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My last MW suggested an enema during labor and I went with it. It was totally uncomfortable during those contractions but in hindsight it was a good idea. I did not worry about pooping until a whole day and a half after giving birth.  Since I have no recollection of how that went, I'm going to assume it was not too bad.

I have a meeting with my new MW next week and I'll have to ask her about this, maybe I can take one earlier at home, that would make me a lot more comfortable than the hospital.


I just had to google again a list made by a mom-blogger I follow. One of the commenters mentions padsicles: put witch hazel on a giant maxi pad and put it in the freezer for instant cooling.. Here's the link: http://dearbabyblog.com/post/4718750068/a-candid-list-of-things-to-do-in-the-last-weeks-of (check item 9).  I think I will add to that to my postpartum-care list.

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Just curious, what does the arnica gel rubbed on the abdomen do for you?


Arnica helps with bruising and sore muscles, so I rubbed it all over everywhere that took a beating. I figured it couldn't hurt and it did seem to help. (though with my VBAC, I was stuck in hard bathtub with no hot water for HOURS and then pushed for almost 2 hours so I was pretty damn sore. I'm hoping this time will be faster and I'll get stuck in the birth pool or the bed lol)



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That article was great, especially 3, 5, and 6 - washing hands before you touch my babies, waterproof crib liner on my side of the bed to protect from my water breaking, and contact information for whom to call to add the babies to the insurance/get maternity leave going.

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I've been thinking about the postpartum period a lot lately. I just checked out Robin Lim's postpartum book from the library but haven't had a chance to flip through it yet, will post any awesome insights.

For you experienced moms out there, where do you stand on the idea of having overnight visitors? Our family all lives 3-4 hours away but my SIL has offered to come up soon after baby is born to stay for up to a week to help cook/clean/etc. At first I thought this was a great idea, she is so laid back and an old friend of mine as well, totally the type of person you can tell to get lost without offending her. However, the more I think about it I'm wondering if I shouldn't embrace the idea of a "babymoon" and take advantage of DH having a full two weeks off (which has NEVER happened) to just spend time alone with the new baby and adjust to our new roles. Of course, if I end up having to have a c/s and need to recover I think all that extra help would be amazing, but if our plan for a natural birth at home works out do we really need that much help? How quick were you back on your feet? And were well-intentioned visitors more of a hindrance than a help? I'm so torn.
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My ex-MIL came and stayed for about a week after DD was born and it was wonderful. She did all the cooking and cleaning and let us just focus on taking care of our new baby. And it was really nice when we were both exhausted and DD just wanted to be awake that MIL was there to watch her while we got some much needed sleep. We got lucky because she completely saw her role as taking care of us so we could take care of baby. Even though DD is her first (and only) grandbaby she wasn't there to just see the baby. If your SIL is someone like that then I say take advantage of her offer. 

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It depends on whether your SIL will be there to really help, and make life easier for you, or to visit.

After I had my youngest (c-section), my husband's family came and stayed for two weeks. They took care of everything, while I did nothing but lay in bed with the baby. It was pretty wonderful. :-)
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If I had a choice, re:overnight visitors, I would arrange it so they were here for the period after your partner goes back to work.  I try to line up as much help for the first 6 weeks as possible, to minimize being home alone with the baby.  But help= bringing you food, holding the baby so you can shower, taking care of laundry and chores so you don't have to worry about it and then not being offended when you and the baby hole up alone for hours at a time.  I definitely wouldn't invite anyone to stay who you would feel like you needed to entertain or keep company, unless that meets some social/extrovert needs of yours.  We always arranged my husband's time off, such that he was home for a couple weeks, and then went back to work gradually, a few days a week and worked from home as was possible with his schedule.  Not sure if that will be possible this time around, due to a possible job change that may happen right around the birth (freaking out a little), but that has worked really well for us, the past two times.  I think it is less physical recovery (though depending on how your birth goes, that can certainly be a factor) and more sleep deprivation and getting the hang of breastfeeding, reading baby's cries and dealing with the emotional/hormonal roller coaster that is new parenthood.  It was definitely easier the second time around, surprisingly, though meeting my toddler's needs added an additional wrinkle.

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If your hubby is helpful I would have your sil come when he goes back to work. I find visitors overwhelming in the first few days postpartum.
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Thanks for all the insight everyone, so helpful! I love the idea of trying to stretch out the help for as long as possible, maybe having SIL come when DH has to go back to work. Plus, introversion is practically a superpower of mine so I'm betting even the most ideal company might be too much. As with most baby plans at this point though, I think waiting to see how we all feel is probably the best way to go... even though my Type A personality wants to have everything super organized and set.

In other postpartum plans I lined up my lovely friend to come over to my house to give me a massage post-baby. I also spoke with my chiro and she suggested an adjustment a week or so after birth, so I'll plan on that too once I feel up for it. She also sees babies so I'll have her check him/her out too.

Court, so sorry to hear about your husband's work uncertainty. We have undergone quite a change in DH's work stuff too over the past months, luckily the changes are finally done at this point so I think we can count on everything being stable and steady through the birth of this babe. Dealing with huge changes like that with a baby on the way is a kind of stress I have never experienced. I hope everything works out for you guys soon, and that he gets some time home with the new addition!
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I've been thinking about that too and I'm not sure.  It really depends on you and your relationship with them. My MiL would also be very helpful, and she has a good heart but she does get on my nerves a bit and DP's nerves a LOT, and he ends up getting on my nerves. I personally also find it very hard to stop playing hostess and I cannot 100% relax unless I'm alone or with my family (DP, my sisters, brother and father). 

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Originally Posted by LilyKay View Post

she does get on my nerves a bit and DP's nerves a LOT, and he ends up getting on my nerves

This totally happens to us! I tend to want DH's family around more than he does and I know I have to be sensitive to that. Especially because, yes, he totally gets on my nerves when he is irritated with them. That's kind of a selfish way to look at it I guess but hey, it is what it is!
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Can I be honest and say I am a bit jealous?  I wish I had family members that wanted to come over and really help...***sigh***   If only I could wave my little fairy wanddust.gif and make them behave the way I wish they would!  Alas!



Since DH is the home-maker, there is very little around the house that he wants me to do to prepare for the postpartum period. So for now, I am going to focus on making sure I know in advance what my nutritional needs are for healthy postpartum recovery and breastfeeding.  Last time I was caught off guard by the increased nutritional and caloric intake.

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Yeah, I will be asking my mom to come over but I dont expect it will be easy...though she does mean well...but with two other kids, I really have no choice...someone has to come t the hospital with me whilesomeone else has to watch my kids. eyesroll.gif
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My in-laws live here, but aren't helpful and mil isn't involved in our lives except holidays.  She works full time and is self-involved and anti-social.  Not good grandmother qualities!

My husband put in his leave request until the 27th January- he has a lot of sick days he can use.  He may go back earlier if baby isn't late.  My mom will come the end of January, and my sister overlapping with her.  So I won't be on my own til the beginning of Feb.  I'll have some time just us at home before my preschool starts back up on the 25th February.  


I want to be more inviting of friends to come and visit with me, especially once the kids go back to school.  Husbands aren't ladies, so even if he's around it'll be nice to visit with a girlfriend.

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