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Slow Cooker/Crock Pot Questions

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I dragged the little-used crock pot out from the back of the cupboard. I'm making beef stew tomorrow  I leave at 7:00am, get home 5:30-ish. 


I'll put it on low (it's the kind that simply has high and low setting) and let it cook 9 hrs, 10.5 hrs. 


1. If the veggies go in with the meat at 7am, will they be mush?


2. If ds dumps the raw veggies in at 4pm when he gets home from school will they be cooked by 5:30? 


3. Any reason not to use wine in a slow cooker?  My recipe includes a cup of wine. 


4.  I'll brown the meat tonight.  Anything wrong with that? 


What do ya think?  I'm back at work after a 15 year long break and I need to figure out how to make the occasional 'home made' dinner that doesn't include anything from the freezer section at the grocery store.

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I think I would put the veggies in in the morning.  Wine should be fine.  There's nothing wrong with browning the meat the night before but that's something I never bother with because I am lazy and using another pot defeats the purpose of all-in-one-dish crockpot cooking.

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We use the crock pot a couple of times a week. Potatoes and carrots can go in with the meat. If you add noodles to anything, those should probably go in for the last hour or two, unless you like mushy noodles. smile.gif

We usually do pot roast/veggies once a week, everything goes into the pot raw and cooks all day. Another day, we'll do chili with leftover cooked meat, and chilie/kidney beans. They make quick, easy meals!
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I don't brown the meat. Carrots and potatoes go in with the meat. Should be fine on low all day.
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Yay! Thank you, Ladies! 


The thought about browning the meat is to avoid that... bloody... meat taste, and browning it prevents that. But you're right, it would be sooo much easier to skip that step.  I'll give it a shot.


Thanks again!

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I really like browning the meat beforehand since I think it gives it a better flavor, but its not really necessary if its inconvenient

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If you wrap the veggies in foil and set them on top they won't get mushy. 

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It was yummy! The veggies came out perfect.  Less wine next time.  I couldn't stop myself, I browned the meat.  I should have dredged it in flour. 

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