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Communicating less than ever

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My son is just about three and a half with a speech delay and some red flags for ASD.

Over the summer, while his vocabulary didn't expand all that much, he learned to say yes, he became much much more engaged with me, it was mommy mommy mommy all day. Following me, imitating both me and his dad, loving his baby sister and our cat Charlie. He has many nouns and occasionally says "I go to bed" or something like that. Also some mild Echolalia.

Late in August, we had him evaluated by a dev. Paediatrician who said "Autism is NOT at the top of the list of concerns" and that sometimes they couldn't explain delays. But she was pleased that I had him enrolled in a program she was familiar with for kids with delays, and asked if she could see him again in 7 months to see if things had gotten worse or better.

Well he started the program a few weeks ago, which is awesome and he seems to like, he is even participating in circle time which is huge. But at home he is talking LESS than before. He has withdrawn. He isn't as engaged with me.

Why would this happen? I realize no one knows.....I'm just so sad about this.

Could it be the change of starting a new program? Or, his grandma who he loves went away for 6 weeks. Or could this be neurological? I'm so saddened. I was so hopeful for September and preschool.
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Sometimes small changes are nothing.  Kids are people, who go through moods or phases or whatever.  He might be working so hard at preschool that when he comes home he wants to decompress and chill out.  Not so much withdrawing as, "Whew, that was a long day, I just want to watch some cartoons."  But you know him better than anyone.  You know better than what I can tell over the internet.  If he continues to interact at preschool, I wouldn't worry too much about it. 

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