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Post-partum check in here!

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Ok ladies, there are enough babies popping up here and there, I think it's time to have a post-baby thread.
How is your body healing?
Baby eating okay? Family adjustment joys or trials?
Best thing so far? Hardest thing?

AFM I am rocking my snugly 9 day old to sleep and typing with one finger. So she is an angel baby . . . We'll see what the next weeks bring. Body is healing well, bleeding just a little more than a panty liner. Slowly working myself back into our work load here at the group home. Feeling good and blood pressure seems to finally be coming down after the pre-eclampsia issues.
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Awesome idea. I hope to join you here with my snuggly...tomorrow.
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Great idea!!!
John is home! We spent day 9-12 of his life in the hospital due to viral meningitis. He eats, literally, most of the time. He is a very poor latcher, and causes me much pain, but we are figuring it out. He is 2 weeks old today, and perfect! He sleeps ok at night...not great though. He is my rainbow after 3 losses, and I am unable to put him down 90% of the day.

I am 7 lbs away from my prebaby weight, but I was heavier than I wanted before I got pregnant. Lol. My other 4 children love him so much! They are 7,8,9, and 11 and have no jealousy issues. I love everything about having him! I also love everything about not being pregnant anymore!!!!!! Haha!!! Still bleeding a little. I managed to get a yeast infection after the birth because of wearing pads....I always get them when I wear pads. Ugh. My pregnancy glow is officially gone. I'm breaking out like a teenager! However, no swelling, no heartburn, no stabbing pains, I can reach things, bend over, breath, and enjoy being myself again!!!! Hahahaha!!!!! If only I could sleep too smile.gif

Here is a picture of my Baby John snuggled up with his daddy!

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What a cute pic with Daddy, abk. I can't wait to take some adorable pics like that of my DH and baby.

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John is so cute! I wouldn't be able to put him down either . . . Having issues ttc makes so thankful for every moment with my kids, I hold them so close too.

So thankful to have the swelling gone . . . We had no idea how much was water . . . I was 114 in the first trimester and at the end was 146 . . . 3 days after birth I was down to 126 (fastest 20 pounds I'll ever lose ha), and now I'm at 120. I'm crazy hungry, so it all must have been water, which is kind of scary and yet fits with the preeclampsia issues. Anyway!!!!

We are trying to add my daughters homeschooling back in this week, so I need to go be diligent!!!
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Wonderful idea, perfect way to catch up while I am about to nurse my tiny girl. Abk - I'm so so pleased you are out of hospital and wee John is on the mend.

Katherine is almost 48hrs old. My body is healing amazingly, I attribute it to how quickly and easily she made her appearance into the world. After pains were pretty intense this time around and required some pain relief. She feeds like a trooper but since my milk came in last night her latch is pretty terrible ( my breasts have probably more than tripled in size ) so my nipples are feeling very tender indeed. But we will keep working on being more diligent when she feeds.
My eldest son is absolutely in love with her, ds2 is interested but it's fleeting. They are doing well, but it's school holidays only day 2 and they are bickering a fair amount, I would usually be able to pre-empt an argument but with a newborn it's not as easy.
Hardest thing so far is trying to keep on top of remembering things, brain fog, not feeling *too* sleep deprived at this point. Even though I think I'm only getting a total of 3-4hrs combined a night. Little missy seems to have her day/night back to front.
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Eloise - that is amazing about your weight loss, in your photos with darling Heidi you are looking absolutely fantastic! So pleased she is doing so well.

My parents have just been over to visit and to take the boys to their place for a sleep over tonight, I have to mention how much I love my dad, he's just incredible, he was holding Katherine and he started to well up and he said you just can't imagine how much your able to love someone so little and new. It made me cry. He's usually not terribly forthcoming with his emotions but he absolutely adores his grandchildren. I feel so lucky.
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I love all the babies coming in to the world to you amazing women!!!!

We have been doing great! John doesn't want to sleep anywhere other than in my arms, so sleep has been difficult for me. I'm so terrified of SIDS....how does one feel at ease and confident that their baby won't die?! I state at him and cry at the thought of him not waking up. Is there a way to move past this fear? I don't remember feeling like this with my other kids. I've also had three second trimester losses between my other kids and this rainbow. I'm just scared I guess.

Well, John will be three weeks old tomorrow!!! Nursing is much better...I'm healed from the hamburger meat nipples he gave me the first few days, but I have to use a shield to nurse due to his high arched pallet causing the problem with the latch and damaged nipples. I'm not bleeding anymore. I've stopped losing weight, which sucks!! Sleep is still not good at all...when does this get better?? Lol. I could really use a solid 6 hours! Haha! I'm not holding my breath wink1.gif ! I feel like post partum depression is setting in a bit. Everything I have been through lately is all coming to a head I think. Things will level out I'm sure, but I am predisposed to depression anyway....I've struggled off and on with it since I was 13. I am obsessed with my baby, and everyone else is suffering a bit due to that fact. I feel like I am not as focused on my other children or my husband as I should be, but I am so obsessed with Baby John right now. I am just hoping to emotionally feel all normal soon. I knew most of this was coming because I always struggle for a bit, and I am ready and prepared to pull out of it.

Look at this beautiful baby!!!!
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Abk - John is beautiful mumma, you are doing an amazing job! I take my hat off to you for acknowledging how your feeling, does your husband know how you feel?
In regards to the fears surrounding SIDS i have co- slept with all of my babies now, Katherine like John prefers to be held. I do everything possible to make it safe, and knowing she feels safe and secure helps me know she is safe sleeping with us. Huge hugs to you Abk you have been through so much, be gentle on yourself.

AFM - Katherine is 6 days old. I am so in love, she is doing so well, had a post partum check this morning and she weighed in perfectly at 3.5 kgs exactly her birth weight so pleased she hasn't dropped any weight. We are just settling in with our breastfeeding, I have a massive supply, it was so huge on day 3/4 that she was unable to latch. So I had to pump a huge amount off to stop myself getting mastitis which I've had in the past. I was incredibly weepy and emotional with my milk coming in, i seem to have equaled out a bit thankfully. My big boys are coping amazingly. My eldest is smitten with his sister, ds2 who is 3 seems not too fussed by her at this point. So in general I think we're adjusting reasonably well, its school holidays though & dh is home ask me again in 10 days it may be very different.
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I finally wrote down my birth story!  http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1390964/belle-has-arrived-fashionably-late  

I'll keep coming back to this thread, too!

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I'm on day 4 myself and milk has come in like crazy and it's so hard and painful.  I might need to do what Danielle did and get a pump to get some relief.  I have always had oversupply issues and I'm worried about mastitis as well.

Poor latch here too!  Way too shallow but I feel for her as her tiny mouth and my huge engorged nipples are a bit of a tough combo to get a nice, deep latch.  I really miss having a toddler around who could slurp my boobies empty in a snap, when I felt engorged.  That was so handy during my last post partum period (8 years ago!).

I haven't weighed myself at all, I look about 4 months pregnant but oh well.  :)  At least I can wear regular lounge pants, I was sooo sick of my maternity clothes.


I haven't been hit by ravenous hunger, as I had experienced in the past and was expecting. 

DF and daughter are a couple of lovebirds, they are bonding as I expected (he's such a tender guy, so affectionate).  They play the game of sticking their tongues out to each other in turn.  So cute!


Ack, painful let downs every few minutes are almost as bad as the afterpains were the first couple of days (I also had to take some pain meds).  It feels like my huge tender boobs are being squeezed in a vice.

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Day 4 for me too!
Thankfully the after pains have chilled out. The first days were awful and I totally had to take ibuprofen just to get some sleep. They were so painful that I kind of dreaded nursing a bit because it just made them worse. But all is well now. Only mild cramping now, which I can totally deal with.

My milk started coming in yesterday and I'm full on engorged now. Trying to get Porter to feed as often as possible. It has definitely effected latch a bit but we've been able to adjust and work with it. I mostly just can't believe how enormous my breasts are. I have one nursing bra that kind of fits right now.

My diastasis is about four finger widths so I still look like 5 months pregnant. Still in my maternity yoga pants and thinking about using some kind of postpartum belly band thing just so I don't feel like my guts are falling out ( that is only a slight dramatization of how it feels)

My scale is MIA so I have no idea about my weight. If I'm up and about too much I definitely get very achy but otherwise I feel surprisingly well.

I think I'll take Porter's cue and nap now.

Danielle and abk, those babies are beautiful! I need to take some new photos of my boy.
Abk, I understand the fears you're having. We co sleep and I have to sleep with my arm around him at all times so that I know exactly where he is and exactly where DH is in relation to him. It'll be a little easier once we get around to setting up the sidecarred crib but for the moment I just feel really paranoid. He's so perfect and little and all I can think about is protecting him.
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Originally Posted by ciga View Post
  They were so painful that I kind of dreaded nursing a bit because it just made them worse. But all is well now. Only mild cramping now, which I can totally deal with.

My milk started coming in yesterday and I'm full on engorged now. Trying to get Porter to feed as often as possible. It has definitely effected latch a bit but we've been able to adjust and work with it. I mostly just can't believe how enormous my breasts are. 



:yeah  nursing = crazy afterpains  for 2-3 days

latch is shallow  :(  ouch!  but nipples are so firm & engorged that it would be hard to get a deeper latch.  


edited to add:  20 pounds lost after 4 days.  I've still got 30 to go, though.  Oh well!

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I finally found my scale today... Day seven and I've lost somewhere in the 15 to 20 lbs range. I'm not sure what my finally weight was because I never made it back to my midwife. In any case, I've got 20 to go til my pre pregnancy holidays weight and 25 to my normal weight. I'm not worried, it disappeared pretty fast after Ds1 and I didn't have a toddler to keep up with back then.

The engorgement days are finally over. Man, that was uncomfortable. Porter is still perfect and nursing really well. He lost his cord stump a couple days ago, which is awesome because it made him smell rotten. We had his first pediatrician appointment yesterday and he had already gained 7oz on day 6. He is apparently getting plenty of nourishment.

Any of you ladies have diastasis recti? I have a four finger width gap at my belly button so I'm trying to remember to do the exercises my midwives gave me as often as possible. Though I look forward to not looking 5 months pregnant anymore I'm mostly concerned with strengthening my stomach muscles as quickly as possible. I have a really bad back and having zero core strength isn't going to help anything.
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Ciga - it sounds as if everything is going so well! What a clever mumma you are!

Its day 12 here - and I have to say I'm pretty sad, somehow Katherine has picked up a bit of a cold. So she is all snotty and mucuosy. She gained an impressive 9.5oz from day 6 to day 11. It's the last day of the school holidays and dh's last day off work :-( it's gone so fast and I'm not looking forward to finding my way solo come next week.
Dh has taken the big boys to the cinema as a last day treat to see the movie "Planes" and I'm trying to nurse Katherine frequently in the hopes of shifting her bug poor wee darling. So another day in bed it is for us.
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Hope Katherine gets well soon!
Good luck finding a strong core top help your back situation among normal reasons, asap, ciga !
Belle is going to the Dr for the first time today, I had a freakout when I felt her xiphoid process bump between her ribs but googled it and relaxed. Cord is gone but area is still not 100% healed, can't wait for that because her cashmere diaper covers are making it a lint trap.
DF is helping a ton this week with the big boys. He is doing their homework with them and chauffeuring them to their hobbies and tons of one on one time in general. He's awesome with them, exactly the kind of male role model they deserve.
Stop & start bleeding at this point and I've lost almost 25 pounds. So almost 25 to go, but i am impressed by shrinking tummy pooch which is almost flat (meaning not looking pregnant, not "flat" as people normally mean that) now even without support underwear or control top jeans, so I'm rocking a sweat suit and nursing tank.

Newborn photo shoot tomorrow with photographer sister in law :-)
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Oh Danielle I hope you're little one feels better soon. I hate seeing my babies sick. My mom has been here taking care of me and all my chores since the birth. She's leaving on the 23rd when I'll be just shy of 3 weeks. I'm already dreading it. The idea of jumping back into life is a bit scary. At least I still have a bit of time.

Serafina- porter's cord isn't 100% healed either but thankfully the tiny little puddle of pus that was in there on the first day is gone. Now it's just a bit tender looking and I'm sure to clean it with witch hazel a few times a day.

I totally overdid it for a couple days and now I'm paying the price. We had a whole morning in town on Wednesday, when we went for his first dr appt, that included walking around the park and going to the supermarket. It was dumb of me. I felt wrecked afterwards and then last night I helped fix dinner, because I can't control myself, and felt this very heavy pressure in my pelvic floor and then started bleeding more heavily again. So, today I'm back to bed rest. I'm terrible at bed rest. I get so bored but I want to feel normal as soon as possible so I just have to deal.

I'm also thinking about buying some kind of support band but I don't want to spend a mint. I can spend my bed rest day searching the Internet!
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Day 2.
I had my dream birth.
No trauma.
She sleeps through the night.
Its a holiday here.
All 8 kids are here...
Dad spent $600 in food..
Or I call it "going out of the cave to kill a moose and drag it back"
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Hi gals, I'm on day 6,baby 5 days old. He is amazing, sleeps good, he went like 7 hours last night! I've been worried about myself because I've had lower abdominal pain and some increased trouble peeing. But I got checked out today and the midwife said I didn't have a uti or signs of a uterine infection. I was getting pretty freaked out, but I guess it is just my organs bumping around and being sore. I'm thinking of trying out a belly band. Any suggestions would be welcome. I've been pretty emotional but I adore my baby. It is hard not being there for the other kids, but I have help and try to assure myself that things will normalize and adjust and I'll be able to be there for everyone again.
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I can't believe it, but Baby John is 1 month old today!!!!! He is getting so big!!! We still don't sleep. He is awake more than he sleeps at night. It is horrible. I changed my diet a bit and his fussiness has majorly decreased. He breastfeeds so well now and that makes me so happy. I love all things about him. I'm still not distributing my time and affection very well. Still majorly baby focused. Not bleeding at all anymore. Only 4 lbs to lose to be back to prebaby weight. I'm feeling emotionally better. Thank goodness. John is perfect!! The love of my life!!
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