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Serafina-- I hope your baby is on her way out soon!!!


I feel like baby is coming soon. I feel like she's super low, and I have constant menstrual type cramps, and diarrhea and just general digestive upset for the last week for no reason. My pubic bone hurts and moving around is really hard... but I'm only 36 weeks +1 so she needs to wait until at least Monday! I am so over this heartburn too, I can't eat ANYTHING without feeling sick after, I manage to get maybe 800 calories a day on a good day (not counting, just estimating). I'm also getting braxton hicks all day constantly- my uterus is always hard, and baby is super active. Does this mean labor is soon??? because I definitely felt like it- I almost told my husband not go to work this morning because I woke up with really bad period cramps... that went away after I drank a huge glass of water... so I guess my body is just getting ready? but soon!

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You described how pregnancy from week 13 onwards is, for me. So be prepared for anything.

I'm just so over this. I have until Monday morning. I thought last night that the contractions getting longer and more intense and getting more regular would mean I'm dilating and getting close to active labor but I went to sleep and kept having contractions in my sleep but they slowed down. Let's hope now today, my original due date, things start truly happening now that I'm getting up out of bed....
Not just awful pain every few minutes for days on end, thankyouverymuch. Pretty please? 9 pound baby in me is just not welcome there anymore.
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Rainy- I totally got that condescending random wild card nurse on the day I was refusing my glucose test. She was all "no one ever declines that...why would you decline that" I just smiled and ignored her. My midwife was the only person I needed to have that discussion with. She was super annoying though and I have never seen her again.

Serafina- bigs hugs to you. I'll be thinking of you and crossing my fingers!

Yogini- I've been having whole body menstrual cramps digestive yuck strong ass contractions since about 36 weeks and I'm 39 right now... It could mean something is coming soon but it could just be your body gearing up. I was convinced that I was going to have this baby the minute my mom arrived at 38 weeks because the contractions were so crazy but its a week later and still no baby and more than one occasion where I was sure labor was starting.

So, yeah...I've hit the eviction notice point too. It's just the constant cramping and contractions that are getting to me.
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I'm also on the cramps for weeks on end bandwagon. I just ignore them now. 


Fingers crossed for all of us full term ladies to have our babies very very soon! Hugs mamas. 

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I was pretty confident at 36 weeks too, when I was told I was 2cm dilated.  I thought the end was so near.  Bitterness!  Bitter!!!!


I've been timing mine for about 23 hours now.  There has been a strong (can't do anything but moan for one minute)  contraction every 8-25 minutes except for this morning from 7am-noon when they stopped.  I'm getting sick of logging but I want to know the difference between prelabor and active labor.  I'm sick of practicing my TENS machine.  I'm ready to push this creature forth into the world and out of my body.  Or then,  she can have this body and I need to find a new place to live.  

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I had my first lovely internal exam last night (36+2). Nothing to report. But oh my gosh it was so painful! I was crying afterwards because I felt violated... and today I'm all crampy and a little spotting. Is this normal? It was not the Dr I usually see. I've only ever had my cervix checked at my yearly appts and after my D&C, and although it was uncomfortable for those it has never been as painful as last night. Was this woman incompetent (she looked to be about 15)? Or is everything just more sensitive during pregnancy? I'll be declining these at all upcoming appointments!

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Superbeans, mine was not painful, but the m/w used plenty of lube. I felt a little violated for other reasons, though, so, meh. :Hug

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I hope all you crampy mamas give birth soon! Especially those of you facing induction!

I've been lucky enough to have my contractions go away for the past week or so. I'm very grateful for that! Lately I've been quite anxious about how quickly this will all be over. Considering I haven't really enjoyed being pregnant this time around, I'm finding it quite odd. I also keep having dreams about being in labour, but not being ready for the birth. The house will be disgustingly filthy, or I'll have none of my birth supplies...things like that. I also had dreams about being stuck in very confined areas. I'm hoping that's my baby communicating that she wants to come out and not some subconscious worry that I'll feel trapped once this baby's born. This is my first unplanned pregnancy...I guess that worry could be there, though I've never worried about it while awake. Like I said, subconscious. I do want this baby, though. Or, maybe it's just because I'm horribly claustrophobic.

I had my home visit with my midwife yesterday...and it was finally my midwife, not my back up! It went well. It's kind of hard for me to believe I'm still planning a home birth. I've been so worried I'd get risked out because I did last time. I was worried about the GBS swab too because I like to have the information, but in my area, you have to go to the hospital for the antibiotics (if I decided to take them...it's still a situation that I'm unsure what I would do in). It turns out that they just recently are able to give the antibiotics at home! Anyway, I haven't done the swab yet, so I don't even know my status. It's just something I've been thinking about a lot and I'm excited that some change seems to be happening around here!

Anyway, like I said, the appointment went well. I've never had a vaginal exam before labour without any kind of reason, so I don't know if anything's going on there. Her heart sounds good. She's hanging out LOA. She's quite low now, which is new. I can't really tell from looking at myself, but I can tell from the pressure in my pelvis/on my bladder! We asked my midwife when she'll be off call in the next few weeks. She said Thanksgiving weekend (Canadian, I should specify). I've given birth three times and my primary midwife has never been on call when I went into labour (last time, she did make it to the birth, though), so we half-joked that's when she'd be born...it could be. I'd be 38 weeks then, which is consistent with my history, but it's so unpredictable!
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Sorry yours was so horrible superbeans. Mine at 36 weeks wasn't that bad but it was definitely verging on painful. Enough that I decided to skip anymore checks until I'm in labor.  I also just don't want the false hope or disappointment that any more checks might bring.  At 39 weeks here I just figure I've got to wait it out.


I can ignore most of the cramping now but some of these contractions take my breath away

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Superbeans, I'm sorry you had such a painful vaginal exam. I think it largely depends on who does it. Some people are rougher than others. Things can be more sensitive during pregnancy though, too. hug.gif
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superbeans- How is it painful?? Cervical checks are just when the midwife/dr pretty much puts 2 fingers up there to feel your cervix right?? It doesn't hurt when I try to check it myself... but then again I'm just trying and can't really discern what's what because everything just feels mushy and I've never had a cervical exam. My midwife said she would offer one at 37 week appt-- I have an appt today at 36 weeks + 2 so maybe it will be today? I feel like I should be dilated and effaced to SOME degree with all the cramping I've been having in the last 2 weeks!


serafina- have you tried any herbal induction methods?? I'm not recommending this, but my friend took blue cohosh tincture to get her labor started when she was sick of the practice labor and had the baby that night. 

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Like when she put her hand up there I felt like someone was stabbing me in the cervix. She did use lube, I don't think it was from lack of lube. Usually (at paps) its just an uncomfortable pressure when they check it. She said I was starting to efface but not much and thats why it was painful. I think she was lying and the reason it was painful was because she was wearing small swords on her fingers.

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Super beans - it is normal for some to have a cervix check be painful. Also, spotting within the next 24 hrs of the exam can be pretty standard for some too.
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I'm gonna go with....she had small swords on her fingers.  Hahahaha!!!   :lol

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Eek....a vag exam with long nails? I'm shuddering.


I hope some of these babies start arriving, especially for those with all-day discomfort! Sorry for those feeling super crampy.


I've been mostly unsure about when I'm having a BH contraction. But believe me I feel it when baby is burrowing into my cervix,  it sort of makes my legs go out of joint for a few moments! I'm 38 weeks today and there's no telling when this munchkin will arrive. Last time I cruised along low-key and then the day before due date it all just kicked in. Hopefully this won't be a "precipitous" labor...Scary words! Last one wasn't but I feel a lot looser this time... Who knows!


Funny how the countdown seems to go slower the closer the due date comes!

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Superbeans...that sucks you had a painful exam, I too experienced the same thing with my previous son but it was when she was trying to strip my membranes, which in turn caused some bleeding from how rough she was. Ive done my own checking this time just out of curiosity and found it to be quite comfortable when Im in control, I think when drs/midwives go up in there they arent sure when they have crossed the line or not when it comes to our comfort levels. SOOO very thankful for my current midwives who dont do cervical checks!


So today is my "due date"! Doesnt really feel any different than any other day...had my midwife apt today, babe dropped a little more, all else is well with nothing really exciting to report!

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I feel so jealous (kidding) of mamas with their babes on boobs. I have 9 days max.I feel like a kid who xmas day keeps moving on! But I've done 9 months what's 9 days? Eternity!
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Haha totally with you Shiloh!! I am 36 weeks and 4 days, so I may still have over 5 weeks and it just seems soooooo far.

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She only has 2 inches to go to crown lol...or it feels that way. I'm too tired to self induce.
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Originally Posted by Shiloh View Post

She only has 2 inches to go to crown lol...or it feels that way. I'm too tired to self induce.

That is exactly how I feel

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