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Bed rest :(

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As of this week I'm on modified bed rest. greensad.gif I went in last week having weird pains, probably round ligament pain but intense enough to make me worried about them, as well as some shooting pains deep in my pelvis. Not sure if you can really feel your cervix, but it sure felt like my cervix was hurting. Anyway, after several sonograms (internal and external) both babies look great but there was some concerns about my cervix being up to snuff. It's still long, but somewhat soft. Doctor said it could be because its my second pregnancy, but I also have a history of preterm labor so they aren't taking any chances.
Bed rest is the name of the game for the moment. Hopefully not for the entire rest of the pregnancy, but it's possible. My 3 year old DS is taking it pretty well, thanks to preschool 3 days a week and a great babysitter the other 2 days. DH is struggling to keep up with cooking and cleaning, but doing ok, and part of me wants to say "welcome to my world" but I'm holding my tongue on that one. wink1.gif

Anyway, any recs for bed rest entertainment? I actually made a list of "projects" I could do while on bed rest since I had a feeling it would happen, like sorting through old pictures and stuff, but they aren't super appealing right now. Maybe once true boredom hits!
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Ugh! I'm sorry! I wiuld go crazy on bed rest right now! There is o much to get done!
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Oh so sorry ememers! How about doing some family photo books (you can do it all online and they get printed and shipped to your house)? This is something that has been on my to-do list for ages. Or....planning a bunch of meals for when the babies come so you have a go-to list? Don't know how crafty you are (I'm not at all), but you could learn how to knit or something....


Glad to hear your family is supporting you! Hang in there!

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Ugh, I am so sorry! Because I am having twins I have a vague "bed rest plan" for if I wind up in that state myself -- is there a skill you can learn while in bed? For me it would be knitting since I have never managed to learn. What about a task you can do that you've been putting off? I collect/organize all of our digital photos each year and then make a book using Blurb. It's nice to have all the snapshots from the year in physical format -- when they're on the phones or computer I feel like they don't get looked at as often.


Those are two things that are definitely do-able from bed or from your couch. Hopefully other DDC ladies have other suggestions and hopefully you get on your feet soon!

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I've been knitting a fair amount but it seems to make my back sore by the end of the day.... not sure if it's because I'm always at least semi-reclined or what.  But small bouts of knitting during the day is good.  And now that fall TV is coming back I guess I'll probably start watching some of that (I'm not a big TV watcher normally, any good shows to recommend?).  I had planned to organize photos into photo books but for some reason I'm having a hard time getting motivated to actually get anything accomplished. 


I'm having twins too so this wasn't exactly unexpected, especially as I went into pre-term labor with my DS.  Hopefully follow-up sonos will show that things aren't progressing and I'll get to lessen the strictness, but I'm definitely on the bench for the rest of this pregnancy.


So far I'm feeling ok about the whole thing.  True, there is so much that I would like to be getting done as far as getting our house and our lives ready for two babies, but if I don't take it easy there might not be any babies to get ready for, kwim?  Keeping them healthy is most important.  


And now my husband is home due to the government shutdown (he's a non-political federal employee), so that at least makes the childcare question much easier, although it's not a good time to be going without a paycheck.  

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Yuck! That is pretty tough. Not sure if you are a reader, but I could recommend books or series that could take a serious dent out of your day. Also, if you are doing something sort of mindless with your hands, I find that audiobooks are a really good way to pass the time. You can borrow audio or e books from a lot of libraries now which helps.

I think as far as TV goes, I would consider getting Amazon prime or Hulu plus so that you can watch seasons easily without commercials. There is so much great stuff out there. Maybe a Sesame Street with your little guy, if that's something you do.

My friend who was on bed rest for 10 weeks with her first kid said that the only way she could do it was to structure her day. She watched tv for an hour and then read for an hour...she is a pretty scheduled person though. She is a teacher so I can see why that worked for her.

Good luck!
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I am also an audiobook lover. Librivox is another good place to get them for free, and they even have an app now!
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