looking forward to this outing. It's the family members we really like but don't get to see too often. Two of my grandpas aunts will be there too, and I adore those women.

Other the me killing a crock pot FULL of potato soup {I think I'm the only person alive who could burn something in a crock pot!} things have been pretty wonderful, at least from my point of view.


I hope everyone else is having a wonderful day/night

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I've sprung a leak.  10 hours of trickle.  Off to see a dr.  crap.gif

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Good luck, Serafina! Sounds like your water must've broken, so hopefully baby will be here soon!


Cindy-lu, hahaha, I was just telling my husband that this little girl needs to be evicted! 


OklafarmMama, YES! I get sooo hot at night! My husband is getting frozen too!


AFM, I think I've started losing my mucous plug.. it's not globs though, but sticky clear/white thin discharge. I've been walking at least 2 miles almost daily, having sex, drinking a lot of rrl tea, plus taking EPO orally and up in my business :lol I really really hope all this is doing something! My doctor will check my cervix on Thursday, and I'm really nervous that she'll say my cervix hasn't changed at all. I almost want to tell her not to check me. But at the same time, I'm realllllly curious. 

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just this morning i was wondering if there were any leaks or plugs discharging in the group...my mom was an RN so i always wonder towards bodily functions....  i might be shedding--i've been doing epo since thursday night & when i insert it there is some white stuff.  i don't think i could have a yeast infection with putting yogurt & probiotics in my vagina every night for the gbs.  i had to quit putting garlic in--i think it caused a reaction.  garlic can be caustic!


2 miles a day is impressive, dalia...i'm hoping to get the kids to the zoo or a beach or something today.  so far their fall unschooling is a lot of my lecturing about how to behave around a very pregnant woman.  we did make it to the library yesterday...but i just have so little energy.  hopefully that will change once the baby is on the outside.

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Lots of exciting stuff happening here! Serafina I really hope your wee darling is here very soon! Keep us updated on how seeing a doctor goes. All the best mumma!
Dahlia not too much longer, go you on walking two miles a day, I did the most exercise I did my entire pregnancy in labour my calve muscles are only just starting to ok three days later!
All the best Mumma's xxx
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It's not amniotic fluid, probably very watery cervical mucus. No time limit until Monday when I'm 42weeks.
2cm dilated, anterior, fully effaced but no active labor yet.
I have been in tears worried about induction but also because every extra hour of this pregnancy feels like a lifetime of torture.
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Serafina - sorry to hear! I can relate on the not so fun news. Those darn NST's have been psyching me out. I'm registering with big contractions as recently as this am. After the NST the doc checked me, ugh, McKayla is head down, not engaged, and I'm still 1cm @39 wks. If it weren't for the contractions I think my mind could handle it.

Some if you know my mind has been on work to get me through the end if this pregnancy. Sigh...after the appt today I went in and signed my furlough notice. And now my mind is my worst enemy! Suppose I'll start cleaning house and baking during the day. DH is furloughed too, quality time before and after baby! This could be very good or well strangle each other by the end of next week!! Lol.

If McKayla doesn't come by next Tuesday AM, it will be a c-section.
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Okla, I kept waking up drenched in sweat last night. So damn annoying!


Dahlia, you're impressive with walking 2 miles a day. I'm only sporadically getting my butt on the treadmill these days.


Serafina, hang in there. I think I'm finally starting to get sick of this pregnancy thing now, but it's not torture yet. I hope baby vacates SOON for you.


Cindy, sorry to hear you're not further along. I'm almost 38 weeks and I don't think this baby has dropped an inch. We'll see at my appt on Thurs. I almost wish I would be furloughed. Work is so annoying at this point and I want to be done with that more than I want baby to come. But I'm a contractor at a fee-funded agency, so no such luck. Still gotta show up every day of this shut-down.

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serefina & cindy-lu  if it helps any, my cervix doesn't budge usually until active labor.  don't let a slow cervix freak you out.  in my experience, the contractions leading up to active labor are doing something even if your doctor or midwife isn't able to measure it.  my last baby was born at 42 weeks & 1 day after not even 10 hours of active labor & a quick push.  this was after 2 c-sections for not progressing & going to 42 weeks.  i wish i knew better how to help!  i know how frustrating & how traumatizing feeling like you are on a deadline is!  i will light a candle (catholic/pagan here)  for your babies to come out to you happy, healthy, & soon!

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oh--& this is my first baby to actually engage & not float around until the last minute--sometimes they wait to drop to make a more dramatic entrance!

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Hugs, Cindy-lu!


My baby has been fully engaged and I've been 2cm dilated for a freaking month.  SHe can't get any more lodged down in there without actually having the sac rupture completely and her start heading out.  


My labors have been 1-5 hours and my cervix loves to react and start doing it's thing way before labor, so shrug.gif  everyone's bodies are so different!


I just saw some bloody show, and my contractions are getting more intense, and about every 8 minutes but then there can be a 15 or 30 minute break.   I'm not getting my hopes too high just yet.  We are practicing the TENS machine!

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Oooo Serafina wishing lots of prayers for you!

Emconnell tks for the info. :-) waiting on the dramatic entrance!!

It's official!! Gunna strangle him! He's in a fowl mood!! So what do we do ladies?!?!? Stove top is now spotless, now on to laundry and paperwork!! Ha...at least the house is getting clean! 😜
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I am "not impressed, not excited" crampy.
All day. Off on off on. 37 weeks tomorrow if this was baby 1 or2 I'd be so excited I just think my body is messing with me....and want a nap.

Baby laundry done but not put away or organised. So she has to wait for Thursday. 3/10/13 sounds perfect
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Those of you that go to clinics for prenatal care, do you ever get that one random nurse you've never seen before that makes you want to scream?  My midwife clinic has lovely nurses... and yet I had a new random one yesterday (I suspect she's a sub) who made me want to punch her in the face.  She was just this awful combination of patronizing and know-it-all and overly chirpy.  Ugh.  Even thinking about it now, I'm getting all stabby.  I'm aware it's hormones, but I don't freaking care.


Although I did get to have an enjoyable smirk at her expense - she hooked me up to the NST machine (keep in mind, I've now had literally 10 of these, I get them twice a week, and I fully know the procedure) and insisted I turn on my side after she put the monitors on.  Now, I know full well after this many visits that turning on your side only works for SOME women, and I am not one of those.  As soon as I turn on my side, my kid shifts and she usually goes off the monitors - I have to stay on my back.  Plus, I'm far more comfortable that way.  But, I let her do her bossy thing, and then just grinned when she stared at my stomach and went, "Wait, what happened?" after the kiddo's heartbeat disappeared.  I let her flounder and poke at the monitor for a minute or two, then I very sweetly informed her, "Actually, it's much better if I lay on my back.  It works better."  She was like, "All the way on your back?", all incredulous... but as soon as I turned over, bam, it worked. 


She tried to cover it up with a little giggle and comment about how "mama knows best already!"  I was like, yeah, the woman who has had a million of these things is observant enough to know best how to get them to work.  Shocking.  My husband was there, and he burst out laughing as soon as she left the room.  At least he was entertained.  :P


Honestly, though, how hard is it to just ask a woman who is 38 1/2 weeks pregnant if she's already had an NST before you hook her up?  And if she says yes, perhaps check with HER as to the location of her baby, where the monitors will work best, how it's most comfortable for her to lay, etc.? 


This has been my weekly vent.  Feel free to ignore.  Sigh. 


I can't believe it's October - I feel like I waited for this month for so long!  I'm so excited for those of you having your babies already or who are about to have them... I truly hope something gets started with me next week, because I want so badly to avoid induction.  I've only got until the 18th and then I'm pretty sure I'm getting induced, perhaps that day or at the most that following Monday.  Sigh.  Come on kid, it's fun out here! 

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Serafina - :Hug


I hope everyones babies come out on their own, and in good timing - soon :wink


I don't even care who I scare anymore, I yell Ouch! Ouch! all I want when Acelyn is grinding on any and all of my soft lower parts. She has almost brought tears to my eyes today. My husband has figured out I'm much more quite when a contraction...and the funny thing about those contractions is they are happening way less often, but feel much stronger. I've been nearly constantly uncomfortable for a few days now. Even my butt and thighs hurt, but I think that's from me trying to take the pressure off my core. Tired, strange, and uncomfortable, that's how I feel in a nut shell.... if this keeps up I'll be joining you ladies in the "get out now" club. I did notice what I'm guessing is a tiny bit of my plug a few times when I went pee. Told that to DH and he got all excited, so cute! He told me he got emotional on his way home from work thinking about how close we are. I adore that man.

I'm trying to make soup again, cooking it on the stove top though and it's almost done. Good thing cuz I'm hungry!

Normally this time of year I'm browsing breeder sites for next springs livestock buys, but this time I'm too foggy headed or when I can think it's all about baby stuff. Lol. I do know what chickens I'll be adding to the farm, so at least that's something.

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