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Congratulations serafina! Looks like we both got our little munchkins this morning!

It happened so fast that I still kind of can't believe it. I keep looking over at this little person just incredulous that he's not in my body anymore. I literally woke up at about 1am with uncomfortable contractions and by 1:30 they were strong enough to make it impossible to stay in bed. My husband and I went downstairs and started timing them and they they turned unbearable. I was terrified by the prospect of having to make the 45 minute drive to the hospital but when my doula (who is conveniently also a midwife and lives 5 minutes away) arrived she knew we weren't going anywhere. She asked if she could check me but before she had a chance I was literally pushing him out over the toilet.

After having had a really long hard labor with my first son I was just completely caught off guard by how quickly and smoothly everything went. Even though that last hour of contractions sucked arse it was still so fast that I barely had time to think about it. Compared to his 9lb 12oz big brother this kiddo is also just such a sweet little nugget at 8lbs 3oz.

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:joyCongratulations!  I know what you mean about big babies, right now an 8 pound baby would seem tiny. :)
Sounds like we both had really intense 1 hour active labors, I just happened to have a really long prelabor/early labor period which gave us ample time to get to the hospital.  But if active labor would have started at home, we would not have gone anywhere either.  Awesome job, mama!!!

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Yay Serafina and ciga!!!! Things are happenin'!!! Congratulations!


Whew sounds like some fast labors happening. Thanks for sharing with us both the reality check and the assurance that it's all gold when it's over.

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Congratulations, Serafina!! She's beautiful! I'm glad you can be comfortable again!

Ciga, my first was 9lbs. 1oz. and my second was 8lbs. 0oz. (also born in a shockingly fast labour...luckily, I was planning a home birth!). The midwife couldn't understand why I kept saying how tiny he was! I'm so happy for you that your labour was so smooth!

My baby girl dropped recently. I don't feel like I can walk like a human being anymore. Either I'm waddling or, if I try to correct the waddling, I look like I'm walking with something stuck up my butt. When I exercise, it feels like she might just fall out. I've never really been bothered by a low baby in my other pregnancies...although, I know my first one never dropped before labour. I honestly don't remember with the others. It's hard to believe that I could still have five more weeks of this, but I could.
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Congrats Sera and Ciga!

Sera - Look at all that hair! My firstborn had a head full of hair like that, and oh how I would love my third to have a head full of hair like that!

Ciga - I love the hat!


I'm so jealous of all the babies coming!

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OH MY GOD BABIES I'M SO EXCITED.  Whoo.  I need to calm down, I am on a baby endorphin rush and I don't even HAVE mine yet.  Lol.


Had my 39 week check today, NST and fluid levels all good, and the midwife checked me and I'm 1cm dilated and 50% effaced.  She actually sounded surprised - she was all, "Oh, you're dilated!" It was funny.  She didn't do a sweep, but she said she stretched things out slightly, and that when I come back on Monday she thinks I'll be far enough for a sweep.  Sounds good to me!  She told me to have lots of sex, and I had to laugh - my poor husband would have gotten so excited if he'd heard that, and it was the first appointment in weeks that he had to miss for work. 


The nurse told me I had such a cute baby belly today, and it totally made me feel good for no freaking reason.  I felt like a dork.  :P  I think it's just because I felt so gross today - I can't really wear pants anymore, none of my shirts that I actually like fit (and I am NOT buying maternity clothes at 39 weeks, eff that).  It did make up for my super annoying nurse from Monday, though.


Serafina - your story about your due date just confirms for me that when people mess around with stuff like that, it does nobody any good.  Like you said before, you wished they'd never changed it, because all it did was make you crazy when the new DD came and went.  People keep chirping statements like "Mama knows best!" at me lately when I share an opinion about my unborn kid, and I'm like, yeah!  So why do you people argue with me still? 


Also, regarding worrying about our kids - I'm 31 years old and ever since I told him I was pregnant in February, my father has been calling me nonstop "just to check up".  He also answers the phone in a little bit of a panicked voice EVERY TIME I call.  My younger brother is 18, almost 19, and my dad STILL calls him every afternoon from work to be sure he got home okay from school.  He is the sweetest man ever, and I think anyone who loves their children has those fears about them - it's okay.  Surprisingly, my mom wasn't really like that, but my dad was more of the nurturer in the family, so it isn't that out of the ordinary, I suppose. 


Soon, I'll be getting phone calls "just to check up" on his granddaughter, I'm sure of it.  And the cycle continues.  :P

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Yay, glad your appt went well Rainy! Sometimes it's the little things that make us the happiest :)  I had my 39 week appt today too, and I'm totally discouraged now. I'm 50% effaced, but my cervix is still completely closed. She couldn't even begin to get a finger in it. I'm feeling really down and frustrated now, because I've been having so many contractions, and it feels so pointless now. I'm definitely just really bummed out. I was hoping to hear that I was at least a fingertip dilated guilty.gif I go back Tuesday, and hopefully there will be some kind of change in the right direction by then. 

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HOO-RAY and CONGRATULATIONS ciga and serifina!!! Things are starting to get SO very exciting! :energy

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I just found this article and it made me chuckle. I think we're all at stage 5 at this point (stage 6 for some lucky ladies!! :joy ) The part about the kool aid man really spoke to me, haha.



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3 new little people in 24 hours! Exciting! joy.gif Congratulations mama's!
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Wow congratulations mama's!! I give you ladies so much credit and respect for birthing without meds!!!

Dahlia - baby will come, you are still quite early for your first baby!! Hang in there!! Hugs!!

Afm...I'm flipping exhausted. Spent the day cleaning and getting the house in order. You'd think that no one in my house ever cleans!

I'm wondering if anything will start tonight with baby. 11 years ago tonight (8pmish) my contractions started with my DD. I delivered on oct 4th with her. My EDD is Oct 8th. I told my DD that it's in Gods hands and if the 4th happens again then God must have a special plan for the two sisters!

Soccer practices are over. Time to start the nightly routine!
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You're very right, Cindy-lu :) I just needed a little pity party for a minute :eyesroll Fingers are crossed for you to have your little one soon!! 

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I've started having the painful hips/pubic bone thing while walking now.... feels like it's all just going to fall apart- does that mean baby is moving down?


oh yeah and my baby has hiccups right now and I feel them in my vagina. so STRANGE!

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It could mean she's starting to shift down. That happened to me around 35 weeks shrug.gif

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Originally Posted by Serafina33 View Post

joy.gif Congratulations!  I know what you mean about big babies, right now an 8 pound baby would seem tiny. smile.gif[\quote]

I know exactly how this feels because my son was 9 lbs 5 oz and this new peanut is 8 lbs! Congratulations on your beautiful girl Serafina!
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Oh my god I laughed until I cried at the scary mommy article. Thank you for posting, dahlia!

Try to cheer up about the cervix, I know it's a huge bummer. I nearly cried on Wednesday when I found out my cervix hadn't changed at all after 27 hrs (save a 5 hrs pause) of regular, strong contractions, which had done nothing. But she was born four hours later. Maybe the contractions are helping but for a less obvious purpose, like..... stretching well before running a marathon helps the runner in the long run.
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Okay ladies you have got me so excited now!!! 

Good thing none of my family members are reading these posts, they are already on edge waiting for me to go into labor. And I'm kind of enjoying their nervousness, takes my mind off of the discomforts watching them watching me. I had contractions every 10 to 30 minutes for 24 hours {slacked way off now} nothing painful tho...until I threw up this morning THAT was not fun at all. Told my mom about all the contractions and she started asking me silly questions almost frantically, I found it rather amusing because she is normally one of the calmest people when things start to get crazy. She even told me to call not text if things picked up. I had to laugh then, there is no way I'd do anything but call her if I was in labor. DH keeps joking about pushing my belly button and pumping my arms to jump start my labor. I know he is excited for his chance to hold our little girl, but I think he really does not want to miss out on any of it, or for me to be without him...I'm starting to nod off. Congrats on all the new babies!

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Thanks Serafina, I know cervical checks pretty much mean nothing, but it was just a little disheartening! I'm hoping that I can dance this baby out at a wedding I'm going to on Saturday lol! 


OklaFarmMama, I completely understand what you mean about everyone watching you!! It's kind of driving me nuts though, haha! If I go a day without talking to my parents, or don't answer a phone call or text within half an hour, my parents spazz out and assume I'm at the hospital. It's ridiculous. I told them that we will tell them when I'm admitted, but they won't just chill out! I'm a pretty private person, and don't want more than a few people knowing when I'm in labor, or for my parents to be asking a million questions when I just want privacy and calmness. That's so cute how your husband is so excited! Mine is getting impatient too!

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Well, I was already kind of not enthused about having to spend 3 hours at the birth center last night for my appt followed by an info/birth planning session. Combine that with my husband letting me down in a HUGE huge way yesterday and it was a pretty shitty evening. We're not on speaking terms at the moment. Really hope I don't go into labor within the next week because it's gonna take a while to get over my anger and disappointment with him. We were supposed to have a maternity photo session tomorrow and I'm probably going to have to tell my friend we can't do it now, because there's no way we can do cute/lovey poses when we're not speaking.  gloomy.gif 

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Big hugs, Slammerkin :Hug Fighting is never fun, and especially hard when you're so close to having a baby. I hope things look up for you soon! I'm sorry your husband let you down, mama. Lots of love coming your way!




Does anyone know much about fetal positioning? I think my little one is posterior, most likely facing my left, but I'm not positive. It's stressing me out! I've been doing pelvic tilts and the tailor sit to try to open my pelvis and let her rotate, but so far she's not budging. I've looked around the spinning babies site a bit but I'm not sure what's best for me to do.  

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