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Katherine Antonia :-) birth story added

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My darling girl Katherine Antonia made her arrival at 2:17pm Sunday 29th September. At home in the water caught entirely by her daddy after just 6 small pushes. Her labour was very different to her brothers, and once in established labour she was in my arms approximately an hour later.
We are on cloud 9 she is absolutely perfect. She is feeding amazingly. Currently asleep on my chest *bliss*

I had a stretch and sweep on Saturday 28/9 just after lunch and was 2cm dilated already without any work, hilariously organised by my darling husband so he didn't have to go to work the following week, luckily we get royal treatment from our midwives and she was happy to come and do it. I then walked around for 4 hours to get things moving, I was determined to have it work. Had contractions on and off all Saturday evening, which was exciting, we decided to head to bed at about 11pm just in case. Managed to get 2hours sleep before being woken up at 1:10am by a pretty massive contraction, so it was up out of bed for me. I got up and started wandering around the house tidying a few things up, and clearing the dining room for the birthpool to go there. It was daylight savings that morning too, so I got to watch the clock on my iPhone tick from 1:59am to 3am completely missing the 2's. I woke my husband James at 3:30am to which he rolled over and snuggled the pillow and said "just 5 more minutes please?" It was so cute so I left him for another little while. When he got up and I was folding towels in the lounge, we cleared the rest of stuff from the dining room and he started a fire and went to start blowing up the birthpool..... With his mouth. I was like What??? and he said what? I asked what he was doing, he said blowing up the pool ( the pool is huge holds 650ltrs of water ) I was like where's the pump? I didn't get one, I was like why? We need one, he thought we'd not had one last time.... Yes we had. Bit of brain fog. I cried and said there was no way we'd be able to use it if he had to blow it up using his own steam it just didn't seem possible. But in the end it was the only option and he only got dizzy a few times Lmao. At 5am once the pool was up and James was boiling water on the stove I was pacing around and contractions were about 2mins apart, our midwife had said to call at 5mins apart because I needed anti-biotics for group b strep. But at the time it was so early and I just didn't want to bother her, but James laughed and Said darling you need to call they're coming pretty close together now. She arrived at 6am to do the anti-biotics. Then she went back to bed here for a while in our son Lucas' room as he was in our bed. The boys got up just after 8am and we just went about our usual morning stuff, breakfast and getting dressed, and the boys were bouncing off the walls when they saw Glenda our midwife and all her gear in the house. So James walked them around the corner to his mums so they could play while I concentrated on the contractions which felt reasonably strong but were only 5mins apart at that point, they continued to taper off, which felt a little disappointing at the time and I was starting to get tired. Glenda went home for a shower at 10am and I decided to have a sleep. Woke up at half 11 and thing had basically stopped, Glenda was back at 12:30pm and I climbed the stairs a million times and did laps through the house, I did a bit of skipping, lots of rocking and dancing. James had the pool super hot at that point so I was happy about that. Glenda checked me again at 12:50pm and I was 5cm and contractions were beginning again and my water broke. Haven't had them go before when I've not been in the pool and they went with a number of gushes. Felt rather icky. By 1:40pm our back up had been called and things were in full swing and getting strong and fast. More pacing and then at just after 2pm I was in the pool, which was heaven 2nd midwife arrived at 2:07pm according to my notes, at which point I was involuntarily pushing with my midwife asking me what was happening, to which I was saying I wasn't sure, but that I thought I wanted to try pushing. 6 pushes later our precious girl was crowning, I turned from my hands and knees to somewhat sitting so that James could catch her and and at 2:17pm he caught her entirely by himself and put her on my chest. I was so in awe that she'd come so quickly. And so so happy. We stayed in the pool for ages, it was lovely and warm and she had her first feed there. She was covered in vernix and looked so cute. She's such a lovely little thing. My smallest bub by far. Milk came in quickly as she fed solidly for I swear the first 22 hrs of her life. So we had milk pretty quickly. Katherine is 2 weeks old today and we are so in love with her, she's very content, feeds amazingly and doesn't sleep to badly either. I feel so blessed to have three beautiful children!

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So sweet!!!!
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Huuuuuuuuge congratulations Danielle!! She's so precious :) 

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Beautiful!! Congratulations, Danielle!
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Katherine 23hrs old
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Congrats on such an adorable and snugly baby!!!!!
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What a beauty!! And is that your son with her? I love his expression
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Amazing!!!! And so beautiful!!!! Congrats!!!!
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Oh my goodness she is TOO precious! You must feel AMAZING right now, what an empowering birth! Congrats again to you and your family, enjoy your BabyMoon!!!

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What a lovely birth story!  Great job, mama!

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Good work, mama! What a gorgeous baby! Enjoy your babymoon!

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I checked in here just hoping there would be photos of your sweet girl! I was not disappointed! :)  She's beautiful. Congratulations!!

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Awesome!! She is so beautiful!! Congrats to you and happy Babymoon!!

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Well done mama! She is lovely!
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Oh how sweet!!! Her birth sounds beautiful too!


ETA: I love her name!

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A million congrats Danielle!! She is absolutely gorgeous and your birth sounds like a dream come true smile.gif xxxx
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Yay!!!! Congrats!!!
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